Running Away Again…

May 3rd

Dear Journal,

Well,  I am sure that my brother is going to be upset with some of the changes that I have made, however, I don’t care how he feels about things at this point.  Now he will have an empty house in Silvermoon that he probably won’t realize until he gets my letter.

Yes, I got fed up, got fed up with dealing with the same crap that I had to deal with before with the exception that I have no money or not much anyway.   I was bound, bent and determined to find a way to get to Pandaria so that I can be near the man that I love, not waiting for things to happen the way I want.  I will make things happen.

I was fine until last night when one of the toadies that Agatha has working over here at my house mentioned that I must be excited about the pending marriage.  What pending marriage?  Mine? I asked her what she was talking about and she started stammering and stuttering about marriages in general and I think that she realized that she had made a mistake by mentioning it to me.  I guess my brother is at his antics again, trying to make an “arranged” marriage for me.  He might have had the courtesy to talk to me about it before he started doing his two-step campaign in getting me married off.

There is only one man that I want to marry and I know that it is going to be fairly easy to convince him of that fact when I get to Pandaria.  I’m sure that he is probably disgusted with the woman he is living with right now and having to change diapers like some nursemaid.  He can’t be happy being tied down with a brat and a woman that doesn’t do anything other than take care of the baby, which might or might not be his, who knows?

Well, I hope my stupid brother hasn’t signed any contracts or anything binding with this new marriage scheme of his because he’s going to have a hard time finding me this time.  I won’t get stupid and go to the Faire like I did the last time, this time, I am going further afield.

I know where the mercenaries usually camp in Kalimdor near the gateway to Uldum.  I am sure that they will be willing to let me travel with them this time.  My gear is much better than the last time that I tried to go with them and I have some gold with me too.  No, I won’t barter a travel pass with them with my body either, there is no need.  I am so close to leaving  everything behind me and finally getting my boots to touch the earth of Pandaria.

Good luck at finding me this time, brother dear.  I’ll write more when I have the chance and no, I won’t be stupid this time and get everything stolen from me.  I’m smarter this trip than I was the last time – that girl hadn’t a clue of how to manipulate things.

Faendra Morningstar


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