OOC – Busy Week

October 18th

Wow!  This has been an extremely busy week for me in-game.  With the drop of the patch and all of the new changes it has been somewhat interesting and stressful at the same time.  Love the bag stacking ability as well as the reagent bank slot – that is a bag space saver and love the fact that I can now do a lot of my crafting away from the bank and all of the stuff is not taking up valuable bag space.

As far as the class mechanics, I have gotten almost all of mine ready to go with the exception of my Pally and my Warlock.  The one that I thought that was going to be the real pain in the butt to change were my Druids, however, they really weren’t that bad.  I don’t miss the button bloat there at all and really rather enjoyed spending some time on them last night.

My trick of surviving the changes of a new patch is that I will pick a spec for my classes and play that until I feel comfortable before going back to the second spec and working on that.  I still play BM and SUR on my hunters and I am really kind of enjoying them because I have been playing that class for the better part of ten years – a few adjustments here and there and I’m back into the groove on them.  Right now I’m not so concerned about my dps and gear as I am in getting them to where they are just as fluid to play as they have always been.  Sure, I’ll go back later and do the major tweaking, however, I know that Blizzard isn’t done with them yet.  I guess I am still a causal player because my attitude is still to do the best that I can and not get sucked into that “best of the best” mindset that sucks the fun out of things sometimes.

I still haven’t done the Blasted Lands quests yet due to the fact that I have done them a few times in Beta with the rebuilds that they did a while back and I am waiting until the bugs about the loot seems to have settled down some.  Nope, not planning on putting a new boosted character out there until WoD goes live- did fine the cheat where you zip back to your main city through the portal and get all of your abilities and you don’t have to struggle with the three or four you get when you land there “fresh” and new.   I really feel bad for a new player that jumped right in with a boosted character that they have never played the class and there they sit wondering what they are going to do while things are eating their faces.

Now that I have the majority of my characters set to go and I can get back into my normal routine of things, I’m a happy camper.  I’m really kind of enjoying the new characters, however, I do hate the run animation on my Night Elf male and may just switch back to the old models when I play them because the run animation is that disconcerting.  My once dignified Night Elf runs like Bobo the Clown and if I could find big red shoes, nose and a clown transmog, I’d use that just to make it all fit together.  Most of my female Forsaken look like a real bad Joan Rivers cosmetic surgery thing (no disrespect to the deceased is intended, I liked Joan Rivers quite a bit).

Well, I am off to do some more things in RL and will start getting back into the groove of writing again now that my characters seem to be somewhat happier with their circumstances.

On a more serious RL note, I have had some medical issues crop up that might keep me a bit distracted for a while with the medications that I am taking.  I’m always a little loopy anyway, however, some of this stuff just kind of keeps your head foggy until you get used to it. Thyroid, who’d a thunk that it would wait until you’re older than dirt to take a hiatus?  I’ve also been forewarned that I am leaning towards diabetes, however, I might be able to get that back under control with diet – this particular issue runs rampant throughout my family anyway, so, it wasn’t something that I am unfamiliar with because I have been borderline most of my adult life.  Damn, that means I have to cut back on carbs.

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