Still In The Dark…

August 29th

Holiday weekend again!! Oh yeah, time for the Summer to wrap up, kids head back to school and you start getting ready for the winter as well as the new expansion.   I also celebrate an Anniversary this weekend as well – married a good long time, 35 years.

I’ve been busy jumping around on various alts this week, bringing on some new ones so that I could empty out my bank of BoAs for a while as well as dodging the bullet of dealing with all of my 90s that are somewhat prepared for Warlords of Draenor.  I’m as ready as I am going to get for the most part – no epic cloak, gave up on that a long time ago, just upgrading what I have currently and hoping for the best.

I do have to say that I am still sitting in my loft with the broken skylight which is like being in the basement and I hate garden-level or basements like you wouldn’t believe.  I like sunshine and as much natural light as I can get, which has been nil in my haven of late.  Well, since May.  You can blame part of that on the insurance company and my husband’s procrastination of getting the bids put together for the replacement of a custom skylight that will run well over 1K to install.

With the lack of sunlight in the loft, that has curtailed any of the artwork that I was working on previously as well as putting me in a funk that has lasted since I got closed in.  I have to have a few hours of sunlight each day in order to feel halfway normal and that’s not happened since the skylight was broken – so, depression, anxiety and just general all round off moods have been my mainstay this season.

I gave my laptop to my son when his desktop power supply went out to hold him over until he could get that replaced.  I didn’t realize it at the time that it is rather difficult to save up enough money to purchase a new laptop to replace the old one.  So, no days of writing on the patio in the sunshine and definitely no breaks from working on my desktops – I can honestly say that this Summer has been less than wonderful for me personally.  Our only amenity for our HOA is a pool and I can honestly say that I haven’t used that in about ten years, so, it’s being stuck in the house, my only outlet has been World of Warcraft and some pretty sad television from time to time.

I really do have plans of writing more on my characters in the near future and get back onto my writing schedule, however, with the mood swings I have currently, I can’t say when that will be.

Oh, I might get the skylight replaced by October or maybe November – as fast as my husband moves on things and won’t allow me to sidestep his projects, it might be December.


6 thoughts on “Still In The Dark…

  1. oh wow.. happy anniversary! Sorry to hear that your skylight is still broken. We are still waiting here for the word about whether or not school will start next week; especially with the teachers still on strike,we’re hoping things work out soon,

    • Oh my, sounds like you might have your hands full there with the kiddos. School strikes are never a good thing for any of the parties involved, hope it gets resolved soon. Thanks for the best wishes on the Anniversary though. Hehe, yeah, the skylight has been a real sore subject between my spouse and myself and I’m just wanting to have it fixed – I feel like I am trapped in the basement and the light that is no longer in the house from that loss has made it harder to try to keep the place clean when you can’t see what you’re doing – very depressing.

  2. Happy anniversary! Sorry about your lack of light, I absolutely know how that feels and it isn’t good. Yeah, I think all my characters have done as much as they’re going to this expansion. They are now just generally goofing off.

    • Thank you for the best wishes there. Yeah, I have been pushing the envelope in trying to get as much done as I can and had turned the game into a job of sorts – so, it’s time to kick back, hope for the best, play some of my alts and just enjoy things as they are at the moment – thank you for commenting. *hugs* 😀

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