Duty Calls…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


July 2nd

Dear Journal,

Damn it all to Hades!!  Well, the rumor mills have been grinding away again, I can see.  It seems that times are not going to settle down and we’re not going to see the peace that we all wanted anytime soon.  I know that I was planning on spending the rest of my days running my business and enjoying my family, maybe even bouncing a grandchild on my knee, however, that doesn’t appear as though that it is going to happen.

I’ve been called before the Regent Lord and he told me that my services are extremely valuable in what I am doing right now, however, he feels that I should prepare myself, my business and my family for things that may be coming in the future because my services as a Ranger Commander may be needed, yet again. I’m getting too damned old for this stuff, however, if my  rank is reinstated, then, I must do as I was told because of the oath that I took – no, not to the Horde, however, my oath is to the Regent Lord and Silvermoon.  Now, I have been instructed to meet with the Ambassadors from Orgrimmar that apparently have contacted the Regent.

No time to really sit here and write today, just needed to get this off my chest so I won’t explode in Orgrimmar.  I also need to break the news to Zippie that she might have to be strapped to a desk for a while if I am called up.

Fnor Morningstar


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