What…Does this mean

July 4th

Dear Journal,

Well, if this isn’t just a fine bag of fertilizer!  It almost made the fertilizer hit the wind machine in my mind, however, it’s not something that can be helped I suppose.  Seems the Boss is expecting to get called up for “duty ” in the near future and expects me to take on the responsibility of running the company while he is off doing his thing for the Regent.   Just like he did when he took off for Pandaria and just like he did before that, I guess.  I was having such a great day until he walked in and gave me that bit of news and I will admit that it put a major damper on my day.   He did tell me that I should go ahead and hire an assistant to help me with things too because the thinks that I am getting overworked.

Overworked?  That’s an understatement when I had to go to Shattrath and deal with that long-tailed arrogant Draenei that works for the Boss’s wife.  I’ve got a feeling that she likes me almost as much as I like her too.  Maybe she’s not so arrogant, she has to look down her nose at me anyway because I’m short, however, I don’t like the way she keeps shifting those hooves around when we’re standing near one another.

Well, it will mean more money and it will mean more time working my fingers to the bone to where I almost look like a Forsaken.  It will also mean that I will get less time to spend with the family or even getting out in public to socialize a bit. Now, I know that the money is a good thing, however, I kind of enjoyed being able to get out and talk to people when I took that time off.   I’ll do what I need to do to make the Boss happy, however, I think that we need to get more people – you know, managers for each of the warehouses, not just me doing all of it, it’s kind of getting to be more stressful even though we are showing a profit, I can’t do it all.

Uncle Zednick is starting to complain about the fact that he never gets to see me these days and he would like for us to start spending some more time together and Dooddah, well, she just looks at me and gets this sad look on her face.  I think that she gets lonely and I know she misses the fun times that we used to have too.

I think I’ll talk to the Boss about my idea of getting more warehouse managers and I can hire someone to help with the books.  Maybe that Adamia kid or someone else – she’s too flighty to be able to sit down at the desk and go through paperwork.   I’ll start looking around to see what I can do and whom might be interested in working in the office at a flat rate rather than being out in the field working as a contract person – maybe I can find someone that I might be able to get along with.  I wonder what happened to our cousin, the kind of weird mage person – I don’t really think she’s a mage either.  I know that she made it off Kezan and got to Orgrimmar because I saw her, then, she just disappeared.

Anyway, I guess I’ll get over my surprise and disappointment with the way that things look like they are going because it hasn’t happened yet.  I’ll just wait and see what goes on with this stuff.  The Boss said he “might”  get called up again, not that he had gotten called up.


Great Week In World of Warcraft

July 3rd

What a great week this has been in the World of Warcraft, at least for me it has been, just one of those weeks where things went rather well and the enjoyment level increased considerably.  Sorry, I have no screenies from the Beta this week due to the fact that I am stuck in the area where you start building your Garrisons and have been unable to continue beyond that point due to not being able to complete the quests at the moment – bugs, glitches, whatever  – oh yeah, my hunter pet keeps disappearing. I will admit that the first time that it happened, I was getting my backside handed to me by some newly minted monsters and it did not end well for poor Fnor. Feign death, yep, still continued to beat on him until he was dead – I think hunters are now kind of doing some sort of “self-healing” not sure or he has developed priest overtones.

Having a blast in the guilds where I have truly gotten friends and family involved once again – Haven is now a Level 17 guild and we are actually able to run dungeons to get the achievements together for the guild.  SafeHaven welcomed back an old family member that has gotten his Druid to 90 and has been going crazy on the Timeless Isle getting gear.  We’ve both decided our DKs are very squishy or we don’t really know what we’re doing – probably a combination of the two.

I know that I have a Beta invitation for WoD on one account that is strictly active and is just going bananas, however, I do have a second invitation that is on another account that has been lapsed for several years.  It was an old starter account WoW2 that I had started and never could get the rest of the expansions to load to it – something was glitchy back then.  Anyway, it has an invitation on it as well. However, even though it is not technically an active account – I can utilize the invitation on it.  Weird.

Well, in order not to get in trouble with the “powers-to-be” at Blizzard I decided to put in a ticket to let them know about my WoW2 account. Ended up talking with a wonderful GM at Blizzard that told me that they couldn’t remove the account, however, they could make a new one – which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, however, I can always use another account with my alts.  Got the new account set-up and due to all of the trouble that I had had with WoW2 and the fact that I have a few accounts, the GM was very generous with me and gave me all of the expansions, including MoP, for “free” – wheee!! I like free.  Not to mention I also got some free game-time out of it as well.

I still don’t have my cloak yet on any of my 90s, however, that is a work in progress that may or may not get completed by the time WoD drops. From the looks of things, it looks like most of the gear that I have been busting my behind to get will be kind of bleh when I get the character to WoD – quests are rough now, however, you start upgrading your gear immediately.  It’s still fun trying and now I have someone that I can at least quest with or make the necessary runs.  I hope to soon have more people at cap level so that we can start actually doing some current content and get the guild achievements as well.

Here we are at the Holiday Weekend, July 4th – Independence Day for those of us in the U.S., so it will be insanity in-game with all of the added folks.  My intention in-game this weekend will be to run some old dungeons and gain some much needed rep on my beloved main.  Who knows, I might even find something that I can do some transmogs with. Still doing the casual player, not driven by all of the things that I must have to reach the “end” and still having fun.

So, I will have to say that this has been a very enjoyable week and looking forward to having much more like it in the future.

I’ll probably post something else later today, have a few character ideas romping through my head, however, I don’t want to force the issue just yet this morning.


Duty Calls…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


July 2nd

Dear Journal,

Damn it all to Hades!!  Well, the rumor mills have been grinding away again, I can see.  It seems that times are not going to settle down and we’re not going to see the peace that we all wanted anytime soon.  I know that I was planning on spending the rest of my days running my business and enjoying my family, maybe even bouncing a grandchild on my knee, however, that doesn’t appear as though that it is going to happen.

I’ve been called before the Regent Lord and he told me that my services are extremely valuable in what I am doing right now, however, he feels that I should prepare myself, my business and my family for things that may be coming in the future because my services as a Ranger Commander may be needed, yet again. I’m getting too damned old for this stuff, however, if my  rank is reinstated, then, I must do as I was told because of the oath that I took – no, not to the Horde, however, my oath is to the Regent Lord and Silvermoon.  Now, I have been instructed to meet with the Ambassadors from Orgrimmar that apparently have contacted the Regent.

No time to really sit here and write today, just needed to get this off my chest so I won’t explode in Orgrimmar.  I also need to break the news to Zippie that she might have to be strapped to a desk for a while if I am called up.

Fnor Morningstar