Time Marches On…and On


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


May 12th

Dear Journal,

Like so many things in life, you will have those pleasant surprises and you will have those deep disappointments.  It seems that I am in for the record of deep disappointments at the moment and I will have to admit that I am drowning some of my sorrow in my brandy and smoking like a fool.  I actually feel the need for both although I would readily settle for my wife’s loving arms wrapped around me and her soothing kind words.   If she isn’t too busy telling me “I told you so” in those tones that I both love and hate – you can almost hear the laughter in her voice when she says these things.  She doesn’t do it to be cruel, however, it does make me hold my temper in check sometimes.

At least I won’t have to go through the embarrassment of explaining to a prospective groom that his bride has flown the coop.  I was just in the beginning stages of a negotiation with a family and had told them that there were others that I was talking too – which was a lie.  At least no formal paperwork had been submitted or even produced yet, which is a savings in a way too.  Of course, this will make it rather difficult for me to start this process again if my sister decides to come back to Silvermoon again.  Naturally, she hadn’t really known what I was doing because I hadn’t had a chance to tell her about it because I was afraid that this might be her reaction.

I know that I am not going to spend my time worrying about her this time either.  If she happens to turn up somewhere, that’s fine.  I do have an idea of what she has in mind and where she might be heading so I have send word out to Dawnglory for him to keep his eyes open.  She didn’t clean out the safe this time nor did she have access to the cashbox at the office, however, she did sell a few of the antiques from the house she was living in.  I will definitely be getting in touch with Felaran and Tylanlor to have them keep an eye open for our wayward sister too because I know that they are still working with the raw recruits that are showing up there in the Jade Forest.

I know that I am a fool when I keep hoping that she will turn back into the person that I loved years ago.  The kind, considerate and unselfish young woman that I had taken to Dalaran to protect from the ideals of Silvermoon.   I think that I was a little too late in getting her out of that atmosphere though and will regret that until my dying day.

I know that I have been kicking around Azeroth for quite a few years and I have made quite a few mistakes in my life.  I also know that I haven’t always been the smartest of individuals with  a lot of things and I have especially been more than a bit ignorant when it comes to women.   I know that I have slept around quite a bit – there was a time that I had quite a few women that I was sleeping with, that’s why I never have raised that much Hell with Dawnglory and his activities, however, I wasn’t as open or as blatant as he has been in the past.

Now, it seems as though my eldest son has decided to go off the deep-end and has started rebelling against everything.  I thought that the way that Amyn handled the issues with women with Vashlan was well done, however, she has asked me to talk to Kal when we get to Pandaria about his recent conduct in ignoring his woman that he has living with him.   Seems he has started drinking quite a bit and has started going off adventuring with his friends and has expected Kae to stay behind and “wait” for him like a some kind of idiot.  I don’t think he is womanizing or anything like that because that would be totally out of character for him although I know that he likes to flirt as much as I did back in the day even when Amyn was there with me at the time.   Silly kid, I do think that there must be something in the air with my two eldest just now starting to show their Sindorei blood – Vash and his womanizing was very embarrassing to Amyn, however, it did remind me of my past behavior when I was a young man too – just another chip off the old block.

Now with Kal going a bit crazy with his last little fling at youth, I hope that he doesn’t end up losing everything that is truly important to him.  I have to agree with his Mother on this one, I think it’s high time that he made some kind of commitment to his woman instead of just letting things stay as they are. Even though they haven’t’ had any children yet, I do think that he should settle down and quit this nonsense before he gets himself injured or something even worse.  I’ve only met the girl once and she seems very much like Amyn at that age, which I guess is why I am just wondering what is going on in Kal’s mind.

I am supposed to meet with Amyn in Shattrath in a few days and then we are going to take off and go to Pandaria for a while too.  The business is really booming in Shatt and I think that the few places that I have looked at for future sites for a warehouse in Pandaria might be pretty good, however, since both sets of employees will be accessing the warehouse, I do want to make sure that Amyn approves.

Damn!  I do wish that Zippie would hurry up and get her little green self back to Silvermoon.  This office stuff isn’t for me and I have always hated paperwork.  At least Faendra and Felaran would help me with things when I was living in Dalaran – Fae was a very good accountant until she decided that what money was there was for her personal use.


Fnor Morningstar





2 thoughts on “Time Marches On…and On

  1. Oooo sparks are going to be flying for sure..and I think it will be the right spur for Romy and Fnar to drop the idea of a wedding, and elope.. which will be happening pretty soon as I am making arrangements to get the one account reactivated again . I totally feel for Fnor , kids can be handfuls ,lol.

    • LOL, Fae is prancing around Halfhill like she owns the place, however, people just kind of accept the fact that she is as she is for the time being. She’s not real fond of the accommodations at the Ranger camp and the training is not exactly what she had in mind either because she’s broken several nails and has to share a tent with all these other women.

      She hasn’t found Dawnglory yet, however, she has heard some talk of his being around the area frequently. Her first trip to Halfhill was one that she isn’t likely to forget for a while since there are a lot of other women there, which she was totally not expecting – she thought it would all be Pandaren. Competition is not her strong suit with other Sindorei women.

      ((No rush on getting back into the game, I do understand how things can be in RL sometimes. – looking forward to seeing you again and getting to RP together – LOL those were always funtimes.))

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