My Life and Times – Agatha’s Journal Part IV

April 10th

Dear Journal,

Finally a time that I can take for myself this morning.  As per usual, the Morningstar household is never dull and we always seem to have people from the company staying with us here to defray their individual expenses when they have traveled some distances to turn in their contracts.    I will admit that there are days that the house almost seems frantic with the number of people coming and going, however, if it pleases Mr. Morningstar, then, whom am I to complain.

We have two visitors today that I haven’t seen in quite a while.  Miss Felessa and her friend, Tylanlor Ravencrest.  They seem to be very much in love with one another and I will have to say that I am quite happy to see Felessa with someone.  She was always my favorite of the two girls even if she was a Death Knight.  She didn’t act all upset about taking on that persona of a Death Knight, however, I could tell that she got terribly lonely at times in Dalaran when some of the people there still acted as if she were some kind of monster.  Once upon a time she was engaged to mage, however, that didn’t work as planned because the fellow up and disappeared on her, poor thing.  Well, maybe there was a good reason that that happened because this new fellow seems to be more her ideal.  He looks an awful lot like her brother, which isn’t all that bad from my personal point of view.

Now, I have a moment or two where I can get back to my own story of how things were back in those glorious days of living in Dalaran.

I know that I had been working at the house in Dalaran for a little while when young Master Fnor brought home a young lady to stay for a while.  Apparently the poor little thing had been one of those runaways from an arranged marriage in Silvermoon, however, the man that was to be her intended decided to kidnap her – hence, she was yanked from all of her surroundings that she was familiar with and portaled to Dalaran.  She had no money with her, she knew no one and had no way of going home again – those were days when travel was much more difficult than it is now.

My intuition told me that this was going to be trouble for the young master, however, I kept my own counsel on the matter and let the cards fall where they may.   Oh, she was very attractive, she came from a wealthy family in Silvermoon, however, this was something that I have yet to figure out.  Why did this evil mage port her to Dalaran?  Was it just for safe keeping or was it to have his way with her or was it a means to force her into a marriage that she didn’t want, no matter the cost?

She was definitely a very well educated young woman and had lived an extremely sheltered life.  Her innocence was very refreshing to listen in on with her conversations with Fnor.   Of course, he was already a man of the world, however, very much the gentleman.  He had me set up the guest room directly across from his own so that the young lady could have some privacy of her own and have a place where she could retire to relax alone, if she so wished.

I could tell that my young Master was very smitten with the girl when he started taking time away from his company and work to spend that time with her.  I know that her family being a minor nobility in Silvermoon probably had something to do with it too.  You see, back in those days, Fnor was all about finding a way to  climb the social ladders of Silvermoon as well as starting a family of his own with a Sindorei wife.  If she had title and money – so be it, that was even better.  Well, I think that things were moving rather quickly when I discovered that not only had our young fellow taken the girl’s virginity, he had asked her to marry him.

There were many nights that their lovemaking seemed to echo throughout the house and I would take leave of the place not only because of the fact that part of me was being tortured with the thoughts that might have been for me. It wasn’t before long that the poor girl ended up with child and I could tell that the young master was indeed pleased with the news.

So, a wedding was planned, however, it never happened.  Apparently, the young lady was an adventurer on her own and she would leave Dalaran to explore the places that she had never been allowed to go when she was living with her family.  Apparently, this young lady also seemed to have a flair for drawing trouble to herself with any true malice intended – she was just very naive in the ways of the world.

She apparently decided to go to Silvermoon to do some exploring and possibly see someone there, however, much to our dismay, she was kidnapped and sold into bondage slavery by a group of trolls.  Nasty things happened to her, I suppose, she was never the same after that.  Young Master Fnor was like a knight in shining armor and went to her rescue getting some wounds of his own to show for it.  He brought her back to Dalaran and she locked herself away in her room.

Poor Fnor tried everything that he knew to coax her out of that room.  Gifts, plans for trips, plans for their wedding, however, the young girl would not budge from her room.  I even tried talking with her a few times to find out what happened and to remind her that she was carrying a baby and staying locked away like this was not good for either one of them.  I could tell that the poor little thing had become more than a little mentally unbalanced and I truly feared for her and the child and said as much to Fnor.

Before anything could be done for the poor thing, she committed suicide.  It almost killed Fnor – not only had he lost a woman that he loved, he had lost a child to complicate his grief even more.   I watched a very cocky, self-confident young man start spiraling down into a very deep depression through the use of alcohol and drugs.  I was watching a man that I both loved and respected slowly dying before my eyes.

I gave the poor man what comfort that I could, made sure that he had enough to eat and would even coax him to take care of his physical needs, bathing and the like while he was almost oblivious to the things around him.   One night, as it was bound to happen, he became quite ill and I suppose it was either dreams or a drug-induced hallucination, he grabbed me as I came through the doorway to check on him in his bedroom before I retired.  I won’t call it rape exactly, however, it was something that I wasn’t quite ready for,  however, I did allow it to continue after the initial shock.

I suppose that I shouldn’t put this down on paper, however, it helps me to accept what has happened as well as seeing things for what they were back then.  I had a wild affair with my employer – it went on for the better part of two years, we often slept together.  There was no mention of love and there was no mention of marriage, however, my heart was completely stolen by this very handsome and wealthy young Sindorei.   We are not only friends, we are still lovers from time to time in this present day although I will have to admit that it hasn’t happened since his marriage to his mistress.  I do still long for his touch and long for those intimate nights we have spent together, however, if this is what is left for me, I’ll take it.  There have been no other men in my life and I didn’t mind sharing him with the others nor his mistress, however, there are other circumstances that I need to address in regard to his matter sometime in the not so distant future.

Agatha Fairsong

2 thoughts on “My Life and Times – Agatha’s Journal Part IV

  1. Why Fnor! you sly dog!!! wow ,that was some read.. I totally didn’t see that coming!!! It sure presents a whole new insight on her ,and make you wonder what else went on .. Great read.. can’t wait to read more !

    • LOL, see, he’s not the goody two shoes that some people think that he is – his wife knows about his philandering ways before they were married, however, she still doesn’t know about his affair with Agatha. We shall see what else surfaces in the Agatha’s memories as she reflects back on her life with the Morningstars.

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