More Fun Than I Expected…

Ty and FuzzButt Fishing in Halfhill

Ty and FuzzButt Fishing in Halfhill

April 25th

Dear Journal,

I know that I usually don’t say too much very often, however, there are times that I really need to start saying something.   I know that poor Felaran has her hands full with her family and I suppose that she is lucky in that regard because I know that I had one at some point, however, I can’t remember much about them.

I know that Fel and I really got lucky when we finally were able to buy the farm in Halfhill, however, a lot can be said for the house.  A lot needs to be said for the house. I guess the reason that the fellow lowered the price as much as he did was because the house was in dire need of repair and we specifically told him that we wanted a place to live – you know, a house with a roof and all of the trimmings.

When we’re not at our base camp in the Jade Forest, we’re here in Halfhill on our days off.  I knew that farming was a lot of hard work, however, I had no idea how hard it was either.   Now, when we’re not working out in the fields we’re trying our best to fix up the little house.   I said that it needed repairs and it definitely does that.

I kind of had the idea that the roof was going to leak when it rained and I was definitely proved correct in that assumption on more than one occasion.  At least we were cognizant enough to realize that we needed to store our stuff in a space where it didn’t just get soaking wet – nothing like a wet blanket to make things nice and cozy.  I told Fel that we needed to get a Pandaren that knew how to rethatch the roof because what I knew about that kind of project could easily get lost in a thimble.

Well, we found a fellow that would be willing to do the work, however, the cost was a bit prohibitive to us jumping right in there and having it done.  The fellow told us that we could get the cost down if we removed the old thatching which we thought was pretty good.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times that Fel and I have fallen off the roof or have put another hole in it when we stepped on a rotten piece of wood.  It’s a good thing that we’re already dead or we might have gone to meet our maker on more than one occasion.  I know that we were up on the roof the other day and I heard this loud scrapping, scrambling sounds and finally a wild scream as Fel went sliding off the roof and landed on her backside in a mud puddle next to the house.  I know that I shouldn’t have laughed, however, the look on her face was classic and the stream of verbal  abuse for said roof was more colorful than I’ve heard her even use out in the field when we’re on patrols.   It wasn’t too long after that when I found myself landing in the same puddle with her – damned Death Grip – you’re not supposed to do that to someone you love – she landed on her butt, I landed face first in the goo which prompted Felaran to go into gales of laughter.

Neither one of us is much of a carpenter and suffice it to say, it took several days for us to get everything off of the roof.  Not to mention that the weather was not our friend either because just when we were making some good headway on the project, here came the rain and the lightning.  Now, we’re both Death Knights, however, I think that we both are great lightning rods or something.  We had to redo quite a bit of work on the roof due to lightning strikes.  Maybe next time we won’t go up there with our armor on, however, it did seem like a good idea at the time because of the falls – I think we thought that the armor would protect us from some of the injuries we’ve endured.  Thankfully, neither one of us has broken anything other than our pride.

At least the roof project is done and we’re on to other things.  Luckily we don’t live too far away from the Tauren that work for Felaran’s brother’s company.  They have been very kind to both of us and even let us stay with them for a few days when there was no roof on the house.  They have a full house with their relatives staying with them, however, Sadheart or Naton, is a fellow Knight and he wasn’t about to see us suffering through this without some help from him and the rest of his clan.  At least we now have that project done and we’re able to stay at our own place.

No, Felaran is definitely not domestic, she tries real hard, however, some of the stuff that she has cooked really was hard to eat.  I mean, we don’t eat all that often, so, that’s probably a good thing, however, I think that we will go to the market for a while and grab some quick food there until we get the stove working properly and she has had a chance to learn how to make some of the delicious noodles that we both like.    She likes to blame her kitchen mishaps on the stove being old  – I know that it’s not so much the stove as it is the operator, however, I just nod my head and add it to the list of things to do.

Poor FuzzButt is probably the one that has suffered the most with the rain.  He always likes to stay right with me and that’s where the problem is sometimes.  Sure, he’s a cat and he can pretty much go wherever I go and does frequently.  He even stayed with us when we went to the Cloudhoof’s house for a few days, however, I could tell that he was almost as nervous as I was with a house full of Tauren.  Between adjust to the farming and learning how to “fix” things with the house, we have both been at our wit’s end sometimes.

Today I told Felaran that I wanted to take some time off and just do nothing.  I really wanted to just go down and fish for a while and let my mind wander.  It also might give my thumbs a chance to heal up from getting hit by a hammer so frequently – they just hurt and look like they have been flattened a bit with all of the abuse.  Really makes it hard for me to work on my jewelry when I am in the mood to do that sort of thing.   At least I have a place to keep my supplies now instead of having to haul it around in a box like I do when we’re in camp.

So, FuzzButt and  I have gone fishing today and we’re going to just enjoy the time while we can.  I do love Felaran as much as it is possible, however, I know that she is one that can chat almost all of the time and I am afraid to admit that I learned a long time ago how to tune that out.

I really need to start writing in this journal a bit more often too.  I know that I have forgotten a few of the things that we have done since we’ve been here in Pandaria and the whole idea of me keeping the journal was so that I could refresh my memory a bit if I needed too.

Ty Ravencrest

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