Learning To Compromise…

May 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, I finally located Kae and we had a nice long discussion and I have to agree with her that I have been extremely selfish about some things.   We’ve been together for quite a while and we have enjoyed that time together for the most part.  I think what has been going on is that I am doing things now that I should have done at a much younger age because I don’t feel like I have any consequences for my actions.  Well, the thing is that I do.

I’m old enough now and free enough that when someone that I care about starts putting out rules for me to follow or this happens – like leaving me – or if I do something that they don’t approve of, they feel they have the right to wreck havoc in my life, I tend to rebel. When I was growing up, my Mother was very strict and when my Father weighed in, I knew that I was in for some serious trouble, however, with Kae – her threat is that she will leave.  I love her, however, you can’t keep me a prisoner to my own emotions either. I did have to remind Kae that I am a grown man, we do have an unspoken commitment to one another and it’s something that we’re going to be working on.

Yes, she did give up being a Sentinel, however, that was her choice and not mine to make for her.   She could have stayed with the group if she had truly felt that way, however, she decided that she didn’t like it without me being there with her.  I was not cut out to be a Sentinel Scout for the rest of my life – I think I have too much pride and independence to fit that mold for very long and it flared up there at the last.  I have a huge respect for some of the Sentinels, however, you have to earn my respect just like anyone else would have to do.

Kae, I respect and will honor some of her wishes, however, I am not going to give up my life to make her happy.  She has a much right to go out and spend time with other people away from me too, I’ve told her that repeatedly and if she chooses not to do so, that’s her problem and I won’t allow it to become mine.

As you can plainly tell, I am still a bit upset about some of conversation and I willingly admit that she had some good points, however, some of them were nonsense.  She wasn’t a clinging vine kind of woman when we were in the group in Krasarang and I can’t see the reason why she is trying to do so now.

My Dad always told that he never had felt like Mom was trying to control him and that’s why they have stayed together for so long, not to mention that they still love one another quite deeply.  I think that my Mom’s thoughts on the issues was probably more on the mark though, she told me that she has learned how to compromise, however, it has to be a two way agreement between the parties involved.  Oh, I know that my parents are not perfect, they have arguments and they have had other issues in the past that they have overcome, however, it seems like for the most part, they seem to be happy.

I will admit that I was worried that she had left me because she was gone for a week before I finally found her in one of our old haunts in the Jade Forest.  Let’s just say that I neglected a lot of things just so I could find her and talk to her.   I can understand how she felt, I made a promise to her about doing certain things and I broke that promise, however, I did remind her that even though I promised, I am not perfect.  Now, I’m busting my behind to get the farm back into shape again, Jogu helped out quite a bit, however, there is just too much for one person to do to keep it looking like it should.

I hope that we can get things worked out, however, this whole thing has started me rethinking making any kind of long term commitment again.  I just can’t put myself through this kind of heartache just because I’ve done something that displeases Kae.   She’s done a few things in the past that have definitely displeased me, however, I didn’t take off and not come back or not let her know where I was.  There we go, there’s the compromise thing, it can’t be just one person doing it – it takes two to make a relationship.

I have spent my whole morning, it’s raining like crazy in Halfhill at the moment, just letting my thoughts hinge on things that may be irrelevant to others, however, sometimes when I write things down on paper, I can get a better grasp on it.  I know that I am going to try to keep this relationship going and do my best to make it work, however, Kae is going to have to change some her things too.  We’ll see what happens.

Kaldor Shadowmoon

What’s Going On Or Not…

May 19th,

Well I usually try to post my OOC posts over the weekend however, this weekend was a tad bit hectic.   Since we got rained and snowed out for Mother’s Day, we did our celebration this past Saturday and I do believe that a good time was had by all.  Now, the next big event will be my birthday which we also celebrated with the family on Saturday as well.  It’s always nice to get together with the family and we always seem to have a good time talking and playing with the little ones.

I really need to apologize to a bunch of people because I haven’t been playing a whole lot during the past few days due to allergies and just not feeling good.  I’m not real thrilled playing a video game when I am half stoned on allergy meds.  My concentration level is probably that of a gnat at this point, however, I do log in until I just can’t deal with stuff and log out.  I’ve learned over the years that if I’m not feeling up to snuff, log out, no matter what might be going on at the time.

