Things I Like To Do…

May 29th

One of the things that some of you may not know about me is the fact that I am quite the altoholic.  I like to play different races, different classes and just have a variety of characters to choose from.  One of the things that I try to do is to at least get the poor things to level 20 so that they aren’t trudging around via foot forever.

One of the things that I also do is that when I am not really feeling well physically, I will oftentimes as not, roll a lowbie and play on them for a while.  I think that I have spent the entire week so far on nothing but new lowbies and just questing the daylights out of them.  This does make for a lot of time for immersion in the game as well as hiding out when I’m not feeling well physically or even emotionally.  With some of the medications that I have to take from time to time, it tends to make me more than a little bit spacey – LOL, so, it’s okay if you’re lowbie is not doing so hot – you’re a new player, right?

I rerolled a poor little Forsaken Hunter that I had thought that I wouldn’t like to play any longer, however, after he was gone, I really missed the poor little fellow, so, Nestick has made a comeback from the nether.  No, I didn’t have Blizzard bring him back, I just rerolled him, no BOA gear at all and have had a riot running around on him.  I have quite a few in progress right now – Agatha was really just a figment of my imagination and I decided to bring her to life in-game – I do RP with myself from time to time.

A lot of the starting areas have changed quite a bit since I have been working on newbies.  Well, one of the things that I have discovered is that while I am running without BOA gear on them, the professions and the leveling usually move along at a good clip – all at the same level instead of having to go back and work on that leatherworking or whatever.   I really did enjoy running through the Lady Sylvanas quest lines on my Forsaken as well as getting to hear the Lament via Agatha was indeed a joy.  I have a couple of capped out Forsaken, however, the quest lines have changed so much since they were babies back then.

I’ve also added a couple of Worgen to the pack of the existing group and I think that I am going to enjoy trying them out.  A worgen druid and a worgen warlock – ohhhh, that warlock looks like he is going to be evil – very black wolf and the black robes in the starting area are awesome – I do hope that I can transmog those when he gets out of them.  Yes, I do save all of their starting gear in hopes of using them as transmogs at higher levels.

One of the things that I am going to do for a while is to run without BOA gear on these newbies and see how it all plays out.  So far, I’m very satisfied with the results that I have seen.  Will I ever get all of these characters to level cap – probably not.  I enjoy leveling and I enjoy losing myself in the game for as many hours that I can spare from my RL duties.

Since I tend to play solo most of the time, I can usually take my time and if I do a bit of character hopping during my time online, I think that the people I have on my RealID understand that I like to have variety in my characters.   My poor 90s have been so neglected this week, however, there is plenty of time to get them ready for WoD.

2 thoughts on “Things I Like To Do…

  1. I usually play low level alts at this part of the expansion and I don’t know why I’m not this time. I really need to get back to it as roaming through the countryside at the appropriate level is what I enjoy the most.

    • There are times that I actually enjoy the Old Content better than the latest expansion – I don’t think that will change anytime in the future either. I have time to explore, no rush on leveling and it’s relaxing – not the headaches that Pandaria can give you. 😀

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