Fun Times At the Faire

June 13th

Yo Book!!

I never knew that the Faire could be as much fun as it was this last time because Romy and I took Mirren with us.  It was her first Faire and she was about to twist her little head off trying to take in all of the sights and sounds.  I’ll admit that by taking her with us, it gave both of us a fresh look at the place through her eyes.   You know how it is, you take things for granted over the years, however, when you’re seeing it for the first time it’s all new and exciting.

I have to laugh because Mirren has turned into quite the chatterbox and is constantly chattering away about things.  I may not be able to understand exactly what she is trying to communicate but her facial expressions let me know the seriousness of the matter that has grasped her little mind for the moment.  I love to hear her laughter and enjoy her constant finger pointing and shouts of  “Sheeeee” with that crooked finger pointing in the general direction of what she wants us to look at.

When she wasn’t riding in the sling that Romy uses to carry her, she was in my arms and I swear she was squirming as hard as she could to be put down, however, she wasn’t successful with that until we went down on the beach for a few minutes.  Naturally, her attention was caught by the crabs down there and luckily she only got her hair pulled by one when she tried to grab it. She was fascinated with the sand because of how white it is and how it glistens in the sunlight that peeks through now again, however, her real big fascination was with the water.  She’s definitely my child with her love of the water and I was staying on my toes and trying to keep her from getting too deep.  Of course, I don’t think that Romy was too happy with having a soggy baby handed back to her afterwards.    Naturally, I did carry her out a little ways and held her on her stomach while she splashed around, I think she has some natural swimming ability, however, I wasn’t about to test that out with crowds of people around.

I’ll admit that I acted the fool a few times at the Faire, just to make Mirren laugh.  I know that I felt fucking awful when I took the canon ride and flew past Romy and Mirren’s upturned faces and heard Mirren’s screams over the noise of the air whooshing by my ears as I few through the air.  I know that I trotted back up to where I had left them and held the sobbing little girl in my arms, even if I was soaking wet, to let her know that her Daddy was okay and wasn’t going away.   I hope it didn’t traumatize her too much because I would like to take her on the ride when she gets older.

There is nothing more heartwarming to me with Mirren as when she is getting tired and she lays that little golden haired head against my shoulder, thumb in her mouth, fingers grasping her nose as she tries to snuggle closer to my chest in my arms.  I always feel this wash of feeling pass through my body as I hold her in my arms and I always give thanks to the Light and whatever other entities out there that Romy and I have created such a beautiful little creature.  Yep, I’m a proud Poppa and I don’t give a fuck what anyone might think about the changes in my life, I’m happy and I hope that Romy is too – there isn’t a  doubt in my mind that Mirren is happy, you can see it in her face every time she looks at the two of us.

I guess I can fucking honestly say that I had the best time at the Faire than I have had in a very long time.  It’s always a shock to me how I can look at things differently when Mirren is around.  It’s like seeing things for the very first time all over again.  Romy and I took her down to the Zoo area and it was fun watching her little eyes pop as she looked at all of the different animals, the only time that she seemed alarmed was when she saw the big cats caged up in their paddock and her little lip starting trembling and her eyes filled with tears – guess she likes her “kitties” as she calls them.  We stepped away from that part real fast because there is nothing fun about a heartbroken crying little girl.  I guess Romy and I can really realize how much our pets have affected our little girl – she loves them.

Yes, the Faire is neutral territory and there aren’t supposed to be any disputes there between the factions, however, there were a couple of humans that were about to find out how fucking nasty a Blood Elf can be when they started following us around smacking their lips  and making rude gestures towards Romy.  I know that Romy is a very attractive woman and her figure has filled out a bit more since she gave birth to Mirren and these fellows were definitely getting their eyes full at every opportunity.  I don’t think that Romy noticed the leering but I did.  I know that when Romy was nursing the baby, I made damned sure that these fellows kept their distance and blocked their view as best I could. That was the only dark shadow on our day though, which was a wonderful thing, it didn’t spoil our good time.

I know that it was good when we got home because poor little Mirren was glassy eyed with exhaustion but she kept fighting sleep until her Mother put her in her sleep clothes and laid her in her bed and it was like she just suddenly dropped off into a deep sleep.  One exhausted baby.

Romy and I stumbled around and fed the animals before we headed to bed ourselves.  I’ll admit that I was feeling a bit amorous and happy from or day’s adventures.  So, we did what came naturally only I think that we weren’t quite as rowdy as we normally are with it.  Fell sound asleep in each other’s arms and I can speak for myself, I was one happy man and very contented with my family.

I’ll admit that I am still tired this morning even as I write this and might go back to bed for a while.  I’ve already had some coffee and it just hasn’t kicked in enough to make me want to keep my eyes open.   I know that my two girls are still sound asleep and if Mirren does happen to wake up, I’ll change her diapers and put her in bed with Romy and I, she will usually fall back asleep pretty quickly too.

I’m just happy that we all had such a great time at the Faire, we needed that.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


2 thoughts on “Fun Times At the Faire

  1. LOL, I think Romy is used to having a soggy baby, as she has to keep her out of the wash bucket, when she’s trying to mop the floors. She’s gotten into a habit of carrying extra changes of dry clothing , because their little girl does love the water. Having been around animals all her life, she is learning to feel empathy for them at a young age,so it was a shock to her , to see animals penned up when she’s used to seeing them out free. Once she gets used to seeing her dad flying through the air a few times,and understanding its only a ride,she will most likely get over her fear..Great read, it’s always fun to read Fnar posts.. they never fail to make me giggle.

  2. Fnar has definitely turned into a family man and there isn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for his girls. He would probably have Mirren spoiled rotten if it weren’t for Romy stepping in now and then. It’s always fun to write about this family group.

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