August 16th – What’s Going On In My World of Warcraft…

August 16th

I apologize for not writing anything for my characters for a while, however, I have been waffling back and forth with the in-game stuff going on for the last month.  Yes, I am playing in Beta and today was the first day that I have actually gotten to the Garrisons and actually started playing that aspect of the game and I will admit that I am pretty impressed so far.  Of course, after having to restart the play three different times due to rebuilds, things were getting a bit thin on the enjoyment part of the game.  Most of the quests that I hit today actually worked and I didn’t keep losing my pet on my hunter every time I left the Garrison – that’s a major plus for a hunter.  I was definitely amazed at the changes in Draenor that I could actually see for myself and not have to rely on what I was reading – there are always conflicting things on the forums and unfortunately, the Negative-Nancy people seem to feel the need to try to dominate the areas, it’s hard to glean through the garbage to get to the information that you’re seeking.

I have multiple accounts already with WoD ready to go and will continue to play the game, however, I had been terribly worried that things were going to take a nose-dive after seeing the trailer and all of the rah-rah for the PvP stuff coming up. I used to PvP back in the day where it was truly world pvp and not the staged events that are currently the going thing in the game and to be honest, I got burned out on it along with raiding.   Now, I am really kind of looking forward to the changes – I still can’t get some of my characters to copy over so that I can compare what “I know” to the changes that are upcoming.  Maybe in the next few days the copy ability will be working again because I had several classes that I wanted to try out before the game goes “live”.

Naturally, I did start out on my Horde main because that will still be the main faction that I will play for the most part and I am anxious to do a  quick run-through with my Alliance main to see and compare the differences.   I still chuckle at the fact that the Alliance gets the pristine looking Garrison and the Horde gets the mud hut look.  Speaking from a Blood Elf point of view, it sure could use some fixing up and not be so Orcish.

Naturally, I’m soloing the content in WoD currently and haven’t joined a guild because I don’t intend on being a frequent player enough to where the guild would benefit from my presence. I don’t want to get burned out on the game before it’s even gone live yet.

Well, back to MoP and my regular playing.  I do hope to get back into the groove of writing about my characters and their “interesting” adventures and thoughts in the game soon.  A lot goes on when you’re unsure about things and wondering if you should continue on.  So, back to Fnor, Amyn and the rest of the happy group.  See ya in-game!!



2 thoughts on “August 16th – What’s Going On In My World of Warcraft…

  1. Oh I totally hear you there about not writing anything in awhile.. just been so crazy here with the kids doing their thing over the summer, with summer program,and respites ,leaving my hubby and I doing trying to catch our breath in between.Doing a heavy duty cleaning this summer of the house, so we don’t have all that to do over the winter.Unfortunately it doesn’t leave me much time to game anymore until probably towards the fall. I’m glad you are enjoying the beta.. I know that feeling about not wanting to get too into the beta but its nice being able to see what is coming out,and have something to look forward to.

    • I hear ya about being a busy time of year with the family and other outside things going on. It does make gaming and writing fall by the wayside until there is enough time to actually get back to it. Not to mention, we’ve had quite the lull in content of late and I don’t suppose that will change drastically until the patch prior to the WoD drop. I know that I haven’t gotten everything done in game that I would like yet, however, I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere in the near future. Sure, I may miss out on some of the mounts that will no longer be available and a few other things, however, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and have any kind of life away from the computer. 😀

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