I did roll a new character, just for grins.  I’ve always like gnomes, never have leveled one to cap and I may not get this guy there, however, in the meantime, it’s been giggles and grins the whole time.  There was the shortcut that I took this time of rolling a gnome Death Knight.  Decked him out in full BOA gear after leaving the starting area and hit Outland.   His name is Jonathan Rivertic, nickname is River, and he may not make it to 90 but in the meantime, it’s definitely kept me rolling with laughter.   I may or may not boost him in the next month or two but for the time being, it’s just fun to play.   Yes, I have had run running through Stormwind with “Train” going full bore on the emotes before vanishing through the portal to Outland to the more serious business.

One of the things that I have started pointing out to myself on a regular basis is that the game is intended to be “fun” and it’s not all about the competition and getting to be the “best’ at whatever class you want to be.   Having 19 90s at this point, I think I’ve been busy enough and now it’s time to go back and start doing some other things.  Just keeping up with the 90s is almost like a full-time job, however, I am taking the true casual approach.  If I feel like running an instance with a character, I’ll do it, if I don’t feel like it, I won’t.  I do have two mains that will definitely make it to WoD, however, I’m not sure how many others will be able to make the transition and I sure don’t mind playing Old Content.

I’ve also been reading the forums, never a good thing when you’re sure of mental faculties at any time, however, I have noticed the plethora  of posts about “Flying – No Flying” in regard to the new expansion.  I’m definitely pro-flying when it comes to the game, however, if my memory serves me correctly, they always start out with no flying until you cap anyway.  If Blizzard decides to have a “no flying” policy for the duration of WoD in that area, that’s fine.  There is so much else to do in the game that it doesn’t really matter to me.   I love the whole game, however, I am also one of these people that does what they want to do and not necessarily what is dictated.  If I feel pressured or stressed out about something, guess what, I don’t do it at that time, might go back and pick it up later.

I’m looking forward to the changes in WoD, however, I know there will be that killer learning curve at the beginning all over again, just like there always is.  If I find myself not enjoying myself after a month or so, then, I’ll make the decision as to what it is I am going to do.  I’ll probably keep playing and toddling along at my own pace since it doesn’t matter to anyone else other than myself.

Successful Business..Personal Success…Well


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


May 17th

Dear Journal,

I do seriously like to consider myself a man of peace, however, I am beginning to wonder at my sanity on that point because there doesn’t seem to be anything of that nature in the offing for any of the races.  There is always strife, the peace offerings made, broken, and then, idiocy seems to have taken over my faction of the Horde.  Why, after all of these years, all of our people sacrificing our lives and families to a faction that put loyalty to the front above all else, we look like we have sacrificed our honor to a madman.

I was a bit astounded when I got a letter from one of the other Ambassadors because I felt that my services that had been rendered in the past were for naught.  It appears as though I have been invited to return to Orgrimmar and sit on the council again, I’m not sure what the reasoning behind that is since I have already sworn my allegiance to the Regent Lord.   I am less inclined to rejoin a group of men that already know my feelings about the current Warchief.

When I was a much younger man, I might have jumped at the chance to serve the Horde, however, with age has come a little bit more in the way of wisdom and less patriotic fervor.  I have spent my entire life in the service of the Horde, putting it before my family, my friends and even against my own judgment at times.  In the days of Thrall, there was a certain Code of Honor that was upheld and unwritten rules of conduct, however, with this fool that we currently have sitting in Orgrimmar dictating the policies,  there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of Honor in my opinion.  I’m just curious why they should suddenly think that I would want to rejoin that mayhem?  Okay, I will meet with them and see what they have to say, however, I already know my answer to the whole situation – a resounding “no” because it would be taking a step back instead of progressing forward as I have done in the last year.

