Babysitting…This Should Be Easy

*Some swearing and descriptive language – if you are easily offended by this sort of thing – pleases don’t read it* 


April 13th

Yo Book!

Well, I will have to admit that I never thought Fatherhood could be as much fun and work all at the same time.  There is absolutely nothing sacred to a little girl that is busy exploring all of the things that surround her here in the house.

One of the things that really seems to be a normal thing is that when Mirrin isn’t chattering away to herself or to the people around her, it’s time to start investigating what she is doing.  Luckily, I’m on guard duty for a little while today while Romy took some time to go to the market unencumbered by our daughter.

So far, she’s found the boot black when might have looked rather inviting for some reason and she only covered half her face with it before I found her humming and rubbing it on her face.  The stuff smells horrid, however, that didn’t seem to stop our little girl from applying it to her face like she has seen her Mother applying her own makeup sometimes.  Naturally, it was hell to pay getting the stuff off her face and getting the tin away from her was more of a challenge.  I think that Mirrin’s first words were “no no” rather than Momma or Dada. Funny little thing knows when she is doing something wrong because she will be telling herself “no” the whole time that she involved with the item.  At least the boot black is now safely put in a place where our little darling won’t be getting into it again.

I honestly don’t know how Romy can keep up with her all of the time.  I’ve only been alone with her an hour and I am exhausted.  I truly do believe that women have some special sense of awareness when they are rearing their young.

Romy and I have been talking about our wedding a little bit and I will have to admit that I kind of like the idea of it being very small too.  However, I don’t know that Mirrin is going to be capable of being a flower girl at this age because she’s not walking yet, she’s crawling and I think that she would be more interested in eating the bouquet than carrying it any distance at all.  How would you even get one Mirrin’s age to go down the aisle anyway – her attention is so easily distracted that she might follow the path for a little way and then she would be off on an adventure of her own – might see a sparkly that she just has to see what it is.  Besides, she is very much my daughter in the fact that she would probably be stripping off her little dress as quickly as she could if she really got bored.

I still haven’t heard back from Fnor yet on his being my best man, however, I think that he will do it just to make sure that I actually follow through on the wedding vows.   I know that he has always said that I wasn’t the marrying kind and now, he will get to have a front row seat of being wrong.   I know he has had his hands full with Faendra and that’s probably why I haven’t heard from him.

Now, I’m not sure if the wedding is going to be in Shattrath, Silvermoon or where since Romy’s grandmother has decided to move to Shattrath.   I know that they are still maintaining the residence in Silvermoon, however, I’m not sure that they would be willing to have the wedding there or not.

What the Fuck!! Why am I so nervous about getting married.  I love Romy and I know she loves me, however, I think it’s the damned idea of putting our names on a piece of paper and then signing the fucker that has me just as jittery as a damned little girl going to her first dance.

I wish to hell Romy had given me some more ideas as to what she wants to do.  I don’t even know what in the fuck I’m going to wear.  Is it robes or armor, is it more of a suit kind of thing and if so what kind.   Fuck it!!  I’m just making myself crazy trying to second guess my lovely bride-to-be.   I can just feel myself getting worked up for stuff that I don’t know – not what I do know.

You know, maybe we should just fucking scotch the whole thing and run away and get married – just the three of us and then do something about the party thing later.  That is a plan that I could deal with, however, I know that women set a great damned store in having the proper dress and all that shit when they get married.  I just Romy was a bit more open as to what it is she’s doing.

Oh yeah, life here at the farm has been interesting and we’re starting to get in more neighbors from back home too.  I did notice one of the little Forsaken has taken the run-down farm not too far from ours and is trying t make it habitable.  Of course, Jogu is keeping a sharp eye on Fnor’s place even if the Tauren are taking real good care of it.  To be honest, I think Jogu likes to keep an eye on the Tauren to make sure they don’t discover his hidden stash of aging brew.  I don’t know why he didn’t put it in the shed here on our farm instead of hiding it on Fnor’s.  You never know with this fish guy or how his brain is working sometimes or if it still does.

I ran into Felaran and Ty at the market last week and it seems that they have been able to scratch together enough money to where they have bought their own little farm, it seems.   I know that I always enjoy talking with Fel because she makes me laugh with how fucking blunt she can be.  I think that Ty is really kind getting used to being around the living a lot more since he has been with her.  I noticed that he has even tried to tell a joke or two now and then.   I don’t think he realizes how funny he looks standing around in the market with Fuzzbutt perched on his shoulder like some kind of furry parrot – cat really likes to stay as close to him as possible though.

Oh damn, just heard a loud wail and lot of crashing coming from the kitchen.

Just as I thought, our little girl has figured out how to open the cupboard and had proceeded to pull the pans out.  What had her crying was the fact that one of the larger pans had landed on her head and she couldn’t see where she was going and ran into the stove.  She now has a bit of bruise on her ear where she kept banging her head against the stove.

Fuck! I hope Romy gets home soon, I need to take a break and try to make my brain run on some semblance of order after all of this with Mirrin.  I can’t concentrate on anything when she is in one of her rambling around moods here in the house, especially now.  When do they start walking?  If she was walking, I could at least tie a rope on her when I have her outside and she couldn’t get into too much trouble that way if she is attached to me or the fence, right?


Fnor Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



4 thoughts on “Babysitting…This Should Be Easy

    • LOL you never know with Jogu, he’s always brewing and yes, Fnar will sample the wares from time to time – it’s hard to get away from home when you have a little one to carry around. 😀

  1. ROTFL! Famous last words !!! I think Fnar is discovering how quickly little ones can get into mischief,and how exhausting it can be.! The boot black face painting made me laugh because it reminded me of my girls using diaper cream to paint their bedroom walls with .. among other things. Ah yes, little Mirren is going to need a leash to keep track of her, when she starts walking . I think once Romy sits down and figures out what goes into a wedding, eloping is going to sound real good .

    • I think that Fnar is learning that the only thing Mirrin hasn’t gotten into yet with her adventures is something that hasn’t crossed her little mind yet. He loves his little girl, however, he often wonders how Romy can keep up with her all of the time. I am sure that there will be more adventures to be had while the baby is growing up.

      Most of the mischief that Mirrin gets into is based on my own experience in parenting. It really is amazing the things that kids can think of to get into mischief with. 😀

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