What’s Going On In My Fantasy World …

May 10th

Well, I wrote an OOC article as is my usual wont on the weekend and decided against publishing it because it sounded a bit peevish.   I think part of my peeve was the fact that I have noticed certain behaviors that seem to reach a high point on the weekends. I can hardly wait for the Summer months to kick in to add a certain flair to things.

I wasn’t upset about the fact that people like to run in and grab loot that you’ve killed a mob for and you’ve taken all the damage and done all the work and “they” take the money from the goal you were trying to obtain from the quest.   Oh well, Karma is a real bear and I’m sure if their behavior in-game  matches their behavior in real life, I foresee quite a few suicides in the not too distant future.   I’ve just noticed an increase in that type of behavior in the last couple of months.  Oh well, that’s an MMO and let’s all hope that they aren’t that way in real life – miserable self-centered, entitled, rude, greedy – LOL you get the drift.

Anyway, this past week has been fun-filled with my team of 90s and a few lowbies – yep, ran to the Faire a few times, however, this time I didn’t try to take everyone that I had that might gain something from their professions if they went.   What were the chances that I was going to play that character in the next month  was the criteria I used this time.   Still trying to get my Alliance solo guild up to Level 14 and it will happen within the next week, however, I am not going to stay up all night running characters to the Faire just to raise that level.

Finally put my “big boy pants” on and ran some LFR stuff – just a couple on my Horde main and did surprisingly well even if the info in the guide didn’t match up exactly with what the activity was in the actual instance – guess they haven’t had time to update those in a while.  No, I ran with some friends that I have on the Red side and had a great time.  Now, I am questioning why I am waiting to run my other characters while I am at it too – you don’t really need your friends in there unless there is some secret handshake, this is gonna happen if don’t do it, kind of deal like in the old days.  Now, you just run with the crowd, be aware of your DBM warnings and don’t stand in the stuff.   I lucked out and got quite a few pieces of gear which put my Main real close to being able to run Flex raids.  I might send the end-game stuff yet – who knows.  Since this was all done “late night” I’m more than a bit tired today.

One of the things that came to my mind again this week is that I play on an RP server and I don’t RP – I would like too, however, it seems the old thing of “closed” RP is very much alive and well on the realm.  If you’re not in the guild, sometimes even if you’re in the guild, you’re kind of excluded for some reason.  Not the proper posterior kissing ability is being applied, I suppose.  I do walkups and I accept walkups, however, I haven’t run into anything in quite some time that actually sparked my interest or that could be put together for any length of time to write a proper storyline around it.  Gone are those days along with the majority of the people I knew in the game that knew how to RP.

Yes, I’ll touch on the subject of ERP briefly – if you’re gonna write bad erotica, have the decency not to force it on the general populace.  I usually will glance at what is going on and know almost immediately that it has to be some basement dwelling mouth breather that is sitting at the keyboard wishing that they could have sex in real life.  Age doesn’t seem to matter – if your libido needs to be that active, take it to your room.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, enjoying my “own” version of the game, writing journals for my characters that need it now and then and that’s about it.  To be very honest, I have some storylines that might have some major twists and turns in the near future, who knows other than the character?  I’m sure that they will get around to filling me in on what they have in mind.

Currently, my RP partner is on hiatus for an indefinite period of time, which means that the storyline is just sitting stagnant for the time being, which is such a shame because there is some great potential there for some fun and excitement.  Oh well, I understand taking breaks, I’ve been guilty a few times myself, however, I did always keep the ball rolling if I was involved in a storyline.

I actually do love the realm I am on, however, I don’t have the time to RP long drawn out things that last six or seven hours at a clip – I do have a life and physical needs that need to be taken care of.   If I seem to lag at one of these events, it’s because I’ve had to get up and walk around to keep the circulation going in my lower extremities, not to mention, keeping my head at a specific angle for long periods of time really does aggravate a medical condition that I have. .    I have to laugh because I do tell people that I love RP and am always open for it, however, I think that’s like a gastrointestinal discharge in the wind and I’m definitely staying upwind from that.

Let’s see, I did add a new little Shaman to my happy band of 90s (18 for now) in Pandaria so that I could keep things rolling for that one guild.  I also brought up one of my hunters because I honestly didn’t have a female Blood Elf hunter at cap.  Since I’m not RPing, there’s plenty of time to level.   I also plan to bring up a Forsaken hunter that happens to be my enchanter/tailor that has been dragging her feet for quite a few months

Why so many 90s?  Well, I like learning the professions and the mechanics of different classes, which is one of the things that has kept me in the game for so many years.  Yes, about the time I think I’ve got it “down” – well, you know Blizzard likes to shuffle the deck and change things when they have a new expansion.   I am also not one that likes to sit in front of the television very often because I find a lot of it depressing and with my video games, I can play an active role in what goes on.

LOL, now the weather report – we’ve been toasting our buns for several days and then it started to get a bit cooler, now, it’s raining and we’re supposed to be getting some measurable snow in the area just in time for Mother’s Day.  Naturally, there went the plans that we had for the day which is okay, we can delay it for a week if we have too.

Speaking of Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you ladies out there.   Don’t think that when your kids reach a certain age, that you’re relieved of the duty of being a Mom – it’s a lifetime deal.  After your kids leave home, they decided to add grandbabies to the mix – so, you see, it’s an endless thing.  I can’t say that I don’t enjoy my kids or my grandchildren because I most certainly do – it’s nice to sit and listen to the ramblings of a three year old sometimes  – makes the old world seem new.

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