Broken Vows And Shattered Dreams…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 29th

Dear Journal,

Well, I’ve done something that I took an oath with myself about that I have broken.  Good or bad, the deed has been done and can’t be undone.  Everyone knows my feelings about Dalaran and how much I have been thinking about the place since we were driven out by that insane Proudmore wench. Everyone that knows that I am married to Amyn knows my feelings there as well.

I finally got up the nerve and with the help of a good friend of mind, I got myself heavily disguised as a rather older Kaldorei and decided to take the trip back to where I’ve longed to be since I left.  I almost wish that I hadn’t done it now because I was absolutely heartsick by the time I left.  I just went to see the sights and to see how much things had changed.  It almost seems like an alien place to me now and I doubt that I will ever return to what was once my home of choice for so many years.  So much of my life was spent there.

The house that I had remodeled and put my heart into is no longer the same.  It’s now an office type of place housing who knows what and it appears as though the upstairs may be some kind of barracks for some of the officers stationed in Northrend.  Let’s just say that anything that was remotely Sindorei has been removed or destroyed, disfigured or just erased from any surface.  The slate floor in the foyer is ruined by all standards and it looks as though they haven’t even attempted to keep the place up at all.

I guess it is true that you can’t go “home” again after having been away from it for so long.  Things change and time moves on, so, nothing is ever the same as it was that you had in your memory for nostalgia to call up.  Oh well, I suppose that I shouldn’t have been as shocked as I was because Amyn has told me about some of the changes and it isn’t like I didn’t believe her, however, one does tend to filter out some information when we find it unpleasant or not to our liking.

I did spend a great deal of time wandering about and looking into some of the different shops that I would frequent when I was in town and I was very dismayed to see that the new owners were primarily human or gnomes in some cases.  Gone are the days of stopping in to visit with a shopkeeper and having a nice friendly chat and possibly coming up with some good bargains due to a friendship that had been nurtured over the years. Ah well, no sense in me dwelling on things in the past, however, I did love that city.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I got back to Silvermoon and retired to my rooms, unnoticed I might add other than a passing glance and a cursory wave from Agatha’s little sister as we passed in the great room.  She’s a likeable young lady, even if she does have a wildness about her that reminds me very much of myself at her age.  I went to my rooms and sat at my desk and poured myself some nice brandy and took a long draught of it before I just sat there and wept like a schoolboy with shattered dreams.

Agatha came into my rooms,  without really knocking, she doesn’t’ have too after all of these years, however, I had a little bit of trouble maintaining my composure after my emotional dam had broken.  She and I have a long history together and she is one person on the face of Azeroth other than my wife that probably knows me better than most in my weakest moments.   She walked over to my desk and stood there for a few moments before moving closer to me and putting her arms around me as best she could before I stood up and returned her embrace.

Oh, I’ll admit that we have had our passionate moments together and we have made love without any of the strings attached, however, I have abstained from breaking my vows to Amyn until last night.  I don’t know if it was the raw emotions or just the timing as to why it actually happened.  I had just gotten back from spending time with my wife and had been properly satiated in the physical aspects of our marriage before I came back and went to Dalaran.

As I stood there with this woman in my arms, the embraces turned to kisses and the kisses became more passionate between the two of us.  Before I had even realized it, I had pushed her back against the desk and as she lowered herself to the surface, pushing the objects off, I took her.  Plain and simple, I made love to a woman that has been in my life almost as long as Amyn has.  She didn’t object and responded with the passion that I remembered very well from our time in Dalaran together.  It was like two old lovers rekindling the desire in one another that we had long since died. When I awakened this morning, Agatha was in bed with me and I’ll admit that we did make love again.  She then got up and left the room without so much as a cursory talk.

Now, do I feel guilty about what happened?  Yes, I do.  I love Amyn more than anything in this world and I know that my breaking of our vows would probably hurt her more than anyone could ever realize.  I think she might understand why it happened, however, would she be understanding enough to forgive me?  I don’t know.  Will it happen again?  Very possibly, I don’t know.  If it is just Agatha, I don’t think that Amyn would care, if she knew.  I’ve always had mistresses, Amyn was one that had won my heart and had given me our children.  Will I ever tell her?  Probably not, why would I want to hurt her that way and why would I take that risk?

I know that Agatha understands why it happened last night and I know that she will take it in stride as she has so many times in the past.  We have never said that we loved one another or anything of that nature, it’s always been a matter of comforting one another in an hour of need.  Last night was no different in my eyes, however, I do need to talk to her and see what her feelings truly are.  If she wants to continue on in the same vein as we have in the past, will she want to leave my employment to escape the chances that we might fall from grace again, I’ll have to talk with her.  We’ve never had a problem discussing all manner of things together and I don’t think that she would have any problem with this talk.

I’ll admit that I am somewhat ashamed of myself, however, at the same time, I’m giving myself the excuse that it was my emotional state that caused the weakness to overtake my common sense.   I’ll admit that these long lapses in time spent with my wife have probably made me a bit more tempted than I’d like to admit.  Agatha is a known quantity and yes, I have been attracted to some of the other women here in Silvermoon, however, I have not given into any of those desires. I feel very badly that I have broken my marriage vows to Amyn and I hope that the guilt isn’t something that will be too difficult to bear.

Fnor Morningstar

Beta Testing…and more








Maggie In Beta

Maggie in Beta


June 29th

Well, I did get my Beta invitation on Friday morning.  As is the case, I woke up at o’dark thirty for some reason and headed up to my loft where my computers live (so do I, if the truth were to be told) and started the download.

