OOC – What’s Going On

June 11th

Well, I’ve just been too busy to write for the last few days due to the fact that I made a decision and acted on it in-game.  Yep, I still had a few stray characters out there that weren’t in my personal guilds and I decided to move them back “home” after a year away. I will miss some of the people in the guild that I was in, however, the guild itself has been quite dormant the last couple of months without much activity from other members.  To be exact, 95% of the time I was the only one on-line in the guild no matter what time of the day or night.    It was a royal pain in the bum to get them back to “exalted” in the guild especially when they have done all of the quests in Pandaria – that meant doing a ton of dailies.

While I was getting my Alliance main back to exalted again in his home guild, I had to venture back into some areas for dailies that I had almost forgotten about and realized that I had truly enjoyed those areas. Oh, I’ve boosted a few characters to avoid going through the leveling process, however, I am finding that I really do enjoy the leveling.  When you hit cap, it’s more grinding to make sure you have the gear, going back and getting rep built up is a chore when you’re a 90.  Let’s just say that I hope to get my Alliance guild to Level 25 before WoD drops.  Yep, still soloing the game as usual.  It’s not that I am anti-social, I just feel better when I’m not in someone’s hip -pocket and learning all about what they do or feel about things in RL.   I do enjoy running in groups sometimes and enjoy the social aspects of the game when I chance upon them.

So, to make a long story short, I think that I am going to stick with the leveling on the majority of my alts now.   I do have a few of them wandering around and I play a lot.  I always find places that I don’t think that I have been on my lowbies, usually I’ll remember I did this quest chain years ago after a while.

One of the reasons that I tend to have a lot of alts is that when I am writing and a “new” character crops up, chances are that I will roll that character in-game in order to get inside their little heads to see how they would react to certain things. Of course, being on an RP realm, there isn’t the pressure to level up every single character that you have at a mad dash pace – to borrow a saying from the Pandaren “Slow Down – life is to be savored”  or something like that.  I already have an army of 90s to deal with, however, there are just times that I want to play the old content to my heart’s content.

I am sitting here kind of chuckling at the moment because I have seen a couple of things in-game that make me shake my head and wonder at things.  Yesterday, in example,  I was in Krasarang doing the fishing dailies and watched  a dwarf shaman go into the village and kill everything he could – well, that happened to be one of the areas that you had to go too in order to accomplish one of the dailies.  I sat here watching this fellow thinking that he was trying to get his daily done as well, however, I thought it was rather odd that he would tag everything in the village to do it.  Not only would he have a mob surrounding him, he would tag anything that spawned in the area as well.   I finally spoke up and told him that there were people in the area trying to do dailies and his greed was prohibiting productive game play for others.   I really expected to get one of the typical answers and snide comments, however, this fellow replied that he was sorry and how many more of the villagers did I need to kill and grouped with me.   Of course, he was killing everything in sight and I was still trying to get my daily done.

Okay, that was yesterday morning, quite early.  Later in the day, actually late at night, I logged in on one of my Horde characters to do the Halfhill dailies.  Not a problem, I don’t mind doing dailies at odd times when it’s not quite so crowded.   Lo and behold, there was the same dwarf shaman from my early morning adventures killing all of the goats on the mountain.  Okay, that wasn’t part of the daily quest and it didn’t interfere with what I was doing for the most part, however, it did make me question what and why the fellow was doing this.   He wasn’t skinning, just looting the kills and off to the next mob that he could gather up and kill.  There were some delighted skinners that were following him around and skinning, both Horde and Alliance.   I know that he can sell whatever loot he might get from the kills and might show a profit on it – yes, I did check to see what level he was and he was capped, so, I can only make the assumption that he was just killing mobs where he could gather them up easily for the loot.  It just struck me as odd.


2 thoughts on “OOC – What’s Going On

  1. He may have been farming with one of the potions of luck. You get extra loot in lootable chests with the buff active. The best way to use it is in an area with lots of mobs and high respawn, and not too many people.

  2. Actually didn’t even think about that potion either and I have a couple of shaman. LOL, well, just thought the poor fellow had gone daft in-game or something. Thanks for giving the info. 😀

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