Between Amyn and I, we have established Morningstar Enterprises and Shadowmoon Enterprises in the all of the most strategic places and I will have to admit that the profits are almost sinful.  The Shattrath operation is going surprisingly well even with the fact that I have poor Zippie running hither and yon to keep the records straight, I do need to talk to her about getting an assistant for her that will help her with all of this – it always makes me sad to see her walking around with a smile on her face and, yet, her brow is always furrowed in thought.   All work and no play is not good for anyone, however, she has made sure that we’re showing a profit across the board in our accounts.

The operation that we’re starting in Pandaria is still going to be some months out before we can truly get that running smoothly.  The location in the Jade Forest that Amyn and I inspected is going to be perfect although it will require a bit of an expansion in order to accommodate the goods as well as the employees that might want to stay there to avoid the expenses of staying in an Inn or they just want to keep out of sight.  When you’re in my line of business, you will have people of all social standings and races to deal with – some of them may have unsavory reputations in some of the cities or locations, however, if they conduct themselves and do their jobs, I am not going to pry into their pasts all that much.

Mercenaries are a special brand of person that really warrants some watching, however, I keep the pay scale high enough to where the ones that I have working for me are not going to be disloyal unless someone comes along with a higher paycheck.   I often worry that some of them might get it in their minds to do something that would be both detrimental to the company and to myself.  There are rumors of things that have reached my ears that are not pleasing.

In the past and in most areas that I travel in currently, the marriage between Amyn and myself is still definitely frowned upon not only for the social stigma as well as the faction loyalties being called into question.  I know that I don’t worry about it as much as I should anymore because it has been eons since anyone has called that into question.  Yes, I did murder a man in Dalaran for intimating that he was going to “turn” the lot in for the rewards that are still being offered even today.    I worry more about the safety of my sons in Stormwind because you may never know who is a true friend or foe, however, Amyn and the boys have experience enough to keep the heritage hidden as well as they can.

Do I worry about things being any better in Silvermoon?  Yes, I do, however, I have enough money that I can usually wriggle my way out of any kind of political turmoil that might result of the exposure.  I am more concerned about the social fallout from Faendra’s latest escapade, however, that is going to be her problem to deal with, not mine.

At least I had only started making overtures to different families to start the bargaining for a good match for her.  It isn’t like it was the last time where I had to pay out her dowry because she had run away a month before the wedding.  I was embarrassed and completely humiliated by some of the people involved, however, with the proper payments being made, the social ladder wasn’t damaged all that much for the rest of the family.   It would have been a good match for her and it might have straightened her head out a little bit, although, I am beginning to wonder if there is anything that will get her to see the reality of things.

I do feel responsible for the monster that I have unleashed on the world, however, I did the best that I could at raising her in what I thought was the correct fashion.  I had no parenting skills to speak of when I had this child put into my care after my parents were killed.  What is a young Ranger going to do with a baby?   I lived in a tent, I had no way of caring for her when I went out on patrols, so, the foster family track was the one that I chose for her – she was later joined by Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa, which seemed to work out fairly well.  Comparing Faendra and Felessa is like comparing night and day – Felessa has done well with her marriage and giving birth to a son seems to have pleased the parties concerned.  Faendra could have had the same kind of life, however, the wild streak that showed up in her when we left Dalaran really did seem to take a stronger hold her thought processes and actions.   The girl actually kind of scares me because it’s like dealing with two different people when I talk to her.  One minute, she’s sweetness and light, then, she starts behaving like a raging maniac that feels the world owes her everything – most me in that world.

I’ve cried, ranted and raved, prayed to the Light, the Sunwell and even Elune to give me some guidance as to what I can do to make Faendra a better person.  I know that it’s not totally my fault, however, she wouldn’t feel that she’s entitled to everything if I hadn’t spoiled her completely by giving her everything that she ever asked for.   The one thing that I can’t do or wouldn’t do is to marry her off to my best friend – Dawnglory deserves better than that in his life.


Fnor Morningstar





Made It Back To Orgrimmar…

May 16th

Dear Journal,

Well, this has been a glorious adventure for me and I will have to admit that I am very happy that I worked night and day to make it happen.   I’ve seen places, done things and worked my fingers to the bone , literally they already are, as well as just working away.