To say that I was excited is a misnomer. I was doing the happy dance while I waited for a very long time to download the content.  I really wasn’t disappointed when I logged in and saw that at long last the guards running through Orgrimmar had been removed and you didn’t have the giant Orcs mistreating the trolls everywhere you looked.  Naturally, we couldn’t get to Draenor until later in the day because the developers were working on this “new” realm.  This was not a problem for me because I like to explore and see how things have changed in the old content when a new xpac drops.  I guess that I was one of the few lucky souls that was able to copy my main(s) over to the Beta.  So, Fnor and Kaldor are sitting in the Beta as we speak.

It was a very bumpy ride to start with I started playing and there were many disconnects and crashes as is expected when you’re doing any kind of software testing.  You would play a few minutes and crash.  The frustrating thing was that you’d play five minutes (if you were lucky) and then you’d spend the next ten to fifteen minutes trying to get back online with the game.  The developers asked that you be in the game to “stress test” the introduction to Draenor later in the day and I will admit that I was there with the rest of the people.  It was just like times when a new expansion drops and the whole world of players are all trying to get there “first” – very crowded.

I am happy to say that I wasn’t the only one struggling along because over the years we have all become somewhat addon dependent and I am not an exception.  Even though there was no announcement of the changes in the Old Content, I am happy to report that the graphics are very clean and both of my computers had no problem handling it.  I wanted to make sure that my machines were going t be able to handle everything because I am not planning on buying any new ones or seriously upgrading the ones that I currently use.

One of the things that I am extremely happy about is the bag space issue seems to have been dealt with nicely.  If you have multiple items in your “refrigerator” from Pandaria, they all stack well over 100, so, that was a plus.  Not only were those items stacked up, so were the items in my leatherworking bag as well.   Awesome sauce!!  The new “toy box” tab is going to be great because you can now carry around your toys with you instead of having to put them in the bank and go take them out when you were planning on using them.  Not all of the toys that some of us have were listed in the tab, however, this is beta and I’m sure that things will be added over time.  It seems that the bag space issue only dealt with the items in your bags – I haven’t checked the viability of this with my bank items, however, there will be time to do that too.

The new models are just pretty nice and I think that most of the people will be pleased with them. I’m not too keen on the angry constipated look my Kaldorei females seem to have because they don’t look anything like I had chosen for them to look.  I was happy to see that I wasn’t being bombarded with guild invitations every time I logged in.  I’m not planning on going into a guild for a while because I don’t want the added pressure of “participating” in a guild while I am trying to get my feet back under me at the start.

I didn’t think that the changes to the hunters was all that dramatic, however, it will take some getting used too.  One of the things that I will admit that I was kind of surprised at was the fact that you couldn’t switch specs like you do in the current content, so, off I went in my Survival spec, which is not all bad.  Since I am a person that has multiple alts still in various stages of leveling, I did go around and checked on that content and found that some of the things that weren’t broken before were now, however, I’m sure that Blizzard will fix that too.

My plan is to copy over a different class to see how things have changed so that I can get myself prepared for the changes prior to the expansion dropping or even the first patch that will introduce these changes to the current content.  Oh sure, there were plenty of complaints from people about how squishy things were and how their rotations were going to have to be changed.  That is something that we have dealt with for each expansion that has dropped since classic.

So far, it’s been fun.

Too Many Distractions…

June 27th

Dear Journal,

I have decided that I need to really get out of Stormwind more often or at least to get out of my office more frequently.   Why do you think that is?  Well, I haven’t really been anywhere of late other than to Shattrath and after having met the little frog person that I am going to be working with down there, I wonder how that is going to work out?  I know that I was extremely stressed when I was informed that we were comingling the warehouse goods with the company from Silvermoon City.  I know that it probably never occurred to my boss that this was going to present certain problems with her accounting and maintaining a proper inventory of the goods that we have shipped down there already.   How am I supposed to know if there is a shipment that the frog needed more supplies to ship out and she has helped herself to my inventory? I know that I will have to give it a try and see what happens, if I find it too stressful, I’ll hire someone to keep track of things there , kind of an assistant or something.

I think that the thing that has me more upset at the moment is that I haven’t heard much from Lagn and we were supposed to get together to have dinner here in Stormwind in the very near future, maybe it might have even turned into a sleepover for him.  I do have a room in the apartment upstairs although that is another matter that I need to change soon.  I need to find a place of my own, I think. Nothing fancy, mind you, just a place to call my own and a place where I can escape from the demands of my job for a few hours at least.

I think that what is truly bothering me is that the apartment may be very spacious by some standards, however, having to share it with my boss’s son is another matter.  It never bothered me before and I think that I know what is bothering me now is that he is growing up and becoming very much a man by all standards.  Oh, he’s a mage and normally he is covered from neck to boots in a robe, however, here at the apartment, he tends to be a bit more casual and I find it very distracting to say the least.

Vashlan is much younger than I am,  however, he has physically matured quite a bit in the last year.  He’s always been very studious as a mage often will be, however, he has finally gotten his nose out of the books long enough to see the world for what it is – there are females out there.  No, I’m not going to jump his bones or anything like that.  He definitely has turned out to be a very handsome and alluring young man.

Maybe it’s those green flecked eyes, the way that he smiles or the way that he is always infatuated with his appearance.  After having met my boss’s Sindorei husband, I can see a lot of the sire in Vashlan.  Very handsome indeed.  He is a smaller carbon copy of his older brother, Kal, however, Master Kaldor is very much spoken for even if he hasn’t taken a mate yet.

