OOC – What’s Going on Now…

November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to spend some quality time with the family.  All of that yummy food and all of the conversations going on with RL people .  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we aren’t cooking at our house today and will be going elsewhere to eat the food.  I miss cooking the big meal and having that smell permeate the house, however, I don’t miss the cleanup and the mess that it often brings to the kitchen.

Not much has been going on with my game playing this week because I have been busy waffling on characters again.  Still haven’t gotten to 100 yet on any of my characters because I have been too busy trying to back up in game to see if I have missed any quests to close out certain zones – I have two broken quests that seem to be the hold-up for the first zone on my Horde character, damn it.   I know that I have put in Bug Reports and requested help from the GMs, however, they were about as helpful as air.  Oh well, so, it’s on to the next zone and hope I don’t have the same issue – what a pain in the backside.

Working on the Horde characters has been fun and entertaining and I’ve kind of ignored my poor Alliance folks a bit the last couple of weeks.   Now, I got back on my Alliance main and discovered that I didn’t know how to get back to Draenor since the last patch.  Rather than appear like a total noob – I wandered around Stormwind for a while to see if I could see the traffic pattern that might lead me to the new portal location.  I have to laugh because I was just standing around and watching people go about their things in hopes that one might lead me to the portal that I was searching for.  Why didn’t I ask, you say?  Well,  there is nothing like appearing to be a total fool when you’re a Horde at heart playing in an Alliance city, right?  Logic should have told me where the portal was located after finding it on Horde near the Warchief, however, my brain seems to go into total dysfunction when I change factions sometimes.  I finally did find the portal and finally did make it back to Draenor on Kaldor – poor fellow isn’t even at 92 yet.

Getting to Draenor was just the beginning of an evening of OMG, where am I moments.  Since I haven’t advanced that far on my Horde character, Fnor, yet, I was totally lost in the Alliance area.  Maps?  Who uses maps?  I really got spoiled using Carbonite for all of these years so it is probably taking me a lot longer to do the quests in both factions.  After having years of being able to click on the quest, the arrow would point me in the direction that I needed to go without thinking about it all that much  is truly being missed by yours truly.  My sense of direction is spot on in RL for the most part, put me in World of Warcraft and I can’t find my way out of a straight line – North, South, East or West?  I dunno, I’m sure they have a compass that really works, however, my brain just doesn’t want to grasp it.  Oh, I’m not complaining, I’ve found all kinds of things to explore and have fallen to my ego a couple of times by trying to take on things that were at a much higher level  than my characters happened to be.  Silly me!

I am one of those people that really does miss flying in Draenor sometimes because it does seem that I have to travel great distances just to get to a questing area that I haven’t discovered the flight path for yet.  Yep, gotta love those ground mounts a bunch and I do, however, I do miss some of the convenience that flying offered.  Immersion?  Well, if you call getting rofl-stomped by a talbuk getting immersed in the game – been there and done that.

I’m finding that gathering mats for some of Garrison buildings quite frustrating because I can’t seem to get to them fast enough before someone else has snagged it and gone on their way.  I hate my lumber mill with a passion at this point because I feel lucky if I can get one work order put in a day.  I can’t tell you how many trees I’ve taken a beeline for and get there to have the sucker phased out or have someone else grab it before I could click on it.  Frustrating as hell!  I think that I am going to spend more time in leveling my characters than I am going to be trying to do the Garrison stuff for a while because if it were left up to me, I’d move back to MoP dailies in a heartbeat. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my Garrisons, however, my followers aren’t worth squat if they can’t help the Commander get the jobs done, right?  I’ll probably be lagging far behind some people in getting my Garrison past Level 2 for most of the buildings that I currently have.

I am having a real problem in deciding which of my lowbies needs to run around and shoot turkeys for a day at this point.  I just have too many and none that I plan on boosting in the near future at this point.  I still have two more boosts that I can use on my accounts without having to plank out that precious money for another one.

One of the things that I will have to say about my boosted characters is that I am enjoying them and some of them haven’t made it to Draenor just yet because they are still trying to quest some in Pandaria for recipes and the like before I travel on.  My enchanter/tailor is already at 92 just from rep grinding to get her tailoring reps up to where she can get a few precious recipes.   I like the idea of boosted characters to catch up with my “friends”, if  I really had any to speak of, I’d probably be in Draenor on them and chasing the rainbows.