I did make the move over to Orgrimmar, even as much as I hate the idea of smelly Orcs everywhere.  You know, Orcs make Forsaken smell nice in comparison.  I swear they never bathe. I could understand the construction after the Deathwing visit, however, that’s  been quite time ago and it appears as though they’ve finished.  It’s still just as noisy and dirty as ever.  At least Hazey didn’t have any squatters in her place like I did in my corner of the Undercity.   I have to wait on all of my stuff to arrive from there so that I can get settled in.

Poor thing never has replaced our couch in the living room either – still has the one leg replaced with a large rock and the stove still smokes something fierce, which means it needs to be cleaned out.  Naturally there was a fine layer of dust all over everything, so, I’ve spent my first day in Orgrimmar cleaning, dusting and getting the place at least livable for a Forsaken.   All the blankets needed to be shaken out too – funny how that dust infiltrates into everything.

I’ll be happy when my coffin arrives from the Undercity, hopefully without a passenger, so that I can get a decent time resting before I start working again.  I know that I am going to be putting all of my materials in the old trunk in the bedroom so that it will stay clean at least.

I do hate moving, it’s never been one of my favorite things.  I know that we never moved when we were alive because it would have been rather difficult to move a whole farm.  The whole visual of that just made me laugh.  I suppose we could have hired some mages if we were that desperate to move to a new location back then, however, the family was never that wealthy and I think that everyone was happy with where we were – close to Brill and close to the Undercity.

If my figures are correct and my planning has worked out the way that it should, I shouldn’t be in Orgrimmar for very long at all.  I am looking forward to going to Pandaria and I hope that Hazey was sincere in her invitation of letting me stay with her for a while.  I just hope that she doesn’t get all bossy like she did here in Orgrimmar when we both shared the house.   I willingly admit that once I got away from doing anything with leather, I was a lot happier – she had no idea how much I hated that part of what we were doing.   Now, if I want to stay home and sew, I can do that without feeling guilty about it.

Well, I need to sit down and send out a few letters to my customers in Silvermoon to let them know that I have finally changed locations and that my deliveries of their robes and other things might be delayed by at least a day if I have to carry everything back to them.  Some of them might enjoy an excursion to Orgrimmar, who knows?    I did notice quite a few more Blood Elves when I arrived and that kind of surprised me with the way that the company shut-down and moved so quickly to Silvermoon, I thought for sure that the population would have thinned out quite a bit.

I don’t especially want to deliver my goods to Silvermoon either with what happened with Hazey and how she ended up in Pandaria to begin with.  I don’t think that I would be happy having to live in a tent with a bunch of Blood Elves because their constant chatter is rather grating on the nerves – yes, I’m dead but I still get uncomfortable around a lot of needless chatter and those people really never shut-up.

I think that I will get in touch with Zippie and see if I can ship my stuff over there and she can send the money back to me so I don’t have run the risk of going to Silvermoon.  I don’t think that I would make good soldier material either because I’m good with a bow or gun, however, I am much happier if I can sit in a corner somewhere and sew to my heart’s content.  I know that I am not in any danger of running out of money for the moment because I have been saving every penny that I could get my hands on for my trip to Pandaria.  I can take my time getting there to live too.

Brianca Smythe 

Learning To Live As A Ranger…

May 15th

Dear Journal,

All I have to say at this point is that I did make it to Pandaria with the Rangers, of all groups.  Anyway, I ended up getting stationed in my brother’s old command, isn’t that just peachy.  I know that I should have used a fake name, however, that costs money that I didn’t have, so, people know who I am, however, they aren’t exactly sure of the relationship.  I did laugh when one of the fellows told me that I must be Fnor’s daughter because I didn’t look old enough to be his sister.

Of course, I’ve been very subtle in asking questions about certain people and have found out quite a bit, my these people do like to talk.   I found out that Dawnglory is in the Valley of Four Winds with his woman and her brat.  I guess he still keeps in touch with some of the fellows here and they said that he is just turning into one of those boring old married types, even if he isn’t married to her.  Well, at least she’s getting him trained for when I take over, he’ll know what to expect from a wife. Shame that the baby looks like him, however, look at how many blonde men there are running around up here – it’s not like a blonde guy is a novelty, you know. I still don’t think he sired the baby, not after all of the philandering that he’s done in the past, there have been no other children that I am aware of.   If he has a problem making babies, I’m sure that we can find a doctor that will fix that problem.

I can’t say that I am all too keen on the accommodations here in camp.  I live in a large tent with nine other women and they aren’t of the social standing that I have been accustomed too.  Naturally, all the chatter is about men, clothes, makeup and the next party they are going too.   I even have gone out on a few dates since I have been up here and wasn’t disappointed  with them too much when all they wanted to do was to get into my pants, which they didn’t.

Well, my brother’s tales of all of the rain in Krasarang weren’t a lie.  I swear that it is raining when I get up, rains all day and then, rains some more if it ever really stopped to begin with.  I do keep getting sent back to the Jade Forest to do some cleanup of the Alliance scum that seem to be trickling in there – they don’t have the manpower that we have from what I can tell.   I will have to admit that the Sentinels seem to keep some very nice looking scouts with them – wonder if I can keep one alive long enough to talk to him.  I can see why women are attracted to them and I bet they aren’t just talented at hunting and scouting.

I haven’t tried to get in touch with my sister yet, I suppose I should, however, I just know that she won’t waste any time getting word back to our brother.  Our adopted brother! I know that she is all involved with some other Death Knight here in Pandaria, some silly guy that likes to run around with a cat with him all of the time.  Figures she’d find someone that is brain-damaged to hang out with.  I’ve met him once and he didn’t say a whole lot, just started at me with those dead blue eyes of his as he sat there playing with his cat.  I know he can talk, he said a few words to Fel and to his cat, however, he just stared at me as if I had two heads when I started talking about the people in Silvermoon.  Oh well, that was their last trip to Silvermoon and I sure don’t know if I want to see them in Pandaria.

Now, I just have to figure out a way to find out where Dawnglory is living in this Valley of Four Winds.  I’m sure he has some little shack somewhere that he is sharing with that woman of his.   I didn’t realize how big the place was until I saw one of the maps in our briefing tent.  It’s huge and I don’t want to let him know that I am here yet because I haven’t finished all of my plans on how I am going to get him off alone and in bed.   He’ll have to marry me because I have been taking those drugs I got in Orgrimmar so that I will conceive a child even if he just looks at me wrong.  As much as my libido has been screaming at me to take a man, any man, I won’t do it because I want to be a virgin for Dawnglory , just to prove to him that I have not been with anyone else and I am sure that he would have to appreciate that because a virgin at my age is something a man would treasure.  I’m sure it won’t hurt when he takes me though because I would think that he wouldn’t be too drunk to realize he’s with a virgin.

Oh, another thing, I hate some of the things that they make us do.  I never have been one to clean my own armor, I have someone else do it for me and, now, if I don’t do it myself – I get put on some of the worst details – no, I haven’t been put on the latrine duty yet however, it has been promised if I don’t start doing some of the menial tasks here in camp.  I’m a Ranger, I shouldn’t have to take care of things like trash or grooming mounts or something like that – there are enough people out there that need the money that I could pay to do it for me.  I haven’t had any real time off since I got here because I refuse to do some of this stuff – I had servants that took care of the laundry and I don’t think it’s right that I have to take all of the bedding to be washed with the other girls – it’s just beneath me.

Money, that’s another thing!   I am having to live on what I make as a Ranger, which isn’t much, and then, if I happen to take money from a corpse or something, I have to split it with all of the others in my patrol group.  That just doesn’t seem fair.  I’ve been trying to sell some of the hides that I have gathered, however, the competition is pretty heavy and I’ve all but given away some of the stuff I had gathered.  My leatherworking is just as good as some of the others here, however, I had one fellow tell me that if I spent more time curing the hides properly, they wouldn’t make my leather goods smell moldy.  As if I didn’t know what I am doing?  Rude fellow!!

Well, it appears that duty calls and I have another black mark on my record for not cleaning my boots properly when I got inspected.  That means another week without any time off to go scouting out the Valley.

Faendra Morningstar

Rumors…Are They True?

* Light swearing and some blunt language – if you’re offended by that sort of thing – please don’t read.*


May 14th

Yo Book!

Damn!  Just when you think that things are going to be nice and quiet, they never really are because someone will come to mess the damned things up.   I know that I had heard rumors from some of my old buddies in the Ranger camp that a little redhead was asking about me, like where I lived, was I married and if there was any way that she could get in touch with me directly.   Damned fools did tell her I was living in Pandaria, they just didn’t say where.

Of course, this was all told to me with the full-blown laughter and winks – you know the fucking kind I mean. The description of this girl being arrogant, demanding and just too educated seems to fit Fnor’s sister too closely to be anyone else.  It sounds like she has done more than her fair share of complaining about the accommodations not being fit for a Sindorei nor even their beasts.  Well, sometimes I have to agree that the camps aren’t exactly luxurious, however, Krasarang is one of the main camps and is fitted out the best that can be expected.

Now, that had my damned curiosity blown out of the water and I almost, I almost, made the trip back to Krasarang to check things out, however, something warned me in my mind that this was not a wise decision.  So, I didn’t go and now that I am sitting here looking at this letter from Fnor, I’m fucking damned happy that I didn’t let my curiosity get the best of me.

It seems that he had made arrangements to get Faendra married off to one of the Silvermoon fops and she flew the coop.  I could have told him that would happen if she caught wind of his plans, however, he says in his letter that he hadn’t even gotten through the preliminaries with some of the families yet and she just walked out.  Not real surprising to me considering her previous history and her obsession with finding me in Pandaria.   Sad thing is that she sold some of the furniture in the house where he had her living as well as stole some of the gear he had closeted away at the stables, tack, bows and even took one of his mounts.  I can tell that he’s pissed, as he should be, however, I can also tell that this event has deeply hurt him again too.

Well, if the fucking descriptions of this girl in Krasarang are as accurate as I think that they might be, I already know where the Hell she is.  Too damned close to be comfortable and it is really going to upset Romy to know that this little bitch has made it up here, close to Halfhill.  I would normally keep something like this to myself, however, this girl actually scares me with what she might do or say to Romy or what she might do to either one of us at this point.

Yes, Romy and I are planning on getting married in the very near future although we haven’t set a real date yet.  I know that Romy has been waffling between holding the wedding in Shattrath or even going through some kind of ritual with her people in Northrend.  I don’t care what we do as long as we get the mess over with – the stress that it has put on the two of us is really more than I thought it would ever be.   Gowns, robes – what shall we wear, who should we invite, should I have Fnor be the Best Man – he would do it if I let him know when it would be.

I am really ready to just make the suggestion that we take off and go to Silvermoon, fill out the proper forms and get married there after snatching some total strangers off the street to witness the marriage and sign the paperwork.  We could do that and even take the baby with us – have a party later or something of that order.

I know that regardless of where or how we get married doesn’t matter one iota to me.  It’s what is important to Romy.  I know women like to make big formal things out of weddings because they hope that they only do it once in their lives, I’m just not real sure how much Romy has her heart set on this kind of thing.    I know that we’re supposed to go to Silvermoon next week and look at some of the stationary for the wedding invitations and all that noise – maybe I can fucking suggest that we get married instead.  Would end all of the stress of putting this silly thing together.

We are getting married to make absolutely sure that Mirrin’s future is secure and that she won’t have any of the social issues that we both have had in the past.  I don’t even know whom my parents are and I’m not real sure what my real name was either – how many more black marks could a girl have gong against her ever making a good match in Silvermoon?    Yes, we love each other and we don’t need a piece of paper to tell people that, however, with the baby, we need to make it a bit more formal and socially acceptable.

Now, if these fucking rumors are true and this girl turns out to be Faendra, if Romy and I are married, that might put the little bitch off a bit and she will leave us alone.  If she weren’t my best friend’s sister, she might have had an accident befall her long before now, it happens.   I know that I am not going to run away and hide from her if it is her, however, I think that I will let her know that she has caused me enough trouble and if it causes me to lose my friendship with Fnor, that’s just how it is going to be.  I don’t need some crazy bitch chasing me all over Azeroth and trying to ruin any kind of happiness that I might have achieved that didn’t include her.

I’ve been out doing some scouting around on my own with the wedding thing looming on the horizon and I think that I have found a great place for Romy and I to spend our honeymoon.  It is still here in Pandaria and we could get the Cloudhoof clan to look after Mirrin while we’re gone  – I know that Mooma really does seem to dote on the baby.  Mirrin can’t say the matriarch’s name – she just says Moo – which seems to please the old woman even if it is a true fact.

This place that I found is really quite nice, isolated and extremely hard to get too without a flying mount.  There is a house, a little lake that is great for bathing and fishing – already tried those out.  No one lives there currently, however, I did leave a note in the house to ask permission to use the place for a week or two and I’ll wait to hear back on that.  Naturally, it’s in the Jade Forest and very close to a few places that Romy and I have been before, however, I don’t think that Romy has ever seen this place.   To me, it seems perfect.  It’s still close enough to Halfhill to where we can get back home if an emergency happens to arise – Light Forbid!!

I am not going to worry about the rumor mill and if it turns out to be true, it’s something that I will have to deal with.  I am not going to let it rule my life and ruin the happiness that Romy and I have together – that’s the keyword right there – we’re together even if we’re not married.  Neither one of us can deny being the parent of Mirrin either because our little girl looks like a perfect blend of the two of us.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

Almost There…

May 13th

Dear Journal,

Talk about working your fingers to the bone, well, literally they are bone anyway, however, this is getting to be quite the project.  Hazey has said that if I can pay my way to Pandaria that we can live together at her farm in Halfhill – wherever that is.

I have just heard stories of the place and so far, my adventures have taken me far and wide in the Eastern Kingdoms.  I must say that I met some really nice dwarves although it felt a bit awkward at first because, let’s get real – they aren’t Horde.   The Thorium Brotherhood is what they go by and those other dwarves were just plain nasty and vile creatures.  Dark Irons they were called.  Yes, I can certainly see why they were called that and I can also tell you that they are a truly cranky lot.

One thing that I can tell you is that Forsaken have an odor, we’re well aware of it and try to keep it masked as much as any Death  Knight, however, these Dark Iron folks, honestly, they don’t look or smell like they have had a bath since the day they were born.  I’ve always known that dwarves were hairy, however, between these two groups, they might have whole families living in those beards – well, they might, I can’t say that I saw that many female dwarves and  when I did see them, they seemed a bit too cheerful. Maybe it’s from all of that drinking and they know that they are the only game in town – the girls I mean.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing when I get a chance to get back to Undercity because I sure am not going to be carrying bags of material around with me when every place that I have been recently makes the City look like it’s clean and probably makes Orgrimmar look like paradise.  I suppose that I ought to be thankful that Hazey did keep the house in Orgrimmar because when I leave Undercity to go to Pandaria, I will need a place to store my stuff and maybe open a little store there for people to buy some of the things that I have been making.  I have sold quite a few robes in Silvermoon lately, which means that the population must be booming if they can’t find what they want there.  Of course, I add a few personal touches to the robes, a bit of gold braid, maybe some embroidery when the time permits, however, the ones that have been buying my robes seem to be willing to pay the prices that I have been putting on things.  I hope I can take some time off soon so that I can sew a few more.

I think that one of the reasons that I am in such a hurry to leave the Undercity right now is that we seem to have quite a few strangers showing up.  It’s not like the old days where you could pick out a corner some place and call that space yours, I’ve often times come back from running errands or making some deliveries of clothes that I have made and have found someone else sleeping in my coffin.   I am thinking of moving to Orgrimmar for a while and staying in Hazey’s house there.   I don’t like strange people sleeping in my coffee, it ruins that whole idea of it belonging to me and I’m not sure that everyone would like the lace frills on the pillows and I know they couldn’t possibly like my blankets with all of the work that I have put into them.   Let’s just say that I don’t like sharing my bed.

I know that I may be chasing a dream that may never happen, however, I am saving my money and looking to the future more than I have since I became Forsaken.

Brianca Smythe