Oh, Maggie, you’re an evil woman for having these thoughts about this right now.  I guess it really is time for me to find another place to live because with the temptation seeming to be more alluring than ever, I don’t want to give into it. Maybe I’ll take a couple of days off and go visit Lagn in Darnassus, that’s probably what I need to do, get my head cleared of these thoughts and come back and concentrate on my job better.  Oh, these thoughts are not something that I plan on sharing with any others either, I can just well imagine how some of my acquaintances might react, it wouldn’t be too pleasant to be the butt of many jokes and a lot of teasing.

Hmm, I wonder what I should take with me to Darnassus?  Maybe a nice gown in addition to my usual attire and armor.  I know there are several nice places to eat there and I do know a few other people that live in the city – I plan on staying at the Inn because I have no idea what kind of accommodations Lagn might be able to offer since he is relatively a newcomer to the city himself.

Oh well, the change of pace will do me good and I’ll get to be with some of my own kind and age.





Playing As A Casual…

June 23rd

Sorry, haven’t written anything for a couple of days due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling all that great and didn’t play much, then, I started playing again and got all involved in that.

Did a change of pace thing and actually rolled a new character on Sisters of Elune to check out the RP there and to join up with a guild that I had been running and RPing with on Wrymrest.  So far, so good and it feels odd not having all of the conveniences that I have on my home realm to help my newbie out somewhat.   Oh yes, did pull some of my BoA gear off to help the new character out so that he can level faster, that’s what they are for, right? Haven’t had much time for lamping conversations as I am leveling, however, I did notice that with CRZ I am seeing a lot of the same folks that I see on Wrymrest – so, if you see a Fnor running around at a low level with a special character for the “O” in his name, yep, it’s me – Big Fnor is my main character in-game and has always been that since I started playing  – so, yeah, he’s almost ten years old now.  Wow!! Has it really been that long since I got this addiction to this silly game?

Opened the doors a little bit on my Horde guild on Wrymrest and invited in some old friends that were coming back into the game and restarting on Wrymrest.  It’s been fun and I will admit that it does seem strange to actually have people chatting in the guild while I am leveling and doing the things that I do.  I’m all set to run some dungeons with the “new” people in the guild when they get ready to do that sort of thing. The Horde guild “SafeHaven” is truly following its name in the way that it is a good place to just “play” the game and not have the pressures of raiding and all that nonsense – no guild drama either. It’s nice.

Poor Alliance guild is still trotting along and I hope that I will get it to Level 25 before the next expansion drops, however, it does sound like that won’t be happening for quite a while – there’s plenty of time.  All of my Alliance characters are now in that guild on Wrymrest and it is kind of nice having them all grouped together again even if it does get a tad bit lonely at times.  Kaaldor (Kaldor) is the GM again and is my main on the Alliance side.   Haven was actually started almost two years ago now with the help of some friends that have left the game or have moved to other realms, so, yeah, it’s another one of my soloing guilds, which isn’t all that bad.  I still have the opportunity to PUG and to group with people occasionally although I will have to admit that I didn’t get that chance in the last guild that I was in that was “active” – people taking breaks, doing their own thing or whatever, so, all of my toons came “home” to Haven.

One of the things that I enjoy about having most of my characters isolated is the fact that I can actually do some exploring, do silly things that other people might be shocked at – okay, I still like to go to Northrend and skydive into the lake below Dalaran – very rarely do I miss and die. If some poor soul is fishing in the lake I usually make a comment on the order of “Sorry, just dropped in to see how the fishing was here today.”  Usually gets a laugh after they get over the shock of a flying character hitting the lake.

Still working on my 90s and trying to get them as geared as I can for WoD, however, my two mains will be making the trek long before any of the others and I keep that in mind every time I log in.  As for the buff this week, since I hadn’t even started that quest line for the Black Prince, it really does me little to no good.  I don’t have the cape on any of my characters so far, however, I’ll keep plugging away with or without the buff and I just might make it.  So far, Fnor is the only one that is even remotely eligible for LFR and not even remotely close to Flex Raiding (let’s face it, people keep changing the iLevel requirements for it to where you can’t get in the groups – oh well, no biggie, I’ll get there eventually).

I certainly do wish that we had more information about the profession changes in WoD because it really does make me wonder if I am wasting my time in trying to keep up with them on my current stable of 90s.  Everything that I have seen or read so far leads me to believe that a lot of the professions will be absorbed by the Garrisons, which each character must get – it’s not shared, from what I’ve read.   It also reminds me of the “Farm” in Halfhill, I just hope it’s not nearly so grindy.  Of course I’ve seen all of the people on the forums shouting about time-sinks and no flying in WoD and it doesn’t really matter to me, if I find that I enjoy flying more than I am enjoying WoD, guess I’ll be one of the ones that hangs back until I have to play on Draenor.  Am I excited for the new expansion, I’m really not sure because I waffle back and forth with all of the changes forthcoming as well as the news I see on the forums.  I hope that Blizzard will send out more invitations for Alpha or at least give us a chance to try out the Beta if they even have one – I am starting to think that Alpha is the Beta and we’ll be beta testing the game when it goes “live”.  Just my opinion, mind you.

Yes, I am a casual player and will do what I feel like doing because I enjoy it, not because I need to compete with other people. Nope, don’t expect to be carried either because I usually make sure that my characters are geared enough for a specific area before I take them there – dungeons, battle grounds; etc.