What I don’t like about my boosted characters is that I am finding that they feel unfinished.  They don’t feel like all of my characters that I leveled the old fashioned way and I feel like they are missing that sense of accomplishment that I had with my old friends.  Oh well, too late now, I’ll just play them the way that I want and get them to where they need to be eventually.  Hindsight is truly 20/20 and I’m going to be doing a lot of that in the future, I’m afraid.

Oh, I did buy War Crimes finally and I’m enjoying what I have read of it so far.  I hate it that you have to buy a book these days to fill in the gaps in the Lore for an on-line game.  Between actually playing the game and reading about it, my time is a little short for all things.  Oh, let’s not forget that in between all of that, you still have to find the time for RL stuff and blogging.

I’m also trying to quit smoking “again” because I’m tired of the habit and how it makes me feel.  Yep, gonna give it a go and see how it goes this time.  I did get one of those new e-cig things that has different flavor oils and all that so I wouldn’t have to go through the total withdrawal thing all at once.  One thing I am capable of doing is just limiting myself to the “real deal” in the future.  It’s a nasty habit and one that I don’t need to add to my health issues any longer.  I think that my biggest issue is that I like the flavor of the tobacco and the actual act of “lighting up” – it’s kind of comforting sometimes.  I think that I am finding it more difficult to quit this time due to the fact that I quit for seven years and like an idiot, went back to it for some unknown reason – stress related, I’m sure.   Anyway, that kind of wraps it up for me in the OOC world for right now.

Oh, I’m still trying to get used to my new laptop.  I’m really happy that I did go ahead and get it even if the keys aren’t backlit like my old one which does limit where I can use it sometimes.  I don’t look at my keys when I’m typing, however, I do look at my keys sometimes when I am using the thing for WoW sometimes – which isn’t that often because I do have two desktops that are almost solely dedicated to game playing these days.

Now, if I could only get my skylight fixed in my loft so I don’t feel like I am playing in the basement, I’d be a happy camper, however, my procrastinating spouse is taking their time in getting that dealt with.   If I don’t get it fixed by May, it will be a year of sitting in the dark for me and I’m not at all happy about that.  I miss my sunshine and I miss drawing.   What I am seriously considering is investing in some more lights for the loft and trying to make it work for me again – it’s not the happy place that I have loved for almost thirty years right now.


Nothing Has Changed…Just Colder

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

November 24th

Dear Journal,

I thought those days of waking up in the middle of the night freezing my backside off were a thing of the past, apparently, it is not.  I can’t say that I am all that pleased at where I am stationed currently and I could care less that I am a Commander of a garrison that appears to be nothing more than an armed encampment comprised of Orcs, primarily.   That doesn’t bother me nearly as much as where that encampment happens to be located, a frozen tundra of endless snow and ice.

I can remember the days of serving in Northrend and I always took an oath to myself that I would never endure that again.  I learned that there are ways to stay warm for a short period of time, however, that bone chilling cold would always work its way through the armor and the clothing that I wore regardless of what I did.  I’m in the same situation here in this new land and I can see that the Horde has never learned anything from their past experiences with this type of fighting.  One would have thought that there could have been found better ways to deal with things than to just let them stand status quo for all of these years.  I know that we were constantly battling the Scourge and the adrenalin was enough to help us fight off some of the chill, however, it also made us a much more reckless group of men and a force to be reckoned with.

I know that it has been a number of years since I haven’t been given quarters of my own in an encampment, especially if I am supposedly the one in command of what goes on the place.  Here in this frozen tundra, I suppose that I am going to have to sleep with the people that I command in the barracks  – I don’t think that that is going to work out too well for them or for me.   I know that I have grown accustomed to having some privacy away from my duties, if that means I have to leave the garrison to its own devices, then, that’s what I will do.

Of course, with the Horde being predominantly Orc, I should have known that I would have more than my fair share of Orcs in my command, however, I am starting to see a few more Sindorei coming through the gates the last couple days.  I know that I really did feel like I was kind of isolated here for a while.   Naturally, I am waiting anxiously to see a Ranger contingent come through the gates too because that is what I am used to dealing with.

Damn, the only place that I can find in this whole place where I can get out of the wind is either in the central building where all of the planning and orders are given out or in the cave where I can fish – that’s even cold sometimes unless I build up a fire.    I already have plans of leaving when I can and heading to a place where I know I can get a good hot bath and some food that stays warm for more than a couple of forkfuls.   Snow, ice, harsh winds and the constant howling of wolves off in the distance doesn’t make for a pleasant outlook on things.

I know that I can head to man base and take a portal to warmer climes and that is exactly what I plan on doing in the very near future.  Stone, wood and spikes everywhere I look and it’s all surrounded by Orcs.

