The Joys of Family Life…

* Warning – some swearing and explicit descriptions – please do not read if you’re easily offended.*




July 9th

Yo Book!!

Whatever in the hell are some of my friends thinking?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell friends from foes these days especially when you’re not around to watch the fuckers constantly.  It seems that someone had the brass balls to tell Faendra that I was living in the main farming area of Halfhill and now, I’m pretty damned fucking sure that she will start stalking in earnest when she has the time to spare away from her duties.  Hope she never gets any time off because it sounds like she is a miserable Ranger – which ought to make her brother real proud of that kind of thing showing up in the family lineage.  Let’s hope that he doesn’t really care and has washed his hands of the situation entirely.

Well, I’m not going to dwell on that shit right now because I have more important things to think about and more things to enjoy in life than to wonder about the antics of some lunatic woman that has chosen to make “me” one of her life’s goals – ain’t gonna happen biotch!

Anyway, I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face this morning because Mirrin finally called me Dada.  Stupid, I know, however, there are times that I just can’t help myself when it comes to my little daughter.  She can make my heart melt with just a smile or the way that she will laugh at me when I am deliberately trying to get her to do so – I love her laugh, kind of sounds like a goblin’s laugh, only smaller.

Romy and I still haven’t gotten married yet because we haven’t made the decision of when and where, however, I don’t really need a piece of paper telling me of my commitment to her or the baby. I just think that we should go ahead and get it over with because I heard a few comments when I was carrying Mirrin around in the market the other day that totally displeased me.   My daughter is not a bastard, she was just born before we got married, that’s all, however, I know how the people of Silvermoon can be when it comes to birthrights and so forth.  I don’t want anyone daring to cast aspersions on my little girl when she gets old enough to mingle with the people in Silvermoon.

I know how it felt when I went to Silvermoon as an orphan from Shattrath.  I was practically a full grown man at that point and some of the things that were said to me and about me really did sting in the worst way – I won’t let my little girl go through that.  Fnor was one of the lucky ones, he got a family to adopt him and give him a family name that he could be comfortable with – my family name that I use may not be the proper one anyway since it was made up by the matrons in Shatt.

I can’t force Romy to marry me, however, the weeks and months are going by and I see Mirrin growing up and the thoughts of not actually having that piece of paper really is starting to weigh on my mind.  I know that we can get married up here in Pandaria and get the paperwork filed in Silvermoon.  That way there would be no muss and fuss – no dresses, no robes and all the expenses that go along with that business.   We’ve already discussed getting married and then having the party at a later date – that works perfectly for me.  I guess I need to press Romy for a day when she wants to do that so that we can make arrangements to have a few days off to ourselves for a honeymoon of sorts – I like the idea of staying close here in Pandaria and letting Mooma take care of the baby for those few days.  It shouldn’t’ be too much of a bother for her, elf babies are like Tauren babies, only a lot smaller…and no hooves.

I will have to admit that I am liking the idea more and more about the warehouse here in Pandaria because it would mean that I’d have no reason to go to Silvermoon unless it was to visit my sister or if I wanted to attend some social gathering.  I think that Fnor has the right idea, however, I don’t think that he has thought about the personnel it will take to run the place properly – I don’t like the thought of combining his warehouse and his wife’s company’s warehouse together though because I think that that is asking for trouble.  Things are pretty relaxed up here in Pandaria, however, I don’t think that the nuances of combining the two together have really hit him in the head yet – we are not exactly “neutral” up here yet and I don’t foresee that coming anytime in the near future.  There still is a war going on, silly friend of mine.  Let Amyn have a warehouse in the same area or nearby, however, do not put them together in one building, foolish move, my man.

One of the reasons that we’ve delayed getting married and taking a honeymoon is that Mirrin is teething and Romy is trying to wean her from breastfeeding.  Makes for some interesting times and a cranky colic-stricken child until we find just the right mixture to replace the milk that Romy is still producing in huge amounts.  From the male point of view, I like the breast feeding and the size difference it made, however, I think it’s time for a change.   Poor little Mirrin really seems to be trying to get all of her teeth at once too, which means that either Romy or I end up walking the floors with her at night to sooth her and try to bring her some comfort.  I think it is really wearing on Romy’s nerves a bit, that’s why I try to help out as much as possible.  I know that Romy has been talking with some of the Pandaren ladies in regard to formulas as well as to our healer – I hope they find something soon, I think Romy and I both need the break and some sleep.

I know it’s probably silly of me, however, as I watch little Mirrin growing by leaps and bounds, I’m really tempted to talk to Romy about having a baby again.  I’ve kind of changed my mind a little bit about boys and I think that I would like to have a son.  No, I don’t mean slam-bam right now making a baby, however, sometime in the very near future so that the two kids can grow up together like Felessa and I did, kind of.  I don’t mind practicing in making babies at all, if Mirrin would stay asleep right now, I know where I’d be – practicing.

Well, I suppose I ought to get off my duff and make some breakfast for Romy and myself before I head back out and start working in the fields today.  Yes, it’s my turn to do the field work and hope that Jogu isn’t totally wasted today.  I’d also like to take the girls to the Jade Temple for some laundry, fishing and maybe a light picnic for dinner.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria





2 thoughts on “The Joys of Family Life…

  1. Hehe , you really learn patience when you have a colicky baby to soothe. Lord knows, I have had a couple that were really colicky but when they are suffering the last thing on your mind , and more on trying to make them feel better. Romy is definitely thinking that eloping is looking better everyday..however Mirren has her full attention, and she doesn’t want to leave a colicky baby for someone else to deal with . She’s also heard the snide comments that some of the elves made about Mirren,and now she is more determined to make certain their little girl doesn’t suffer the insults.

    • Despite his history of being quite the ladies man, Fnar is really enjoying his family life, however, we’ll see how things are going when Faendra finally “finds” them. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to fisticuffs or something. Fnar just doesn’t want his daughter hurt in the same ways that he and Felessa were when they first went to Silvermoon, it was not a good experience to have to grow-up that way.

      Yep, your hands are full when you’re a parent and the baby in question is going through a miserable time. 😀

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