Happy Father’s Day….and dreams

June 15th

First of all, Happy Father’s Day  to all the Dad’s out there!!


I will admit that I haven’t been playing very much the last few days because to be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well physically which usually affects my mood somewhat, so, rather than go into the game and possibly not reacting well to certain things, I just don’t log in.

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning because I was dreaming about my Tauren Death Knight in World of Warcraft. No, I haven’t gone completely around the bend, however, I haven’t been playing that particular character very much in the last few days and he has always been one of my “favorites” because he happens to be one that I have some sentimental attachment too.  Anyway, long story short, in the dream this DK was in the Jade Forest outside of Dawn Blossom doing the quests in the area – the one where the little kid wants all the cubs rescued and put an end to the jade tigers and the witch there.  The DK was going about his business of taking care of that, however, the little Pandaren girl had disappeared at some point as he headed to the witches house.

I guess I thought it was odd that there were no statues in the yard, however, there were layers of skeletons in the yard.  There was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting next to the door seemingly AFK and the witch was coming out the door with the “bubble” above her head so that I could talk to her and end her miserable life – well, she suddenly disappeared before I could click on the button.  The druid had disappeared as well.   My thought was that there was someone in the area ganking the NPCs, which is annoying as all get out, however, it does happen.  So, I wandered around a bit in the forest, found a couple of nodes, mined those, and figured that the gankers had probably gotten bored by that time and headed back to the questing area.  Same scenario all over again, witch disappears, druid cat disappears and there are still no statues in the yard, just skeletons.

I wasn’t angry, just getting irritated because someone was hindering my progression in the game and was probably doing the same thing for others, it’s rare that you’re the only one in the area especially in Pandaria.   Anyway, I woke up from a very sound sleep with this dream bouncing around in my head and proceeded to get out of bed and head up to my loft to the computers.   I didn’t log into the game right away, I read some blogs, read the forums to see if there was anything worthwhile there – there is rarely anything insightful or positive about the game on the forums, however, with some of the bleed-over from the “alpha testing” starting to appear there, it’s always interesting to see what the latest hot button happens to be.   I was determined that I was not going to log into the game that early in the morning because I would get sucked in and wouldn’t go back to sleep, which I had planned on doing.

I finally surrendered to my desires of logging in, just because I wanted to see if I had dreamed something that was really happening to my DK.  LOL, yeah, I know I ‘m weird but I have fun.  I logged in the DK and flew from the Vale back to the area that this dream was taking place.   Sure enough, the DK was well past that point in the questing to begin with, however, I just wanted to make sure – it isn’t often that I have a dream as vivid as this one was.  Went to the witch’s house, no skeletons in the yard, no witch and no statues.  However, there was an Alliance druid in cat form sitting on the porch in the same spot as it had appeared in my dream.  I looked up on my screen to check out the name – I still use Carbonite in the game sometimes and there was no name listed for the druid, however, there were several names with classes  listed in the “punk” list.  Let’s just say that I hastily decamped the area and moved on about my business and felt some relief that it had only been a dream, even if it did wake me up feeling irritated.

I suppose the whole thing meant that I needed a WoW fix or something, however, I am sitting here still chuckling at myself as to how I couldn’t get rid of the feeling until I logged into the game and went to check it out.  I suppose it has to do with some of the things that I had been reading on forums in regard to WPvP and the removal of one of the “toys” or at least the nerfing of said item.  Weird how that all translated into a dream.


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day….and dreams

  1. I k now the feeling , I haven’t been feeling all that hot myself., spent the last couple of days, trying to recover from a Viral infection that both hubby and I have..now our older daughter has it .

    • I think that part of my problem is that my skylight is still broken and I get zero natural light up there these days. I’m one of those people that has to have x number of hours of sunlight or they get out of kilter. I suppose that means that I should go sit out on the patio for a while today when it gets warm enough and soak up some sun.

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