Reunited With The One You Love…


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 20th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning with a nice hot cup of coffee, a few cigarettes at my disposal and enjoying the afterglow of being reunited with my wife at long last in Nagrand.  Ah yes, we’ve been trying to slip away for the last couple of months, however, my family and the business has been making it rather difficult for us to find the time to do just that.   I know that I keep making myself promises that we won’t keep staying apart this long and that we will be together more often and it seems like life just has a nasty way of putting roadblocks in our paths as well as our responsibilities.

Oh, sure, Amyn is not too happy that I am still smoking, however, I told her that it was either smoking or drinking and the drinking thing made me do stupid stuff, which she laughed at that one and reminded me that there are times that we’ve both had too much to drink together.  At least I am not smoking the cigarettes that used to drive her almost insane and those were the ones that I still occasionally smoke when I’m alone in Silvermoon – the fel-laced ones that just seem to mellow everything out and take the edge off your emotions.  Of course, I know I have to be extremely careful with those because there was a time that I was almost addicted to them, back when I lived alone in Dalaran.

I really am happy that we built the house here at the little lake in Nagrand. It’s secluded enough that it’s not noticed too often by people as they fly through the area on their mounts and it is big enough to where we can accommodate the family without any trouble at all as well as a few guests.  The exterior blends in with the surroundings, however, the interior is definitely all Blood Elf and Night Elf for comfort and the decor blends together quite nicely.  I do miss the great room we had in Dalaran with the fireplace and mantle that were carved so intricately that you could almost forget that you were not sitting in some palace in Silvermoon.  I miss a lot of the things about the house in Dalaran, however, the chances of some government coming in and overthrowing this area are pretty slim, I’d warrant.

I have to laugh because the master suite is very much like the one in Dalaran, the bed is as big with the same kind of black velvet hangings, sheets and bedspread, however, I did notice that my lovely wife has had some of designs sewn into the canopy that are definitely Kaldorei in origin.  I can’t say that I like the idea of Elune watching what goes on in that bed, she might blush or strike us both with a bolt of lightning.

I am happy that Amyn had Vashlan fix the water supplies so that we have the hot water similar to what we had in Dalaran.  Nothing like a long hot soak in the tub that is big enough for two, black marble, silver amenities.  It’s very luxurious, maybe more so than the one in Dalaran.

My study or office is right off the master bedroom just as it was in Dalaran with a balcony that overlooks the lake and the plains  – it really is beautiful to be able to stand there and look up at the floating islands and at night, the stars are even more beautiful than they were in Dalaran. Amyn has her sitting room on the opposite side of the bedroom and I think it looks remarkably like the one she had made in Dalaran with the Kaldorei furnishings and she also has a small balcony that faces the lake too

So, yeah, I think that Amyn and I did a great job with the house and we didn’t care about the costs either because this is going to be a home for the family for years to come.  I hope it is going to be for years to come, I’ve learned that nothing is truly forever, however, I hope that this house will be around for as long as we want it.

Everyone has their own rooms just like they did before with the exception of the youngsters, they are going to be staying in their suite of rooms together.  I honestly thought that Amyn would have wanted them to be separated, however, she insisted that they share the area.  Who am I to judge her decisions when it comes to the two youngest boys.  Kal has his own room here and let’s just be honest, it’s big enough to accommodate him and Kae when they come to visit and, yes, I did think to add a little bit more space just in case they ever decide to have children.  Vashlan already likes his room and has great plans for putting in more bookcases, however, we’ll see how things work out.

Yes, Vashlan is the only one of the family members that has seen the house since it has been finished and we’ve started planning on being here more often as a family group.  He’s installed the wards and has everything pretty much in shape for us, so, I’m happy and contented with that.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to finally be able to escape from Silvermoon once Zippie got back from her adventurers.  Oh yeah, she definitely needed to get away for a while, however, I think that I almost gave the poor thing a stroke when she got back.  I’m not too keen on paperwork to start with, however, I am great at having organized stacks of paper – you know, current contracts, new and approved contracts and then the ultimate, collections and contracts that I have turned down.  I know exactly where everything is and I don’t see the need nor have the desire to file that stuff.  So, let’s just say that she is going to be filing papers for a while and I did tell her to draft someone or even hire someone to help her in the office.

The business here in Shattrath is just booming.  It seems that there are quite a few people down here that need what we have to offer and they want the services that we can render.  I will admit that I was really surprised at how fast things come in, the employees that we have here are definitely go-getters and they want to make sure that they meet the contract dates even more so than the group in Silvermoon.   With all of the people that came here from Dalaran, I suppose there weren’t that many jobs around for them to do and Morningstar Enterprises has filled part of that gap.  Amyn always laughs when we meet at the warehouse because we still have to be careful how we act there because of the employees, you never know if someone will try to turn us in for being traitors to our political factions, you just never know.  One of these days, I hope, that there will come a time that we can just be ourselves and not have to worry about things concerning factions.  Wouldn’t that be grand, to have peace in Azeroth.

