Just Get On With It…

*Some mature language.  If that offends you, please do not read.*



October 24th

Yo Book!!

I will have to admit that the time is going by so quickly that it really does make me wonder how much has rushed past that we haven’t had a chance to really enjoy.  I know that before Mirren came along, I never really noticed the time going by all that much, however, with her growing in leaps and bounds, it definitely does make one realize the passage of time.

While I am sitting here and watching Mirren for a few minutes while Romy takes care of things that she wanted to too, I’m watching  our little girl just ramble around in the farmhouse and just investigating anything that takes her interest.  It really does remind me of when Felessa was a little girl, however, the Matrons at the orphanage tended to shoo me away as much as possible so that I could go do some other things – I suppose that was their intent, anyway.  What I think they were doing is to keep me away just in case some potential person came along to adopt a little blonde haired Sindorei girl – without her brother.

I know that I am still laughing about Romy washing the cat after his escapade in finding a skunk somewhere here in the Valley of Four Winds.  I know there are skunks here and I have seen them in Jade Forest, however, I can’t say that I have seen one up close and personal here in the Valley.  Her cat tends to take a long time hunting anyway, maybe it’s the male part of his persona.  Dawn is much older and I’ve had her for a long time, however, she is very efficient with her hunting and when she goes off on her own, she doesn’t stay gone for very long.  Poor Romy has her hands full with our daughter and trying to train her new cat is added work, however, one would hope that she will be able to take the time to work with the cat a little bit  – I can take care of Mirren a bit more when I’m not up to my eyeballs with the farm and Morningstar Enterprises.

No one ever said that parenting was an easy thing, however, I think it’s time for Romy and I to get married, take a couple of days off and let Mirren go visit with the Cloudhoof Clan.  I think that Mooma wouldn’t mind watching her for a few days, plus, Maha is there along with her brothers.  I think I will bring the subject up again Romy to see how she feels about it now.  I’m not wanting to get married for the sake of it, I want us to get married so that Mirren won’t have to endure what I have had to endure my whole life with lack of family.  You know what I mean?  I think it is much harder for a girl too because I had one heck of a time getting Felessa’s marriage arranged and  her dowry was unbelievably expensive.   No family, means no social standing without paying out the ass for it.  At least Romy’s family had a prominent name in Silvermoon, whereas, my name is just a name that was given to me – I have no clue what my real birthright actually is.

I just can’t believe how big Mirren is getting and how fast she seems to be growing these days.  One of the things that I am truly enjoying about having a child of my own is that I can almost live vicariously through her.  I’m reliving things that she is just discovering, the way the little things excite her so much, like a butterfly that kept flitting about her head and landed on her nose that made her laugh and go cross-eyed at the same time.  Like I said, it’s the little things.

I know that Romy was talking about taking Mirren to do some of the trick or treating this year, however, I’m not exactly over -protective. I don’t want her to be too traumatized with some of the things that I know will happen.  At least we’re able to travel with her more readily than we were a few months back, however, we still have to carry a whole lot of stuff along with us to make sure that everything is taken care of.  Maybe we can even take her back to Silvermoon for some of the revelry there.

Well, I know I’m being a fucking coward too.  I have glimpsed Faendra at the market a couple of times and have avoided her.  I know she knows I live in Halfhill, however, she’s not found me yet and it may be high time that I just take the bull by the horns and confront her. I know that I don’t want to have any trouble, however, anytime that girls is around there is going to be trouble and if I happen to be in the same area, the trouble usually falls on my doorstep. I know that it is just something that I need to do I suppose.  I just don’t want to lose the friendship that I have Fnor after all of these years.  I know that he and I have had some real arguments about this sister of his, however, I know that he has finally figured out what kind of woman she has become and I know that he’s not pleased.  See, the bitch even causes me trouble when she’s not even around – I just think I need to address this whole thing before Romy does.

I dearly love Romy and I enjoy the life that we have here in Pandaria, I just think that we need to get things finalized and maybe some of these nuisances will disappear of their own accord.  No, I am not interested in playing around and I don’t think that my marriage will be something that I regret, not with my two girls – Romy and Mirren.  We could go to Silvermoon City and just sign the papers in the office and have two total strangers sign as witnesses – sure, that will fucking piss off some people, however, that’s just how I feel about it right now.  I don’t need a big lavish wedding and I think that Romy is leaning more that way too because she doesn’t have the time to “pick out” all of the things that her family or Grandmother wants her to do.   I don’t care if we got married naked, I don’t need all of the extra stuff.

Speaking of naked…my lovely woman is beckoning me to come to her and she’s not exactly dressed for outside. Mirren’s asleep and I think it’s a lovely idea.  I do like that “Come hither” look.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Just Get On With It…

  1. Yeah, their intimate activity hasn’t taken a real break and there is always that chance that another one might get put in the oven, you know? Ah yes, things could get interesting when and if the confrontation goes down between Fnar and Fae. 😀

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