I miss the warmer climate of Pandaria at the farm, I miss the clean sheets and good food that I always took for granted at my home in Silvermoon.  I truly miss my privacy more than anything else.  I always feel like I have eyes following me around every time I do anything.  I’m not insecure in what I am doing and confident in my duties, however, the constant scrutiny is more than just a little bit unnerving at times.  I don’t recall having to live quite like this when I was in Northrend and still in the service at this point.   I miss the baths and the hot water that I used to have at my home in Dalaran – these are small luxuries that aren’t readily available here in my camp.

I think what has set me off is the fact that I have to sleep in the barracks right now and I guess that when I am not occupying my bed, it’s next come, next serve.  I don’t want to even think about some of the things that I have cleaned out of my bunk when I have been bone-tired and only wanted a place to sleep.  I’ve taken to sleeping in my armor rather than letting my body touch anything even remotely possible of passing on some bugs or other things.  The furs just smell terrible and I sometimes think that they were only clean the first day that they were put on the bunks.

I know that I haven’t grown soft over the years and I know that I have been able to adapt to almost anything that I have been forced to endure, however, being a commander over this rabble is just pushing me to the breaking point.

Oh well, there’s no use in complaining at this point and even writing about it isn’t going to make it any better for a while.  I know that I have several subordinates that are busy trying to upgrade some of the facilities here and I hope that they can hurry up the process some more.    Even Pan looks like he is disgusted with things more often than not right now and I can’t blame the poor fellow.  He’s a big cat and isn’t used to having to share his space with these wolves that seem to be animals that most of these people seem to have with them.  Wolves are great, however, they won’t ever replace my big cats.



Fnor Morningstar


Oh, He Will Be Mine…

November 23rd

Dear Journal,

Well, I finally got some much needed time off for good behavior – that’s truly a joke, it just amounted to some major sucking up and trying to act like I was happy with what I was doing.  I have been in Pandaria for several months and haven’t had any time off due to the fact that I have had personality conflicts with some of my peers, not really my peers, and some of the higher ups.  Who would have thought that they expected more of me because of my brother’s reputation.  I’m not my brother and I doubt that I will be stupid enough to stay in the Rangers as long as he has either.

I got to head into Halfhill and I have been just hanging around in the market place trying to find out what information I can about Dawnglory.  Yes, he does live here and he does have a woman and a baby, which I already knew, however, people aren’t really all that forthcoming with the exact location of his farm.  Somehow, thinking of my beautiful Sindorei digging in the dirt just doesn’t fit with what I know of him.  He’s too sophisticated for that sort of thing, however, being with that woman might have changed some of his ideals and his pride too.  I have the next five days off and if I have to travel down every lane and goat path, I’ll do that too because I will find him and I will talk to him and tell him what a mistake he is making with his life.

I have also heard the rumors of this new problem that has developed in the Blasted Lands and I hope that they don’t yank my unit out of Pandaria and ship us off there.  If they do try to do that, I will be resigning or buying my way out so that I can stay here in Pandaria until I make that man see reason and marry me.  I have some money of my own saved up, plus, I don’t think that my brother will hold a grudge long enough to refuse me some help if I ask for it and it concerns his best friend too.   I’m just marking my time and waiting for the right moment to talk to him.  I know he’s here and I know that he and that woman frequent the market with their brat too, so, I’ll just sit here and bide my time until I see that golden-haired man that I know so well makes his appearance.

No, I am not happy being here in the role that I had to take in order to get here.  I’m not meant for the orders and all of the rules that are put into place to make it a more military group and I’m sure not ready to settle down to having to share a tent with a whole bunch of other women.   I’m not keen on the idea that I only have a footlocker to keep my personal belongings in and it has to stay locked all of the time to keep the peasants from stealing from me.  My gowns are probably ruined from being stuffed into that trunk for so long and it is going to make me very angry if they are.  Well, maybe not too angry since I know that they are probably out of fashion now since they are last season’s styles.

If I wasn’t so determined to talk to Dawnglory, I would have gone back to Silvermoon to see some of my friends and to see if I still have access to the house that my brother gave me.  I know that I am not really welcomed at the main house because of those stupid goblins living there that my brother seems to like better than he does his own sister.  Well, that’s what happens when you’re not really blood-related, I suppose.