Agatha has  her youngest sister staying with her in Silvermoon for the time being.  Guess the kid wanted to see the big city and she also wanted me to try to talk Agatha and her parents into her becoming a Ranger.  I have no problem in putting in a good word concerning the Rangers, it was a great way for me to make a living for quite a few years.  This is the first time in all the years that Agatha has been with me that she has brought any of her family to stay at the house with her, it seems odd, however, I trust her judgment in things like that.   The girl is absolutely beautiful  even if she has a wild quality to her that kind of reminds me of myself at her age, however, I’m sure that Agatha will be able to keep her in check.  I’m also happy that Dawnglory already has a woman because I have a feeling that he would be all over this girl without much trouble, he does like an attractive woman and this one is definitely not ugly.

Well, I do know that my sister, Faendra , is definitely in Pandaria and is having trouble fitting in with the lifestyle of the Rangers.  Hey, it was her choice to go that route, I could have helped her somewhat, however, I will not tolerate her trying to muck up Dawnglory’s life.  I have gotten several letters from the people that are still in service up there and they have told me that she is quite the little problem child, she hates taking orders and being made to do things that she feels are beneath her.  I did respond to her Commander’s letter and told him to treat her as he would any recruit that wasn’t quite willing to fit in with the rest of the group.  So, I’m sure that Fae is finding the military life a bit hard to fathom.  It was her choice to leave what I had set up for her in Silvermoon and she can deal with what she has now.

I can’t begin to put down in words how I felt when Amyn and I finally got to Nagrand.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could finally just relax.  Just having Amyn with me is like finding that part of myself that always seems to be out of kilter when she isn’t with me.   I know that when I was lying in the bed, holding her in my arms that I felt like we had been “home” here in the new house forever and it was never going to change.

I don’t know exactly how long the two of us will be able to stay here right now because both of us have our hands full with the businesses.   I know I am planning on staying for at least two weeks if not longer and I assume that Amyn is planning the same, she hasn’t said.  I did hint that she ought to bring her parents down here with the boys because I haven’t seen them that much since we left Dalaran and to be quite honest, I miss the kids.  I know I had to laugh at her when she smiled at me and told me that she’d like to spend some time alone with me before we started getting “guests” to come stay for a while.  I have to agree, we do need this time alone too.

Fnor Morningstar





Why Do I Have To Change?

June 18th

Dear Journal,

I am so angry that I could cry and I don’t that anyone would care.  I just got back from getting a dressing down by that peasant of a Commander in Krasarang that told me that I needed to shape up and get with the program with the rest of the Rangers or I could leave.  And…and, the only reason that I haven’t been kicked out yet is because of the fact that I am related to Commander Morningstar and they expected much more from me due to that relationship. I’m not my adopted brother, whatever he is known for is not of my doing and I surely would not be able to come up with his career as a Ranger, get real people!!

So, now I have two weeks to show them that I am truly Ranger material or I will get shipped back to Silvermoon in disgrace.  Yes, I said Silvermoon.  It seems that my brother has been writing to some of his friends here in Krasarang and if I happen to wash out, I will be returned to his “custody” – what the heck does that mean, I’m a woman fully grown and I sure don’t need to be escorted back to Silvermoon in shame and to be married off to some fop there. With the current situation being what it is with my brother and I, I don’t think that it would be a good idea.

I thought about packing up my stuff and heading out on my own, however, I found out what the penalties are for desertion and I don’t think that is something that I want to endure.  Prison for years, possible hard labor and then, the final one was a real curtailment – “in times of war, a deserter will be tried and sentenced to death” – well, I think we’re still at war, so, that’s not an option.

I’ve gotten myself into a fine mess and I have no one to fall back on for support.  I can’t ask my brother to help because of the way that I left and I owe him quite a bit of money, not to mention, I am not going to apologize for running away and trying to find the man that I love in this Light Forsaken place either.

I was told that I needed to adjust my attitude towards my comrades and start doing my share of the menial chores and if that means cleaning the latrines, so be it, do it and don’t make a fuss about it because it is beneath me – which it is.  I am supposed to be cooperative with my commanders and I am supposed to make friends with the other Rangers in order to build better team cohesion.  Well, okay, I can fake being friends, that’s not the problem, however, this cooperation thing is going to take some work and I don’t see why I have to do it.  It’s like they are trying to make an example of me and I think that is unfair.

Well, I do know that I am tired of not getting any time off so that I can go to the Valley of Four Winds and try to find Dawnglory.  If I do what I am supposed to do and cooperate with everyone and everything, I should get some time off next week – I plan on getting two days off so I can get to the Valley and look around.  I have visited the place, that Halfhill place once since my arrival but it was such a quick trip, I couldn’t find out anything at all and I was with a group of other Rangers picking up supplies.  I thought I saw that woman of Dawnglory’s, however, I’m not sure but she had a brat in her arms that I might assume is theirs. I’ve never met her before, I can only go by the descriptions of the red hair, wide hips and the fact that she used to be a Ranger before she bought her way out with Dawnglory and she works for my brother now too.

I don’t think that I need to really “change” the way that I think or how I feel about things, I just have to learn how to mask my feelings a bit more.  Now, I have to suck up to these other girls and make them think that I was just in a bad mood all of this time and that I am really friendly.  Oh, I don’t know how well that is going to work out either because I have been pretty nasty to a couple of the more popular ones that live in my tent. I know that I am on a totally different social plane than most of these people and I resent having to step down to their level, which is something I would never do in Silvermoon.  I know I have the breeding and I did have the wealth to back me up when I was living on Fnor’s money, now, I have to make do with what I was able to scrounge and what I make as a Ranger, which is next to nothing.

