Booming Business…


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


April 16th

Dear Journal,

I know that this is a terrible thing to say or even feel, however, I might as well be honest with myself.  Life is so much better here in Silvermoon since I had Fae moved into the other house.  It’s only a few blocks from where I am living, however, you can feel the tension and the stress in the house while she was here has gone down considerably.  Poor Agatha has had to deal with Kae more than I have in the last couple of weeks, however, as per usual, she is taking it in stride and just laughs at some of the things that Fae is complaining about.

Naturally, I am getting quite good at avoiding the poor girl as much as possible because I just don’t want to deal with the little monster that I seemed to have created.  Oh well, she’s going to be more upset when I talk to her again because I am negotiating a marriage contract for her already.  I think that it’s high time that she started acting like an adult instead of a spoiled child.  Naturally, she isn’t going to be happy with the choices that I have made for her, however, I am going ahead as planned and I will make damned sure that she doesn’t run away this time.  I know that my wife is going to be upset with me for doing this, however, it is the one thing that I think will make the girl settle down – she will have money of her own, social prestige and a husband that will be grateful to have such a young bride.

Oh, I’m no fool, I do expect trouble from that quarter until such time as I can distance myself from her the better.  That makes me feel bad as brother that used to dote on his baby sister  – I love my sister, I don’t like the person that she has become.  I will take some blame for her being the way that she is, however, I can’t be held responsible for the society that she was raised in initially.  I do wish that I had taken her out of Silvermoon and had taken her with me when I was getting settled in Shattrath initially.

It would have been a different environment for her to have grown up in as well as a different society there as well.   It would have been extremely difficult to have explained my relationship with Amyn back in those days too, I would have been considered a traitor by many of my kind in those days – possibly still would be judged that with some of them today.  However, it might have been a better thing for Faendra.  Who knows, it might have made me realize what it was that I had with Amyn quite a few years earlier than I did.

The business in Shattrath is now in full operation and I think that Zippie is working herself into a frenzy keeping up with everything, however, she is enjoying it and I can always tell when things are going well with her.   After looking at the profit and loss statement for this past month with the Silvermoon operation and the Shattrath operation going full tilt, I am a very wealthy man.   I can’t complain and I am sure that the Regent Lord’s coffers are a bit healthier for it too.   Of course, we are still furnishing a lot of the goods for the military in Pandaria too – Dawnglory is keeping an eye on things up there for me right now, however, he has his hands full with his woman and new baby.

Zippie gave me a letter today that had made a rather circuitous route before getting to Silvermoon.  It seems that Hazey Smythe got forced into military service in Pandaria.  I suppose that I will have to write up another letter for the Regent’s people and explain that Hazey is one of my employees and must be released from their service to better serve them through the company.   I swear that these people must lie in wait for my people to come to Silvermoon and shanghai them off to Pandaria.   Of course, there will be some money changing hands with the magisters in order to get Hazey released, however, she is a very good hunter and I know that she has a sister in Undercity that is very dependent upon her for her financial support as well.

I know that I have been away from Amyn far too long again.  I know that when I’m not busy handling business, I long for the time when we can be together for a few days.  I swear that woman has some kind of magic hold on me and always has.  Her love of life and her passion truly does keep me loving her and the way that she has raised our children, mostly alone, has really made me respect her even more.  She is definitely the love of my life and always has been even when I didn’t realize it.  No matter what woman had caught my eye in the old days – I always went back to Amyn and our boys.  Just admit it, old man, you miss your wife.

I need to get back to Pandaria and visually check things out for myself.  I trust Dawnglory, however, I do want to see what is going on up there too because it seems like we have been growing by leaps in bounds.  Maybe I should start looking around for an area where we can open another warehouse?    I always seem to think of the Valley of Four Winds or the Jade Forest when these thoughts start crossing my mind, however, there are other places that I need to look at to consider in the big picture.  It needs to be a place where we can build the warehouse and have easy access to it as well.

I have been doing a bit more traveling in Kalimdor this time than I usually do, however, I am glad that I have because I have picked up quite a few contracts for that area, although it is a pain in the backside because I have to ship the products back to Silvermoon.  I do try to avoid Orgrimmar as much as possible because I know that I am still not exactly safe when I do happen to venture into the city – I made quite a few enemies when I left.

Fnor Morningstar





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