I have seen Felaran a couple of times since I have been in Pandaria and even went to her house for dinner one night, which was kind of weird because she and her “husband” are both Death Knights.  The food was good and I thought that it was really nice that they would think to even have a good wine to serve with it.   I guess that Ty is the one that cooked the meal because Felaran still can’t cook stuff without destroying it.  It seems odd to have her living with a man here in Pandaria, however, I guess even Death Knights have some softer feelings too.

I like Fel’s “husband”, even if they aren’t really married, they just say that they are and even have rings to show.  I know that they couldn’t’ get married in Silvermoon or under the auspices of that law=minded group.  They just decided they were married.   Ty is an odd fellow, a bit on the quiet side sometimes, however, he is totally devoted to that cat of his, which is really odd.  He also makes some beautiful pieces of jewelry which kind of surprised me because I wouldn’t think that a real man cold make suck delicate pieces.  He showed me some of the jewelry that he was sending back to Silvermoon to sell and I was definitely awestruck, maybe he will be kind enough to give me some of the pieces some day.  Oh, I could buy them,  I suppose. However,  why should I spend money if he is willing to give it to me in the name of “family” helping family?  I think that it’s rather ironic that he looks very much like our brother and that sometimes he sounds like him – that dark mane of hair, those startling blue eyes and that voice make me feel a bit chilled and excited at the same time.  Fel seems to be very much in love with him and I hope that she is happy and that they can keep that act up for a long time too.

I already know that I am going to be telling Dawnglory all of the benefits of being with someone like me rather than that woman.  I’m educated, I have my own money and access to the Morningstar monies, if my brother has changed his orders at the banks, and I am also a lot younger than that woman is.  She’s older and has lived most of her life like an animal in Northrend.  Well, maybe he likes that pack mentality, however, it doesn’t go over well in Silvermoon where people have to at least some idea of the social norms.  I suppose with him living in the wilds as a Ranger has left him open to the idea that it’s okay to have a person act more like an animal that a real person.  I tried to talk to his sister about the way that he is living with this woman and she won’t talk to me anymore because I wasn’t all sunshine and nice about the fact that I think he is ruining his life.

I know that he and my brother still have some of their friends that are still Krasarang and I can’t believe how tight-lipped they are with any information in regard to Dawnglory.  It’s almost like they are in league trying to protect him for some reason or other.  Maybe it’s some kind of special code of theirs, however, I am not about to try to buck that system too much, it cost me enough time trying to do that and getting stuck at camp for weeks unless I was on patrol with some of those other people.  One of the guys let it slip that he thought that Dawnglory was already married – well, I found out that that is a joke because I contacted the Magisters offices in Silvermoon and after several days of waiting, there is no record of a marriage posted in their files for him.  Even if he does get married, that is no reason for me to stop trying to steal him away.  It makes little difference to me because I know that he belongs with me and not her.

Sitting in this Inn and staring out towards the market is really quite entertaining for a while, however, I am starting to get rather bored.  I suppose I should go out and see if I can find my man instead of sitting here in hopes that he will show up.  I know that he probably doesn’t visit the Inn very often these days with that woman and baby holding him back, it’s not like the old days when he could come and go a he wishes.   I would have never thought in a million years that my wild and headstrong Sindorei would become a domesticated being instead of what has always been a part of his nature. I think I’ll go out and see if I can find someone that might be more informative as to where Dawnglory lives, maybe a little gold in their hand might make them remember.





OOC – Has It Really Been 10 Years?

Fnor - Final

Fnor back in his Glory Days during Wrath of the Lich King & Cata – oh those were the days of raiding endlessly.

Fnor - Start of WoD

Fnor as he looks now.  Can’t see how he’s changed all that much and the mileage has been pretty hectic.



Kaldor as he has always been (not the new model picture at all)  Just a real laid back Kaldorei scout and hunter, doing the things that he loves.  He actually used to be a little goblin by the name of Dooddah before he faction and race changed.

November 22nd

Has it really been ten years?  Ten years since I first logged into the World of Warcraft?  It probably has since they just gave us the official little Corgi pet as a gift for hanging in there that long.  Sure doesn’t seem like it’s been all that long to me, however, I tend to look at some things with rose-tinted glasses sometimes.

I can recall spending hours upon hours playing World of Warcraft back in its infancy.  Oh the trials and tribulations of being a newb and the terrible things that I got into.  I can remember leveling poor Fnor as a Night Elf back in those days, dying a few times, one time the death was so severe that I did delete him at level 20.  No one told me about the Spirit Ghost back then and I couldn’t reach my body after falling off of Teldrassil.  Rerolled and started over again and played happily all through BC just grinding away at getting geared, getting enough money for my first flying mount by taking out a loan from another guildie that had the time to play more back then than I did.    Oh, those were the days.