I think that I saw one of the Forsaken that works for my brother snooping around the camp today and I did all that I could to avoid her.  Also, I have seen Felaran’s boyfriend here too.  What is this place, the central gathering spot for people that want to check out other people?  If Ty finds out that I am here, I’m sure that he will tell Felaran and then the trouble will really start because I know her temper and she won’t be pleased that I have lied and cheated my way to Pandaria to begin with.

Faendra Morningstar


I Made It…With Some Minor Complications

June 17th

Dear Journal,

Well, I finally made it to Pandaria and I must say that I am exhausted even if I am already dead. I can’t tell if Hazey is really all that happy to see me, however, you never know with her because she can be a real sourpuss. I guess that she is a bit miffed that I didn’t send her word that I was on my way because she apparently made a trip to Orgrimmar only to find out that I was gone and the locks had been changed on the house, which she got the new key from the landlord, so, it shouldn’t have really mattered I guess.

I honestly don’t understand her sometimes, however, she was like this before the plague and we died.  She always thought that everyone should be able to read her mind and know what she was doing and we should act accordingly.  I couldn’t do it then and I sure can’t do it now.  Oh well.

At least she was at home when I finally made my way to Halfhill.  What a journey it was to begin with and then to have to tromp through the Jade Forest with a bunch of Rangers that kept insisting that I follow orders.  I’m not in the Rangers, or at least I wasn’t in the Rangers when I left Orgrimmar and I haven’t signed any papers or anything of that nature. Sure there were some dangerous spots to go through what with the wildlife wanting to eat your face and sometimes we ran into some overzealous Alliance folks that really didn’t want us passing through their area.   I have some embroidery that I am going to have to start all over again too because some idiot shot my bag and the arrow tore my cloth and design.  I almost cried.  I can at least mend the bag a bit so that it won’t look like it came from some throw-away place like they have in Orgrimmar – used equipment, bags and the like.

It was very exciting seeing Pandaria for the first time, I never dreamed that it was going to be so large and I have only seen just a small portion of it so far.  I know that the fellow that was in charge of the Rangers was getting a bit upset with me because I just kept asking him I couldn’t get transportation to Halfhill, I wasn’t really into this hiking, fighting and camping thing at all.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and said a few choice words which I took as a “no”  to my requests. I was with these people for five days, no wonder all of my belongings go delivered to Hazey’s house before I got there and I didn’t even see a mailbox where I could drop a letter mailed off to tell her – not to mention, I might have gotten shot or something if I wanted to stop long enough to write a letter.  I hope I’m not in the Rangers because I have no intentions of going back to that sort of stuff – the very idea of having to sleep in those tents with all of those people and the constant chattering, bickering and let’s not forget about the hair, constant brushing of hair and the girls were constantly fighting with each other over which fellow was the best looking in the group.  Frankly, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get to my destination as soon as possible.

We finally found a town called Dawn’s Blossom or something like that.  It wasn’t a town but it was the closest that I had seen that might be called a town and wasn’t just a collection of huts and such.  The fellow in charge told all of us that we had a couple of days off and we were to report back to the place at the end of that time – I’m not reporting back to anything, I’m not a Ranger. I hope I’m not a Ranger, how do I find out if I got drafted or something without my knowledge.   I did sign the thing, a kind of contract thing,  before I got on the ship that said I was loyal to the Horde and bunch of other things and I did take the Oath to uphold the Horde – I had to do that or they wouldn’t let me on the boat.  They didn’t give me any new weapons or gear or anything, so, I’m just using what I had brought with me that I thought I might need while I’m in Pandaria.   I’ll have to get Hazey to check on this for me because I don’t want to go back to that group.

All of my material and patterns arrived before I did and at least Hazey put them in a place where they wouldn’t get wet, even if it was under the house which is kind of damp but not enough to where it would damage anything, I’ll move it all into the house later today to make sure.

I think Hazey was kind of happy to see me, she even made some food for us and I will admit that I thought it was amazing.  I haven’t ever had anything like tiger steak before,  the noodles were wonderful, she said that they were things that she could buy at the market place fairly easy since it isn’t that far from the farm.   The house looks very nice even if it is rather small and cramped for the two of us, however, I think that we’ll do okay, or I hope we will.

Hazey said the new Morningstar warehouse will be opening in a couple of weeks so we won’t have to make the trip back to Silvermoon or rely on the mail to get our stuff to Zippie and get our money.  I’m happy to hear that, although, I will have to go back to Silvermoon to see some of my customers and do the final fittings on a couple of robes that I hadn’t finished before I left.

She asked me about my trip her and I told her what had happened with the Rangers and that I was afraid I might be one and all she did was shake her head.  I didn’t have a copy of the document that I had signed, so, she is going to go to the Ranger camp in Krasarang to see if they have record of me as being a recruit.  She asked me what the ship looked like and how many people were on it and I told her and she told me that I had taken a troop transport, not a civilian ship and the papers that I signed were probably enlistment papers of some kind.  Now, I feel like a fool, however, I don’t want to go back to the Rangers and I voiced my concern over it.  Hazey said that she would get in touch with Zippie and let her know what happened and we can get a letter from Mr. Morningstar that would get me out of it, maybe.

Well, at least I can stay here at the farm for a few days and kind of hide out if the Rangers start looking for me. I’m not a soldier kind of girl, I am not even that great of a shot with my gun either, that’s why Hazey got so mad at me in Orgrimmar.  I like to sew and I like to do my enchanting from a nice comfortable place, not out in the jungle.  Oh, I hope we can get this fixed.




