Farming In HalfHill…


Farming in Halfhill - Okay- virmen, birds - what more can I ask for


Just thought I’d post this really quickly today – still experimenting with the “media” portion and getting my screenshots going again.

Faendra Morningstar is one of my newest boosts to Pandaria and I have to laugh because the poor girl is definitely not a farmer – looks like every time she plants a set of four – at least three out of four have surprises for her.  I don’t think that the screenshot shows it clearly enough, however, she has this total look of bewilderment on her face as she gazes into the three spotlights on her crops – why me?  It always makes me giggle when I see this happen, however, I will have to admit that she doesn’t have to work as hard to eliminate the problems on the farm with the “gear” that she came with to the New World.

Poor thing is probably wondering why she was rescued from the Fel Reaver and the Hell Boards in Outland so that she can be arial attacked by huge birds, ankle biting things that pop out of the ground at a moments notice – not to mention, getting butted off a cliff by an angry goat, just because she wanted goat steak.  LOL, considering her attitude and personality, cant’ say that I blame the goat either.  😀

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