Race and Faction changed poor Fnor at Level 80, redid all the reputation grinds involved to get him back to where he was before he decided to move to Wrymrest Accord and go Red. Oh, that was a long year of endless grinding to get everything back in order so that he could take his proper station with the Horde.  Haven’t missed a beat on keeping his reps up to date although I am still going back to the old Content to get the BC reputations completely back. Ah yes, such are the penalties involved of faction changing at what was then, cap level.  I took a solemn oath that I would never do it again, however, that was before Kaaldor came along and broke the mold on that one.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the last ten years and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Getting used to the way that Role Playing was done in World of Warcraft was quite the thing for me since I had been primarily doing RP on TheSimsOnline (TSO) for years and didn’t think much of it other than having a good time with friends – so many do’s and don’t’s with WoW that it was rather daunting at first.   I had done forum RP as well as writing an awful lot of Fan Fiction for the McCaffrey site for years.    Even have a character that I rerolled recently by the name of  Jaxom PernDragon – let’s see how long it takes before someone reports that name again – LOL I still have a letter from the author that allows me to utilize her character names in the game which Blizzard has on file, so, we shall see. Oh yes, been through the wringer of making changes as to how I do things online has been an adventure.

I’m waxing a bit nostalgic this morning when I think about all of the tears and laughter that I shared over the years with various friends that I had in-game.  I’m also reflecting back on the number of people that I no longer see in-game because they have moved on to other things or they have passed on.  Yes, I’m in that generation where life can be cut short rather quickly because we’ve already lived a good long while and have our children and even our grandchildren already playing World of Warcraft in some cases.  I also have quite a few people on my RealID that I don’t really talk too that often and wonder why I even have them there sometimes other than to know that they are still alive and playing the game.   Do we group up and do things together, oh hell no, that would be just too much to think about, I suppose.  I know some of them I haven’t spoken too in a year or more, which makes me wonder why I have them  on my list at all other than to remember what fun we “used to have” back when things weren’t so closed off.

No, I love my World of Warcraft and I enjoy the Lore a lot more than I should.  It’s like reading a good book that you can’t put down and it so much harder to walk away from because “you” are taking an active role in what is going on in the game.  It’s awesome.

Is World of Warcraft addictive?  Well, yeah, I would say that it is to a point although I have been able to walk away for a while now and again when I just didn’t feel physically capable of playing for a few weeks – never unsubbed though.   It’s a time sink and it’s a place for someone like me to hide out and go into denial that they are a Senior Citizen because I can do all of the things in game that I can no longer do in RL – run like the wind and run for miles.  There is a special bond that you build up over the years with the acquaintances that you have in game that can oftentimes surpass anything that you have to deal with in RL – friends, family and loved ones included.

So, I’ve been married for 35 years and 10 of those years I have spent with Fnor Morningstar, my hero, my persona that I feel very comfortable with because a lot of his personality is taken from my own as well as a few other people I’ve known over the years.  My spouse doesn’t seem to mind sharing me with my characters in World of Warcraft because they know that it is my form of escapism and a hobby that can be very time consuming.

Oh, I’m sure that my involvement in the gaming community has probably cost me a few friendships over the years with some of the RL people, however, can’t say that I actually miss them that much.  I don’t like sitting around and talking about getting older, Social Security and whatever politics seem to be the current thing – I want to go spend my time in Azeroth, it’s a much happier place for me.

I’m enjoying the heck out of the new expansion and will probably be getting lost in the game for hours on end until I finally get at least one of my characters to hit 100.  Fnor is the one that is the nearest to that goal, as it should be, he and I have been through a lot together.

Well, see you all in game and I really hope that you are having half as much fun at least that I am.  It’s off to the Garrison to see what kind of chores I have on my plate today.  Darn Followers , can’t they pick the things that they want to do, I shouldn’t have to tell them everything, you know – it’s like raising kids.





I Have A Family…Things Are Different Now

*Language – some swearing.  If this offends you, please don’t read it.*


November 19th

Yo Book!!

Well, I’m not going to say that I am fucking surprised with the mail that I got today, however, it is really going to put all of our fucking plans into a tailspin.  Who the hell was I to think that things would stay like they were for a long period of time.   Here I fucking sit with a woman that I love more than life itself, a baby daughter that is more precious to me than all of the gold in the world, a farm to run…and finally a life that wasn’t all blood, guts and gore.  A life where I could settle down and be completely happy with the way that things are.

I know that when I say the envelope, I knew fucking then and there that things were going to change and there wasn’t a damned thing that I can do about it.  Luckily, I didn’t see anything in the mail for Romy or she might be going off the deep end along with me.

Why now?  We’re just getting things put into order so that we can get married and give Mirrin a happy home and  place that she can be proud of, parents that are married and that love her dearly.    Why now?  I know that I had just about convinced Romy to just pack things up and we could just go fill the paperwork out in Silvermoon and call it good.  We don’t need a ceremony that I am aware of unless it will make her feel better.  I just want that piece of paper in my hand so that I know that we are recognized as a couple, a married couple, in the eyes of those pratts back in Silvermoon.  I know that I don’t’ want my daughter to go through the things that I went through because I couldn’t prove my lineage.  It’s not right for a girl to have to suffer through that.  I know what poor Felessa went through with it and I won’t have a child of mine go through the same cruelties that I know she suffered through.

Now, I know that Fnor has already gotten his letter from the Regent and is already making his preparations to go back in to do his duty and it makes me feel bad because I really don’t want to go.  I don’t want to go marching off to another problem area and miss out on my little girl growing up.  I want to see her walking, I want to be able to teach her how to ride her first mount, there are so many firsts that I won’t have with her if I am called away.  I wish there was something that I could do to keep from having to separate myself from my fucking family.

I haven’t shown Romy the letter yet and I sure have tried to cover up the fact that I am more than a little bit upset by it.  I know that she is going to take the news hard because I did.  It just doesn’t seem fair that someone can yank you away from your fucking life and force you into something that just might bet your ass killed or something worse.  Oh, I know that wars have been going on since the beginning of time and that millions of people have left their families and hundreds of thousands have died and never got to live out their lives.

I know that we’ve been living in a Fool’s Paradise these last few months here in Pandaria, however, it was the kind of paradise that I was getting very used too.  I was out of uniform , finally, for the first time in my adult life and I had a woman and baby that I could spend time with.  I didn’t have to follow someone’s orders and I could do pretty much as I pleased.  If I wanted to spend all day out in the fields and working on the farm, I could do that.  If I wanted to go off hunting and spend a couple of days fishing, I could do that.   Now, here I am sitting knowing full well that I am going to have to fall under someone else’s schedule and demands other than my own.   Well, it’s not like Mirrin didn’t demand all of the time in the world sometimes and she was a rough taskmaster at three in the morning when she wanted a diaper changed.

Naturally, it’s fucking raining outside and I am not in the proper frame of mind to go out and work in the fields in the mud right now.  Normally, I enjoy the rain and the respite from the physical labor, however, this morning, I am having a tough time trying not to burst out in tears because it is just fucking depressing the shit out of me.  Today was a day that I had planned on taking Romy and Mirrin to the Jade Temple and we could have a little picnic together and let Mirrin play in the water.  Yes, she’s a water baby, just like her Dad and it does make me smile when I see that she loves it as much as I do.

Maybe we can still take that time to try to do a picnic and maybe that would be a good time to let Romy read this letter that I have stashed away in my belt pouch.  I don’t know how she is going to react and I don’t know how I am going to react either.  We had so many plans and so many hopes pinned together for the next few months.  Who knows, we may already have another baby on the way, it’s all up to the Fates.   If Romy starts crying, I’ll probably join her in that too.

Naturally, I ‘m sure that all of the rumors that we have been hearing are all over the market today and I bet that some of the people that I know have already gotten their orders to report back for duty.  Report back to Silvermoon it says, report back to be directed to our new assignments.   I know that if Fnor can do anything about it, he will definitely have me at his side again.

You know, I have spent more time with that man than I have with my own sister.  We have been together ever since I joined the Rangers all those years ago and we have quite a friendship that has seen a lot of mileage.

Damn it!! Just when I thought life was going to be good, there just has to be another conflict somewhere that the Horde has to go get involved.  There are times I wonder if the powers to be have a some kind of death wish for all of the races.

Well, I guess I should go do something constructive at least.  All of this internal ranting and raving isn’t going to solve a damned thing, I’ll just have to figure out how we’re going to deal with it  Hopefully, Romy and I can get married before I have to go charging off, I’d like my daughter to at least know that her parents were married in the eye of the authorities if something should happen to me.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


Another Time…Another War…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

November 18th

Dear Journal,

You know that I should have seen this whole thing coming and failed miserably at it.  After all of the rumors and all of the summoning for meetings  that I have gotten from the Council and the Regent Lord, I still didn’t think that there was anything to worry about or even life changing at this point.  Well, I guess I was bloody well wrong on all counts.  I should have recognized all of the early warning signs and I didn’t pay attention to it because I had my head so buried in the business and some of the things going on in my personal life that I just couldn’t bring myself to the point of facing a reality that is going to be smacking all of us in the face living in Azeroth.

What I thought I had been doing for the past year has been kind of put on the shelf for a while because I have been recalled to “active” duty again and I had no choice but to follow the orders that have been given because of my loyalty oath to not only the Horde and the Regent Lord has come back to haunt me with a reckoning that I was not expecting so soon.

It almost seems like yesterday that we were all landing in Pandaria for the exploration expedition that turned out to be anything but that in the long term.  We still have the majority of our troops in Pandaria trying to get things under control and now, we’re off to another front.   I’m not going to bore myself senseless with all of the details that came to pass with the capture and the confrontation of our insane Warchief.  The trial was truly a mockery of Justice to begin with because some of the people that were testifying against Garrosh were guilty of as many atrocities or worse magnitude than the poor fool could have even thought of on his own.  Trial, what trial?  They needed a scapegoat and the biggest one they could find was Hellscream himself.  The sad thing is that the insane fool has escaped and of course, there are people in hot pursuit after him.  How did this happen?  How many lives were needlessly lost in his capture only to have him escape the justice that was going to be meted out to him?  How many times is history going to repeat itself with these fools?

I’ll admit that I truly never cared for the fellow and that he has put the Horde through a living hell that should have gotten him assassinated years ago.   No, the group in Orgrimmar just went along with what this fool was doing and now we are all going to pay the price.  Yes, we now have a new Warchief sitting on the throne in Orgrimmar and I am not so sure that this is going to be any better than it was before.  This is the first time that I know of that there has been a non-Orc sitting on that throne and I wonder how long that is going to last.  We’ve had to live with the arrogance of the Orcs in the city and now, we’re dealing with the Trolls.  Is this the lesser of two evils?  I’m not sure that I even care at this point however, it has changed a lot of the things that I had planned on doing in my life.

I will maintain my allegiance with the Regent and give the Horde a cursory tolerance as I have in the last few months and hope that I haven’t made a total error in judgment on that point.   Trading one savage as a leader for another one of similar ilk seems to be the worst thing that we could have done at this juncture.  Who knows what is really going on the mind of this Vol’jin anyway ?

After attending several meetings in Orgrimmar over the last few weeks, I’m still perplexed as to what we’re expected to do.  Then, we all get word that there is another kind of uprising going on in the Blasted Lands and some of us were actually send down there to investigate the situation and make a report back to the Regent.  Well, it’s war again.  Yes, all those years ago that our Fathers fought the Legion in the area and pushed back the hostilities in the Outland region, it appears as though we have another denizen to deal with.  A new race of Orcs has decided to make their way back through the portal that we should have close down at the end of that war.  We didn’t close it because there were many things still going on down there and a lot of unfinished business that need to be addressed  – well, to be honest, I think that we all grew to be complacent, myself included.

Shattrath is in for some rough times, I’m afraid.  Here we just put a lot of time of money and energy in getting the business set up there again and now we’re facing another kind of war there.   Something about a magical ability of crossing into other times has me perplexed and scared at the same time.  Haven’t  we learned that dabbling with magic can lead to some rather awful things.  The stories I have heard of demons coming through that portal and our people chasing them back have my hair curling and I’ll admit that even if it did sound like exciting times – do I want to deal with it again as if history is repeating itself?

If I were a younger man and didn’t have the responsibilities that I currently have, I suppose that I would be excited at the prospect of racing through into things headlong without worrying about the future.  This whole thing down there is going to make some major changes to my future, I’m afraid.    Now, I have to recall some of my employees and break the new to them that I will be heading off to take up another command and they will have to run the business without me being here all of the time.  Back to the way that it was when we were in Orgrimmar, I’ll get back to the business when I can and I have time away from my new duties as another Commander.

I still haven’t found Agatha and I would like to talk to her before I leave again.  I am also trying to get in touch with my wife to see if she has been recalled back to her active duty again with the Sentinels.  I know that if Amyn has been called back, that also means that Kal will be recalled as well.  Why do these things have to always happen to disrupt out lives just when we were getting to a point that we might even be able to be a family again?

Damn it!  I can’t just say “no” and walk away, I have to go.