Just Waiting For Someone…

June 16th

Dear Journal,

Well, I guess my sister is up to her “surprises” again and I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I had decided that I needed to take a trip to Orgrimmar to pay the rent for a few more months so that she could stay there without having to worry about that and to head over to Silvermoon to turn in my stock and get my money for that from Zippie. I was also going to check on her status as to how soon she thought she would want to make the trip to Pandaria.

I got to the house and it was locked up and the locks had been changed.  Naturally, I went over to see the landlord and he told me that my sister had the locks changed, however, he did have the keys and was kind enough to give me one.  He also told me that she left yesterday to join me in Pandaria.  Well, I guess she didn’t need my money to help her get there, right.  Of course, I knew that she was working herself to death, for the second and final time maybe, so that she could get up there and she is on her way already.  At least she left the house in good shape, it was all cleaned up and I could tell she had been at her handy work because there were curtains on the kitchen window, all girly and stuff.

I did go ahead and head over to Silvermoon via the Zep and portal to Silvermoon to see Zippie.  I guess that Zippie has been in Pandaria for a while too, however, she is back doing her job as per usual.  It does sound like she had a good time and I do wish that I had known that she was there because I would have enjoyed her company and would have been happy to show her around a little bit too. I was real happy to leave my products at the warehouse and to walk out of there with a full pouch of gold too.  That’s always a good feeling and I headed to the bank to put the majority of it away.

Of course, I know that I know that it is going to take some adjustment on my part to get used to her being in Pandaria and living with me for a while because she really does like to keep things neat and in order and I’m not one to care all that much.  Naturally, I’m sure that she will want to give the place a good cleaning when she gets here and I will welcome that too because I’m not tall that domestic these days – just haven’t been interested in it.   At least I have some new furniture and the stove works real well – the house doesn’t leak and I think that we will have plenty of room to live there without bumping into one another all of the time.

Her coming up here will be nice even if it means that I will have to be careful about walking around barefoot in the house for a while because when she gets into one of sewing moods, she usually has pins scattered all over the floor.  Okay, I may have bony feet, however, that doesn’t mean that they like being pin cushions either.

I really am kind of sad that she had left Orgrimmar already because I had planned on spending a couple of days there and now I’ve rushed back to Halfhill and she’s not here yet although when I did arrive there were several boxes on the front steps, I stored those under the house so that they wouldn’t get rained on and possibly ruin what was inside though.   Guess I’ll just hang around the farm until she shows up and then chew her out for not letting me know she was coming – it would have been nice to have something special for her on her first night here.  I do know how to cook somewhat and I can still go to the market and get some things to make a welcoming meal, if I only knew what time she was going to get here.





Happy Father’s Day….and dreams

June 15th

First of all, Happy Father’s Day  to all the Dad’s out there!!


I will admit that I haven’t been playing very much the last few days because to be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well physically which usually affects my mood somewhat, so, rather than go into the game and possibly not reacting well to certain things, I just don’t log in.

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning because I was dreaming about my Tauren Death Knight in World of Warcraft. No, I haven’t gone completely around the bend, however, I haven’t been playing that particular character very much in the last few days and he has always been one of my “favorites” because he happens to be one that I have some sentimental attachment too.  Anyway, long story short, in the dream this DK was in the Jade Forest outside of Dawn Blossom doing the quests in the area – the one where the little kid wants all the cubs rescued and put an end to the jade tigers and the witch there.  The DK was going about his business of taking care of that, however, the little Pandaren girl had disappeared at some point as he headed to the witches house.

I guess I thought it was odd that there were no statues in the yard, however, there were layers of skeletons in the yard.  There was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting next to the door seemingly AFK and the witch was coming out the door with the “bubble” above her head so that I could talk to her and end her miserable life – well, she suddenly disappeared before I could click on the button.  The druid had disappeared as well.   My thought was that there was someone in the area ganking the NPCs, which is annoying as all get out, however, it does happen.  So, I wandered around a bit in the forest, found a couple of nodes, mined those, and figured that the gankers had probably gotten bored by that time and headed back to the questing area.  Same scenario all over again, witch disappears, druid cat disappears and there are still no statues in the yard, just skeletons.

I wasn’t angry, just getting irritated because someone was hindering my progression in the game and was probably doing the same thing for others, it’s rare that you’re the only one in the area especially in Pandaria.   Anyway, I woke up from a very sound sleep with this dream bouncing around in my head and proceeded to get out of bed and head up to my loft to the computers.   I didn’t log into the game right away, I read some blogs, read the forums to see if there was anything worthwhile there – there is rarely anything insightful or positive about the game on the forums, however, with some of the bleed-over from the “alpha testing” starting to appear there, it’s always interesting to see what the latest hot button happens to be.   I was determined that I was not going to log into the game that early in the morning because I would get sucked in and wouldn’t go back to sleep, which I had planned on doing.

I finally surrendered to my desires of logging in, just because I wanted to see if I had dreamed something that was really happening to my DK.  LOL, yeah, I know I ‘m weird but I have fun.  I logged in the DK and flew from the Vale back to the area that this dream was taking place.   Sure enough, the DK was well past that point in the questing to begin with, however, I just wanted to make sure – it isn’t often that I have a dream as vivid as this one was.  Went to the witch’s house, no skeletons in the yard, no witch and no statues.  However, there was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting on the porch in the same spot as it had appeared in my dream.  I looked up on my screen to check out the name – I still use Carbonite in the game sometimes and there was no name listed for the druid, however, there were several names with classes  listed in the “punk” list.  Let’s just say that I hastily decamped the area and moved on about my business and felt some relief that it had only been a dream, even if it did wake me up feeling irritated.

