Managing Things Alone


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


May 1st

Dear Journal,

Well, with Zippie being away for a few days, maybe a week or two, I am finding out exactly how she has kept this business running so smoothly these last few years.   I know that she and I will be talking about some of the things that she has been doing  because some of the things that I thought I had implemented for the employees to do were supposed to be voluntary, for the extra cash, not mandatory.  However, I will have to admit that the archeology digs are most assuredly one of the most profitable areas that we’ve been working in for the last couple of years.   However, some of the employees aren’t very happy with being “forced” into that field when they don’t feel comfortable with it at all.  It was fully intended to be a voluntary thing that they got paid extra for, I’ll talk to Zippie and make sure that she understands that the policy hasn’t changed even if it is extremely profitable.

I will have to admit that I miss that little goblin bouncing around and that laugh of hers is very infectious.   I know that I will be sitting at my desk at the house and be deep in thought, catch myself grinning and chuckling whenever I hear that laugh.  Sure, Zednick and Dooddah are still here, however, they don’t have that charm that Zippie seems to have.

I have heard from her since she has been gone and I think that she is having a good time although I didn’t even think about how much trouble it would be for her to roam around in Feralas.  The height issue totally escaped my mind, although I don’t know how I could have known she was truly that short in stature.  Oh well, I’m sure that she had fun on the barge in Thousand Islands.  From what she said, she should be gone at least another week.  I’ll be happy when she gets back, I don’t know how she does all that she does without going completely insane.  I know that when she does get back from her trip that I fully intend on taking some time off and heading to Pandaria again.

At least this next trip to Pandaria will be to meet my wife so that we can spend some time alone.  One of these days we will have some time to have the family all together again in Nagrand.   I think that I am actually looking forward to seeing the little guys, it’s been a while since I have laid eyes on the two of them.

Funny thing how that I still yearn for the days when we had our home in Dalaran.  I can remember all of the years that I spent there, remodeling, making it a home that I could take pride of ownership in as well as being able to invite guests in without any concern for the appearance of the place.   Most of my truest friends have met Amyn and the boys, however, those days of camaraderie are in the past.   We have all gone our separate ways.   I don’t think that I will allow myself to care about a building as much as I did that lovely place in Dalaran, it was heartbreaking to leave it all behind.

I’m still doing some searching around to try and get Faendra married off and I am going to have to admit that her hasty departure and the breaking of that original contract has made my job that much more difficult.   I’m not willing to pay out a huge dowry for a marriage that may or may not happen.  I know that I will have to explain to Amyn about my decision to get Faendra into a relationship – she was furious the last time that I was working on an arranged marriage for my sister.

Ah, well, I really need to head back down to the warehouse and make sure that the employees have someone there that they can talk with and get their pay from.  I know that it isn’t often that you see the owner of a company actually doing the hands-on approach, however, with Zippie being out of the picture for the time being, I have to do it.

Fnor Morningstar





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