What’s Going On…

*Sorry, kind of long winded this time, however, there was a lot to cover.*


July 22nd

Well, it has been a busy week in-game and I think that I have been playing quite a bit more on the Alliance side trying to get that guild up to Level 25 before WoD smashes that down to nothing again.  I’ll willingly admit that I will miss the guild leveling, not just for the perks, but the way that it helped build a team with the members of the guilds.  Oh well, all things must change, I suppose.

Horde Guild – SafeHaven

This guild was a work in progress in getting it level 25 and now, working on the guild achievements slowly but surely.  All of the professions are now covered by hard working characters and I’ll admit to a few boosts as well.  However, it does make life a bit more pleasant to be able to be “free standing” most of the time and be able to take care of the needs of the guild “in-house” without having to ask for assistance from people outside of the guild.   I can say with some pride and sense of accomplishment that I did the leveling on this guild solo for the most part.

I did have a few people join me after the guild was capped and it’s been nice having people with me although it appears that there are only two of us that play on a regular basis. That’s okay because we both take a more leisurely approach to things that some of the more aggressive players in the game  – it’s fun collecting pets and mounts on our hunters of just running around doing archeology.

Alliance Guild – Haven

Now this guild isn’t nearly as old as the Horde guild and wasn’t as active on any level, however, the work was slowly being done and the guild levels were getting there.  This has also been a major learning tool for me, again, as a guild master with other people in the guild to contend with.  I had leveled the guild from Level 1 to Level 17 completely alone.  The guild is now a Level 20.  I definitely appreciate the help that the new guild members have given in the support of leveling the guild.

I had initially kept a pretty open guild bank to all members, however, I have found that having people that are “power leveling” their characters have a tendency to grab what they need from the bank and never bother replacing it for the people that are following along behind. Oh, I had the bank set up to where they could take as much as they wanted, which was a huge mistake on my part, and I have since changed that.  With seven bank tabs, the place was either a junk yard for future leveling characters for my own personal alts or it was a stockpile of mats. Well, let’s just say that when I would try to level one of my alts, the mats were always gone – almost bankrupted my poor GL and Main trying to keep up with the supply and demand.  So, I changed the amount of stacks that a person could take at one time – so, that stopped the bleeding.

I know I probably made some of my guildies unhappy but after trying to diplomatically explain that there were other players that needed mats to level as well as they did and nothing was being done to “help out” with the restocking of the bank, I was left with only once choice.  I definitely had a moment where I thought long and hard about the actions that I took, however, it’s done now and things appear to be back to normal, however, the “power leveling” has kind of taken a slow down without everything being furnished to them.  I purged the bank – took everything that was being used currently and vendored it or sent it off to the AH for money.  Since I had spent the last year stocking the bank and have only had new members in the guild for the last two months, I didn’t feel compelled to share the “wealth” although it didn’t amount to that much when you think about all of the hours of work that I, personally, had put into the guild.  To be very honest, I was tired of competing for mats in the bank that I had either earned or purchased for the alts to use.

I’ve also had an influx of “new” members joining the guild since everyone had the opportunity to invite anyone they chose.  Of course, the guild titles are handled by myself and I have reached the point to where if I don’t know the character or the person behind that character, they aren’t getting “free” access to anything.  I asked that each member put an identifier on the character so that I would know who these “alts” belonged too.  It’s just common courtesy from my point of view, however, few have complied with my request – I’ve already made the decision that if a character does not have an identifier on it – out they go, I’m tired of playing this game of  “let’s see how many characters I can roll and stuff in the guild” and they just sit there with zero activity for a month.  I have to laugh because of the fact that 35 of the characters in the guild are my own and that includes the only 90s in there (9-10).  The roster jumped from my 35 to 50 within the span of ten days – I found friends of friends of friends in the guild that I didn’t know that would start talking to me – primarily asking for things from the bank if they didn’t have bank permissions; etc.

One thing that I am proud to say is that all of the professions are covered in the guild now due to a well thought out boost on my part.  Now, I just have to spend the time to go back and build reputations and such on these boosted characters.  I really don’t mind doing this either because it is relatively easy to do on a level 90 and you can pretty much blow through them fairly easily.  Now, I can step back and enjoy leveling my alts and learn the real mechanics in how to play them from the lower levels to cap.  At least I don’t feel the need to power level my characters as much as I did in the past and can actually take my time to enjoy each facet and level.  Will I made it to end-game with all of them – most assuredly NOT.  I really do have a life outside of World of Warcraft.   I may be the worst Death Knight player that ever hit the game, however, I’m learning a lot through my mistakes and learning how to play solo as well as taking a shot at tanking now and again.

I’m actually going to kick back and get back to enjoying the game as a whole and not feel nearly as “driven” as I was in getting the guilds to max level as well as all of the professions.  If the Alliance guild makes it to Level 25 between now and WoD dropping, that’s awesome, if not, I’m not going to worry about it.  I think by taking a few shortcuts here and there, I will finally be able to take the time to actually start doing the things that I like – I love to RP and will talk to just about anyone as long as they aren’t Mary Sue’s or trying to God Mode my characters into something that I “know” they wouldn’t agree too.  Woot!  Might even get the chance to go back and do some transmog at my leisure instead of being stuck with the stock models.

Beta Testing

OMG!  Finally got another of my Night Elf females copied over to see what she looks like and she’s not half bad – the hair color is all wrong, not the stark white that I prefer, something that has a color that I’m not sure what to call it now.  The first female that I brought over had the facial markings and looked extremely unhappy about life in general – or she was just constipated and there aren’t any facilities on Draenor.

I won’t reiterate my week long stay at my Garrison with broken quests because I finally escaped that through the last rebuild and found my character in Silvermoon.  At least I was free from the grunts and groans of the peons and could move around the rest of the game and not be literally held prisoner at the Garrison.  Have I been back to Garrison and tried to complete the broken quests?  Oh, hell no.  Haven’t wanted to risk another imprisonment.    I might do that this week and hope that I don’t get stuck there again or I will just kind of wait until the “bugs” are vanquished and I can play my hunter without his pet disappearing every time I change a zone.

Flying or No Flying in Draenor – well, if you’re imprisoned in your Garrison, it’s kind of a moot point.  I do want to get out and explore more areas and see what the game is actually going to be like.  I am in hopes that things improve as I try to progress further along, however, I am moving slowly and with great trepidation.  I have ordered WoD for all of my accounts, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to jump right in there when the game goes live.  I’m not real impressed with the Garrisons so far, however, mine has been broken for so long that I think that the “Commander” has left the building.

Let’s see, in real life.

Well, just celebrated my spouse’s birthday as well as our granddaughter’s birthday. Yep, baby just turned four years old and she is a definite blast to spend time with.  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa are going to spoil her rotten once we have the opportunity to spend a bit more time with her – yep, we’re probably going to be doing some childcare in the Fall, which will definitely cut down on some of my WoW time, however, RL family has a priority over all things.   I do like to make her laugh because she sounds just like a little gnome or even a goblin female when they laugh – yeah, I know, I’m weird.




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