I suppose the whole thing meant that I needed a WoW fix or something, however, I am sitting here still chuckling at myself as to how I couldn’t get rid of the feeling until I logged into the game and went to check it out.  I suppose it has to do with some of the things that I had been reading on forums in regard to WPvP and the removal of one of the “toys” or at least the nerfing of said item.  Weird how that all translated into a dream.


Fun Times At the Faire

June 13th

Yo Book!!

I never knew that the Faire could be as much fun as it was this last time because Romy and I took Mirren with us.  It was her first Faire and she was about to twist her little head off trying to take in all of the sights and sounds.  I’ll admit that by taking her with us, it gave both of us a fresh look at the place through her eyes.   You know how it is, you take things for granted over the years, however, when you’re seeing it for the first time it’s all new and exciting.

I have to laugh because Mirren has turned into quite the chatterbox and is constantly chattering away about things.  I may not be able to understand exactly what she is trying to communicate but her facial expressions let me know the seriousness of the matter that has grasped her little mind for the moment.  I love to hear her laughter and enjoy her constant finger pointing and shouts of  “Sheeeee” with that crooked finger pointing in the general direction of what she wants us to look at.

When she wasn’t riding in the sling that Romy uses to carry her, she was in my arms and I swear she was squirming as hard as she could to be put down, however, she wasn’t successful with that until we went down on the beach for a few minutes.  Naturally, her attention was caught by the crabs down there and luckily she only got her hair pulled by one when she tried to grab it. She was fascinated with the sand because of how white it is and how it glistens in the sunlight that peeks through now again, however, her real big fascination was with the water.  She’s definitely my child with her love of the water and I was staying on my toes and trying to keep her from getting too deep.  Of course, I don’t think that Romy was too happy with having a soggy baby handed back to her afterwards.    Naturally, I did carry her out a little ways and held her on her stomach while she splashed around, I think she has some natural swimming ability, however, I wasn’t about to test that out with crowds of people around.

I’ll admit that I acted the fool a few times at the Faire, just to make Mirren laugh.  I know that I felt fucking awful when I took the canon ride and flew past Romy and Mirren’s upturned faces and heard Mirren’s screams over the noise of the air whooshing by my ears as I few through the air.  I know that I trotted back up to where I had left them and held the sobbing little girl in my arms, even if I was soaking wet, to let her know that her Daddy was okay and wasn’t going away.   I hope it didn’t traumatize her too much because I would like to take her on the ride when she gets older.

There is nothing more heartwarming to me with Mirren as when she is getting tired and she lays that little golden haired head against my shoulder, thumb in her mouth, fingers grasping her nose as she tries to snuggle closer to my chest in my arms.  I always feel this wash of feeling pass through my body as I hold her in my arms and I always give thanks to the Light and whatever other entities out there that Romy and I have created such a beautiful little creature.  Yep, I’m a proud Poppa and I don’t give a fuck what anyone might think about the changes in my life, I’m happy and I hope that Romy is too – there isn’t a  doubt in my mind that Mirren is happy, you can see it in her face every time she looks at the two of us.

I guess I can fucking honestly say that I had the best time at the Faire than I have had in a very long time.  It’s always a shock to me how I can look at things differently when Mirren is around.  It’s like seeing things for the very first time all over again.  Romy and I took her down to the Zoo area and it was fun watching her little eyes pop as she looked at all of the different animals, the only time that she seemed alarmed was when she saw the big cats caged up in their paddock and her little lip starting trembling and her eyes filled with tears – guess she likes her “kitties” as she calls them.  We stepped away from that part real fast because there is nothing fun about a heartbroken crying little girl.  I guess Romy and I can really realize how much our pets have affected our little girl – she loves them.

Yes, the Faire is neutral territory and there aren’t supposed to be any disputes there between the factions, however, there were a couple of humans that were about to find out how fucking nasty a Blood Elf can be when they started following us around smacking their lips  and making rude gestures towards Romy.  I know that Romy is a very attractive woman and her figure has filled out a bit more since she gave birth to Mirren and these fellows were definitely getting their eyes full at every opportunity.  I don’t think that Romy noticed the leering but I did.  I know that when Romy was nursing the baby, I made damned sure that these fellows kept their distance and blocked their view as best I could. That was the only dark shadow on our day though, which was a wonderful thing, it didn’t spoil our good time.

I know that it was good when we got home because poor little Mirren was glassy eyed with exhaustion but she kept fighting sleep until her Mother put her in her sleep clothes and laid her in her bed and it was like she just suddenly dropped off into a deep sleep.  One exhausted baby.

Romy and I stumbled around and fed the animals before we headed to bed ourselves.  I’ll admit that I was feeling a bit amorous and happy from or day’s adventures.  So, we did what came naturally only I think that we weren’t quite as rowdy as we normally are with it.  Fell sound asleep in each other’s arms and I can speak for myself, I was one happy man and very contented with my family.

I’ll admit that I am still tired this morning even as I write this and might go back to bed for a while.  I’ve already had some coffee and it just hasn’t kicked in enough to make me want to keep my eyes open.   I know that my two girls are still sound asleep and if Mirren does happen to wake up, I’ll change her diapers and put her in bed with Romy and I, she will usually fall back asleep pretty quickly too.

I’m just happy that we all had such a great time at the Faire, we needed that.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria