OOC – Just Having Fun …and Some Other Things

October 30th

Well, this has been another wild and crazy week in World of Warcraft with the incoming nerfs and buffs being added offset the nerfs .  This has always been the hardest part of getting ready for each expansion.  At least we do get the opportunity to get “used” to the changes a little bit before the actual game goes live.  To be honest, I can’t recall if the transition from Vanilla to BC even had an adjustment period.  I do know that these time periods are pretty stressful for some people and with these new changes – there will always be adjustments to be made either manually or Blizzard will do it for you programmatically.

I think that I have the majority of my characters have gone through the Blasted Lands and the ones that I was concerned about, my under geared 90s, haven’t done all that bad considering they are wearing some pretty shoddy gear.   Yes, I know, I’m a bad parent and not all of my children are dressed in their best just yet but you know that “time” is definitely money and sanity sometimes.

I think that during this last week that Blizzard has definitely nerfed some of the content in Blasted Lands for the freshly boosted 90s so that some people aren’t hanging out on the General Forums and wailing to the skies about how difficult it is.  I haven’t boosted anything recently so most of mine are set up and I don’t have to endure the “no flying” and the two spells to survive thing that I have heard about , however, there is that wonderful workaround that you can use of hoping back to you trainer in your main city and resetting your spec.  From what I could see last night when I ran one of my fresh 90s through there, there is a definite quest line that opens up the abilities for the folks that have boosted characters and they gain their abilities that way.

I have also spent some time in getting some of my baby alts up to 20 by utilizing the Holiday buckets and quests.  I hate all of that running around especially if they happen to be a Night Elf male.   Also got both of my alchemists leveled up to max in archeology to get that damned mount recipe – good thing I like archeology to begin with.   Yeah, I know that I am a late bloomer in getting to things in the game, however, I am also a major altoholic and have been extremely busy.

The pre-expansion event is kind of a let-down in some ways because there is really no explanation as to why all of this happening in-game that I can find, just another one of those “here take this quest and do it” kind auto drops when you log in on the character for the first time in the Shrines.   I think I was already kind of burned out on it from going through the multiple rebuilds that we had in Beta.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time in trying to do the last minute, must gear up, panic that I see people going through because I am taking a more casual approach and not turning the game into a stress-factor game.  I know that some of my characters will probably suffer with the lack of gear for a while but that’s okay, I can go back into MoP and still have fun questing and getting gear there before I push them into WoD.  I am going to take my time getting through this new expansion just as I have on MoP – gone are the days of running like a mad person to appease the others that want the best of the best – that sucked the fun out for me years ago.

I think I have spent quite a bit of time taking my characters to the barber shop and getting things tweaked to where I can at least tolerate them better.  Wish there was a custom thing at the barber shop to make my main Alliance Night Elf not run like a dufus, however, I keep hoping with every single hotfix that Blizzard has fixed that – I can barely play the poor fellow because it has totally shattered my immersion.    I keep going back and trying to play him (Kaldor) with the new models and it’s just not feeling right.  I think we will see more Night Elves being paraplegics and staying on their mounts most of the time now than ever before – really destroys the RP factor there for me.

My poor Forsaken characters look entirely too healthy and those eyebrows on my girls look like a very bad make-up job done by someone that escaped from the 30’s   Eyebrows should be penciled in to hit the mid mark on your forehead – just add the clown makeup and you’re all set there Bozo.

I’m still in the process of restoring all of my MRP information for my characters after the last little issue with the files being corrupted from the last patch.  Finally found the repair button after I did the uninstall and the reinstall of the whole bloody game which took hours.   The way that I feel about my MRP right now is that it may not get filled out completely until after WoD drops because I have a feeling that we are going to be having more “bumps” along the way with our add-ons.  Besides, I only have a few characters that RP these days and I may get to the point that I won’t even bother with the rest of them other than some rather shallow fill-ins.  Not much RP in the game for me during last year anyway, so, it’s like being on a regular PvE server.

I came to Wrymrest Accord when it first opened up for the RP and to rejoin the family members that had moved over there from  IceCrown.  I had a couple of really good years of RP and then it went down the toilet.   One thing about being on an RP realm, you don’t really have to RP, just trot on your way and do your thing, which is what I have been doing for the last two years.  Yes, I did leave two large guilds and started my own personal vanity guilds because I just couldn’t deal with guild drama and Mary Sues. There are still people out there that don’t understand the IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) roles that are played out on these RP realms and I’m too damned old to try to explain it to them.

Soooo much drama that you can cut it with a knife sometimes.  I know the last real RP that I was involved with, one person kept getting kidnapped and everyone was supposed to go rescue the damsel in distress – first time it was fun, the sixth and seventh time it was getting old and I finally told the people involved that if this character was that stupid, it’s a shame we all lived through in-character pregnancy  and now know that she’s bred and those stupid genes have been passed on.   Guess they didn’t understand how boring it can be to go rescue poor Mary Sue every other week.

Ah well, such are the joys of being involved with very stale RP.  Let’s just say that I parted company with the guild and moved my characters to their home guild and they will never wander away again.  Walk-ups are always welcome and a short chitchat is good sometimes just to break the monotony, however, there is a limit as to where I want to go with it.  No, I don’t care that you’re going to stab me and try to kill me and you “do” mortally wound me in “combat” RP that wasn’t agreed too – I’m so out of there.

Let’s see, I have 70+ characters on Wrymrest Accord currently and I will have to admit that I do miss the social interaction sometimes, however, I’m busy leveling, gearing and just doing things that I enjoy other than standing around comparing lives.  Would I ever leave Wrymrest, probably not, it’s damned expensive to move guilds and characters and I can always roll another character on a realm and start over if I want too.    I have just been too busy in-game to get involved too heavily with someone else’s idea of a great storyline at this point.  Hell’s Bells, I might even turn off the addon for a while and just keep doing what I have been doing.

Sorry, didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about lack of RP because there really isn’t anything to rant about.  I do RP once a week like clockwork with some lovely people off-realm and that’s the extent of it.  No more hours upon hours of getting heavily involved with stories.  As long as my characters can write their journals and I can publish them, I’ll keep going.   I think my RP died when Cross Realm came along and guilds started closing other people out – sad to say but that’s where it’s at and I’m definitely not one that will join in on some of the poorly written sexually deviant things that I have seen going on in some places.   For me to start actually doing RP again, it would have to be something that grabs my attention and has some quality to it.  I would love to run into something that is more related to Lore instead of the personal little things that I have witnessed in the last year.

I honestly do love the game, love the people involved in the MMO and I will continue to play “my way” until Blizzard shuts the doors.  I might take a break here and there in the future because , to be honest, my health isn’t as good as it should be and I can’t play some days and the game is ten years old.    So, now it’s back to Pet Battling – Zippie is getting real good at that one and other fun things that are in the game that I haven’t taken the time to enjoy.

3 thoughts on “OOC – Just Having Fun …and Some Other Things

  1. OH I totally agree with you on alot of points.. especially the rp. I can remember days when i could just walk up and engage in random rp ; now I”m just lucky if people even if acknowledge my presence. I think this expansion, I’m going to take it slow, after getting back into game.. I realized there is ALOT to do in game,than end game.. there are pet battles, achieves to get, mounts to collect..so I don’t need to worry about rushing to end game.. because honestly.. its for the birds!

    • LOL, well, you’re one that agrees with me on some points. Oh, I am so going to take my time in getting into the new expansion, I’m still having way too much fun with all of the characters that I have. Just shocked myself when I finally got the nerve to count up my 80s – 25…only 10 are Alliance.

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