Need More Time to Actually Write…

April 17th

Well, think I’m done boosting characters for a while until the WoD expansion actually drops.  Finally got both factions taken care of with the way that I wanted to be able to be kind of self-sufficient with them and my vanity guilds.   I know and understand that some people’s opinions of boosted characters is less than stellar, however, it has enabled me to pull out “old & dusty” characters that have been on my accounts for quite a while and actually start enjoying them again.

The only character that I kind of regret boosting is one of my DKs – poor bugger went from level 60 to 90 very fast, however, I didn’t think about all of the reputation grinding that I am going to have to do on the poor fellow.  Hey, it’s another challenge to get me motivated to play the heck out of him.  I actually leveled the poor guy in a couple of days and boosted him straight away because I definitely had to get a jewel crafter in Pandaria so that I could get the recipes for that awesome mount.

I’m in that place where I have been playing more of the actual game than just writing about it.  My own personal opinion about the boosted 90s is that they are the best thing to happen to the game in a long time.  I have seen more people in places that even with CRZ  that were usually pretty lonely places.  I’ve had fun helping some truly “new” players as well as having more free-wheeling conversations with them when we do meet.   A lot of walk-up RP out there in the wilderness sometimes. A lot of people, such as myself, have been playing for a very long time and have leveled up a lot of characters in the last ten years and this allows us an opportunity to move up the ladder with the different races and classes than we were ever able to do before.    I can truthfully say that the whole thing has made the game more enjoyable , however, I do wish they didn’t come in with better armor than some of the characters I leveled up the old fashioned way.

We are heading into the time of year where it can’t make up its mind whether it’s going to be warm or cold.   Living where I do, we can temperatures in the 70s and then the next day it will snow, although it melts rather quickly.  Of course, we’re already being told that the allergy people are going to have a rougher time of it this year due to the moisture that we have had recently – more mold, grass is starting to grow more and the trees are leafing out.  So, I’m planning on staying inside a bit more and avoiding the whole thing when I can.

Well, I need to get back to adventuring in Azeroth again – there are so many places to go, things to do and things to see through fresh eyes again.   I do promise that I will try my best to getting back to where I write a bit more frequently and let my characters tell their tales of what they are doing in their lives.



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