Playing As A Casual…

June 23rd

Sorry, haven’t written anything for a couple of days due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling all that great and didn’t play much, then, I started playing again and got all involved in that.

Did a change of pace thing and actually rolled a new character on Sisters of Elune to check out the RP there and to join up with a guild that I had been running and RPing with on Wrymrest.  So far, so good and it feels odd not having all of the conveniences that I have on my home realm to help my newbie out somewhat.   Oh yes, did pull some of my BoA gear off to help the new character out so that he can level faster, that’s what they are for, right? Haven’t had much time for lamping conversations as I am leveling, however, I did notice that with CRZ I am seeing a lot of the same folks that I see on Wrymrest – so, if you see a Fnor running around at a low level with a special character for the “O” in his name, yep, it’s me – Big Fnor is my main character in-game and has always been that since I started playing  – so, yeah, he’s almost ten years old now.  Wow!! Has it really been that long since I got this addiction to this silly game?

Opened the doors a little bit on my Horde guild on Wrymrest and invited in some old friends that were coming back into the game and restarting on Wrymrest.  It’s been fun and I will admit that it does seem strange to actually have people chatting in the guild while I am leveling and doing the things that I do.  I’m all set to run some dungeons with the “new” people in the guild when they get ready to do that sort of thing. The Horde guild “SafeHaven” is truly following its name in the way that it is a good place to just “play” the game and not have the pressures of raiding and all that nonsense – no guild drama either. It’s nice.

Poor Alliance guild is still trotting along and I hope that I will get it to Level 25 before the next expansion drops, however, it does sound like that won’t be happening for quite a while – there’s plenty of time.  All of my Alliance characters are now in that guild on Wrymrest and it is kind of nice having them all grouped together again even if it does get a tad bit lonely at times.  Kaaldor (Kaldor) is the GM again and is my main on the Alliance side.   Haven was actually started almost two years ago now with the help of some friends that have left the game or have moved to other realms, so, yeah, it’s another one of my soloing guilds, which isn’t all that bad.  I still have the opportunity to PUG and to group with people occasionally although I will have to admit that I didn’t get that chance in the last guild that I was in that was “active” – people taking breaks, doing their own thing or whatever, so, all of my toons came “home” to Haven.

One of the things that I enjoy about having most of my characters isolated is the fact that I can actually do some exploring, do silly things that other people might be shocked at – okay, I still like to go to Northrend and skydive into the lake below Dalaran – very rarely do I miss and die. If some poor soul is fishing in the lake I usually make a comment on the order of “Sorry, just dropped in to see how the fishing was here today.”  Usually gets a laugh after they get over the shock of a flying character hitting the lake.

Still working on my 90s and trying to get them as geared as I can for WoD, however, my two mains will be making the trek long before any of the others and I keep that in mind every time I log in.  As for the buff this week, since I hadn’t even started that quest line for the Black Prince, it really does me little to no good.  I don’t have the cape on any of my characters so far, however, I’ll keep plugging away with or without the buff and I just might make it.  So far, Fnor is the only one that is even remotely eligible for LFR and not even remotely close to Flex Raiding (let’s face it, people keep changing the iLevel requirements for it to where you can’t get in the groups – oh well, no biggie, I’ll get there eventually).

I certainly do wish that we had more information about the profession changes in WoD because it really does make me wonder if I am wasting my time in trying to keep up with them on my current stable of 90s.  Everything that I have seen or read so far leads me to believe that a lot of the professions will be absorbed by the Garrisons, which each character must get – it’s not shared, from what I’ve read.   It also reminds me of the “Farm” in Halfhill, I just hope it’s not nearly so grindy.  Of course I’ve seen all of the people on the forums shouting about time-sinks and no flying in WoD and it doesn’t really matter to me, if I find that I enjoy flying more than I am enjoying WoD, guess I’ll be one of the ones that hangs back until I have to play on Draenor.  Am I excited for the new expansion, I’m really not sure because I waffle back and forth with all of the changes forthcoming as well as the news I see on the forums.  I hope that Blizzard will send out more invitations for Alpha or at least give us a chance to try out the Beta if they even have one – I am starting to think that Alpha is the Beta and we’ll be beta testing the game when it goes “live”.  Just my opinion, mind you.

Yes, I am a casual player and will do what I feel like doing because I enjoy it, not because I need to compete with other people. Nope, don’t expect to be carried either because I usually make sure that my characters are geared enough for a specific area before I take them there – dungeons, battle grounds; etc.

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