Rumors…Are They True?

* Light swearing and some blunt language – if you’re offended by that sort of thing – please don’t read.*


May 14th

Yo Book!

Damn!  Just when you think that things are going to be nice and quiet, they never really are because someone will come to mess the damned things up.   I know that I had heard rumors from some of my old buddies in the Ranger camp that a little redhead was asking about me, like where I lived, was I married and if there was any way that she could get in touch with me directly.   Damned fools did tell her I was living in Pandaria, they just didn’t say where.

Of course, this was all told to me with the full-blown laughter and winks – you know the fucking kind I mean. The description of this girl being arrogant, demanding and just too educated seems to fit Fnor’s sister too closely to be anyone else.  It sounds like she has done more than her fair share of complaining about the accommodations not being fit for a Sindorei nor even their beasts.  Well, sometimes I have to agree that the camps aren’t exactly luxurious, however, Krasarang is one of the main camps and is fitted out the best that can be expected.

Now, that had my damned curiosity blown out of the water and I almost, I almost, made the trip back to Krasarang to check things out, however, something warned me in my mind that this was not a wise decision.  So, I didn’t go and now that I am sitting here looking at this letter from Fnor, I’m fucking damned happy that I didn’t let my curiosity get the best of me.

It seems that he had made arrangements to get Faendra married off to one of the Silvermoon fops and she flew the coop.  I could have told him that would happen if she caught wind of his plans, however, he says in his letter that he hadn’t even gotten through the preliminaries with some of the families yet and she just walked out.  Not real surprising to me considering her previous history and her obsession with finding me in Pandaria.   Sad thing is that she sold some of the furniture in the house where he had her living as well as stole some of the gear he had closeted away at the stables, tack, bows and even took one of his mounts.  I can tell that he’s pissed, as he should be, however, I can also tell that this event has deeply hurt him again too.

Well, if the fucking descriptions of this girl in Krasarang are as accurate as I think that they might be, I already know where the Hell she is.  Too damned close to be comfortable and it is really going to upset Romy to know that this little bitch has made it up here, close to Halfhill.  I would normally keep something like this to myself, however, this girl actually scares me with what she might do or say to Romy or what she might do to either one of us at this point.

Yes, Romy and I are planning on getting married in the very near future although we haven’t set a real date yet.  I know that Romy has been waffling between holding the wedding in Shattrath or even going through some kind of ritual with her people in Northrend.  I don’t care what we do as long as we get the mess over with – the stress that it has put on the two of us is really more than I thought it would ever be.   Gowns, robes – what shall we wear, who should we invite, should I have Fnor be the Best Man – he would do it if I let him know when it would be.

I am really ready to just make the suggestion that we take off and go to Silvermoon, fill out the proper forms and get married there after snatching some total strangers off the street to witness the marriage and sign the paperwork.  We could do that and even take the baby with us – have a party later or something of that order.

I know that regardless of where or how we get married doesn’t matter one iota to me.  It’s what is important to Romy.  I know women like to make big formal things out of weddings because they hope that they only do it once in their lives, I’m just not real sure how much Romy has her heart set on this kind of thing.    I know that we’re supposed to go to Silvermoon next week and look at some of the stationary for the wedding invitations and all that noise – maybe I can fucking suggest that we get married instead.  Would end all of the stress of putting this silly thing together.

We are getting married to make absolutely sure that Mirrin’s future is secure and that she won’t have any of the social issues that we both have had in the past.  I don’t even know whom my parents are and I’m not real sure what my real name was either – how many more black marks could a girl have gong against her ever making a good match in Silvermoon?    Yes, we love each other and we don’t need a piece of paper to tell people that, however, with the baby, we need to make it a bit more formal and socially acceptable.

Now, if these fucking rumors are true and this girl turns out to be Faendra, if Romy and I are married, that might put the little bitch off a bit and she will leave us alone.  If she weren’t my best friend’s sister, she might have had an accident befall her long before now, it happens.   I know that I am not going to run away and hide from her if it is her, however, I think that I will let her know that she has caused me enough trouble and if it causes me to lose my friendship with Fnor, that’s just how it is going to be.  I don’t need some crazy bitch chasing me all over Azeroth and trying to ruin any kind of happiness that I might have achieved that didn’t include her.

I’ve been out doing some scouting around on my own with the wedding thing looming on the horizon and I think that I have found a great place for Romy and I to spend our honeymoon.  It is still here in Pandaria and we could get the Cloudhoof clan to look after Mirrin while we’re gone  – I know that Mooma really does seem to dote on the baby.  Mirrin can’t say the matriarch’s name – she just says Moo – which seems to please the old woman even if it is a true fact.

This place that I found is really quite nice, isolated and extremely hard to get too without a flying mount.  There is a house, a little lake that is great for bathing and fishing – already tried those out.  No one lives there currently, however, I did leave a note in the house to ask permission to use the place for a week or two and I’ll wait to hear back on that.  Naturally, it’s in the Jade Forest and very close to a few places that Romy and I have been before, however, I don’t think that Romy has ever seen this place.   To me, it seems perfect.  It’s still close enough to Halfhill to where we can get back home if an emergency happens to arise – Light Forbid!!

I am not going to worry about the rumor mill and if it turns out to be true, it’s something that I will have to deal with.  I am not going to let it rule my life and ruin the happiness that Romy and I have together – that’s the keyword right there – we’re together even if we’re not married.  Neither one of us can deny being the parent of Mirrin either because our little girl looks like a perfect blend of the two of us.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Rumors…Are They True?

  1. Haha.! Oh yes, Romy was not happy to say the least when she heard that Faendra is in Pandaria ,and asking questions about Fnar.. if it weren’t for the fact that she likes Fnor,and respects him, she would make certain that Fae had a little accident. Great read!!

  2. Oh, I bet Romy wasn’t thrilled more so than Fnar. Fnar just doesn’t want anything to mess up his life right now, he loves having his daughter around and Romy goes without saying – he thinks that she is the only woman in the world that is his equal in all things. Hehe, accidents do happen.

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