Fnor Morningstar


Kae’s Thoughts…

November 17th

Dear Journal,

Oh my the seasons are changing rather rabidly here, even in the Valley of Four Winds.  There is a certain chill in the air first thing in the morning that even has the smell of freshly fallen snow – the wind comes down off the mountains, I’m sure.  One thing that I am not enjoying at this time of year is all of the rain, it seems like it doesn’t want to stop, however, that doesn’t mean that we get a day off from harvesting the crops and fighting off the vermin.

Kal has been good on his word of not going to hang out with his old friends in Stormwind and I am happy about that because I think that he was starting to drink way too much and forgetting what his priorities actually were here at the farm and yes, even forgetting that we have an informal commitment to one another.   I know that he is still toying with the idea of going back to Darnassus and taking our pledge at the Moonwell and I know that it is a big thing for the two of us.  I don’t think that I need it that badly, however, it’s something that we want to do in the near future.  Maybe over Winter Veil we can do that?

We’ve spent a good deal of time talking about his family and how he was raised. It sounds as if he has had his own life shaken up a few times with the relationship that his Father and Mother have had over the years, however, Amyn seems to be the one that is the most stable of the two.  What can I say, his Father is very much the Sindorei in all facets of his life it seems and Amyn must have the patience of a priestess to have been able to handle all of the changes that she has gone through with her Sindorei.

Kal definitely has a lot of his Father’s traits sometimes and that is going to be the one thing that will cause us trouble if we both aren’t aware of it.  His fixation on his appearance is definitely a Sindorei thing and I will have to admit that I do take a lot of pride in being seen with him when he is all dressed up in his best.  He’s a handsome man and very masculine – I can really see why some of the girls at the camp were throwing themselves at him all of the time, however, I was the lucky one that captured his heart it seems.

I know that I was laughing at him a couple of days ago when he asked when I wanted to go back to the Jade Temple so that we could do some washing and some fishing.  Honestly, I could do the washing here at the farm just as easily, although I would miss those little outings of ours.  Oh, we still make a day of it and sit there with our packed lunch and some wine and fish. It’s not exactly what some of the girls would all a romantic moment, however, it’s romantic for us.

Oh, I have been watching Dawnglory and his little family at his farm over the fence.  Their little girl is really going to be quite the handful when she starts actually walking more.  I know that she definitely looks like her Father and I think that she is going to be as beautiful as her red-haired Mother.   I had to come in the house to hide my laughter because the little girl definitely has quite the vocabulary and her one word that anyone can understand regardless of faction is “No” – she was smacking her own little chubby hands every time she was reaching out to grab one of the plants that her Mother was weeding. Nothing like having a child that can do self-discipline.

It is definitely times like those, watching the family next door, that I wish that Kal and I had a child of our own.    I know that I have broached the subject with Kal a few times and he always wrinkles his nose up and looks at me like I have said a terrible thing.  I  think we would make great parents and our children would be beautiful.  He keeps telling me that he would hate to bring a child into this world right now because there is so much going on that he doesn’t feel comfortable subjecting another living being of his own blood into the mess.    He always laughs and tells me that we need to get used to the two of us being together first before we introduce someone else into the situation.  Frankly, I think he’s just stalling and unbeknownst to him, I’ve stopped taking my tea a couple of weeks ago, so, we may already have a baby in the works, only Elune knows.   I know that that is a sneaky thing to do to a fellow, however, if it does come to pass, I am in hopes that he will be happy about it.

I know that we are both concerned that there might be more troubles for us in the near future too.  With all of the rumors floating around Pandaria and with some of the things that we have heard in Stormwind when we last went there, we both may be jumping back in with our Sentinels and setting off for a new adventure.  I know that we both would like to have more of a respite than what we have had and some time to enjoy the life that we have carefully crafted here in Pandaria.  Our farm is wonderful and I know that Kal takes great pride in how it has turned out.  If we are forced back into our duty again, we will be searching for someone to manage the place for us because we aren’t going to give it up and go off only to come back to the “nothing” that might be left behind if we surrendered the farm.

I guess that I am going to keep an ear out to see if there is anymore gossip about these new problems that might be facing Azeroth.  Right now, all we can do is to live one day at a time and hope that this blows over and doesn’t yank us away from the things and people we love.

Oh, I don’t like the look on Kal’s face right now, he just came in from getting the mail and he’s holding two envelopes that look kind of official.   Well, I suppose that I should cut this short and see what has happened now.  By  Elune, that man does not look like he’s all that happy.