OOC: This Week in World of Warcraft…

November 12th

I know that after seeing all of the things being discussed in regard to the Blizzcon event, I’m certainly happy that I didn’t blow the $40 to sit here and find out nothing.  Yes, yes, I know that the latest expansion will be released in a few days, however, I was hoping that they would at least give us a hint as to what is going to happen with the next patch for it.

Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait, however, it does make me wonder how bad the fertilizer is going to hit the wind machine when some of the ill-informed hit that level cap and discover that the usual carrot on the stick isn’t there yet.   Oh well, we shall all see what happens next, I suppose.  I know that WoD will be setting the mark for further expansions and if I see that there is going to be a continuation of “no flying” throughout this expansion and future ones, WoD will definitely be my last.  I know I have invested quite a bit of time and money on “flying’ mounts in years past, however, I wasn’t planning on spending another ten years steeped in old content either so that I can fully utilize them.

I hope that the art team has their running shoes on because I really have some bad feelings about the Blood Elves.  I hope they don’t botch the job up as badly as they did with the running animations and the way that our other elves look.  Sad but social?  Well, maybe they want to be social, however, they are too embarrassed to show their “tiptoe through the tulips” run animation.  Yes, I will be going back to the old models.  I’ve tried getting used to the animation, however, it’s not what I thought would happen to my tall, majestic Night Elves.  I just hope that they don’t make the same errors with the Blood Elves because that will just put the nail in the coffin of my ever using the new models.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my game and I will still play the game, however, I will always be a bit more than a little bit mistrustful of what I am told after these last few months.

I suppose I am somewhat excited about heading into Draenor, however, I do plan on lagging behind, both figuratively and actually, because I am not into the mind numbing mess that launches always are unless they have figured out phasing to allow us into areas that have a limited number of people in it.  Oh well, this will be the first launch that I have deliberately avoided.  I am also expecting not being able to get into my server for quite a while too – we’ve had queues in the past as well as continuous disconnects in the last few months and I would expect launch day to be one of those times when everyone that hasn’t logged in for six months will be trying to get on.  What I do plan on doing is going off and playing other games on launch day or longer if it is impossible to get into my main realm.

I know that if I were to go by what I have seen on the forums and I was a “new” player, I’d go spend my money somewhere else too.   I always read the forums to see if I can glean any pertinent information from the mishmash of threads that are on there.  Now that that they are taking away the class (Role) forums and such, that pretty much leaves General for all of the enlightened folks to post on – yes, I’m dripping some sarcasm on there.  I hope that people realize that it is only a vocal minority that spends much time on the forums.

Let’s see, this past week I did an RAF with another Bnet account to get another mount and I am still giggling.  I had done the RAF invitation from my WoW6 account to my new Bnet account.  Things didn’t seem quite right from the beginning, so, I kept a close eye on things and will have to admit that the “summons” didn’t work as advertised and I put in a ticket.  That’s where the real giggling started when the rep told me that I couldn’t do it from one Bnet account to another one  – oh hello, how do you use it then?  Well, anyway, I just let it ride.  What made me laugh was that the mount actually showed up on my WoW8 account and not on my WoW6 where it originated.  Methinks that Blizz may have a few things going on and a few more bugs than they thought that might have.  Rather than putting in another ticket and waiting four more days, I just took the mount and ran with it. So, in the future, I won’t be doing RAF no matter what kind of mount they are offering.  I already had the two two-seater mounts so this was for another mount altogether.

I know that while everyone is running about in WoD, I will be trotting along at my own pace per usual and will still be doing stuff in MoP and the older content.  I’m happier back there anyway and it seems like I can truly get immersed in the game.  Oh, I did purchase the expansion and have the ability to make the mad dash with everyone else, however, this expansion is going to be out there a long time and I will probably start the initial stuff on Monday after the mad dash is done and people have gone back to work.  I’ve done it three times already in Beta, so, I’m not that crazy about doing it the fourth time although I know that this time it will be for “real” and not just a passing fancy.

Guess I will wrap this up and publish it, finally, because I have been playing around with it for the last three days and haven’t put it out there.  I hope that WoD turns out to be everything that we all thought it would be and that we have something to do for the next year or so.  Good luck everyone!

8 thoughts on “OOC: This Week in World of Warcraft…

    • Sorry for taking so long in getting back to your response. Well I hope that when they do release the Blood Elf models that they will be wonderful and not as crazy as my NE characters have been. With Blood Elves being one the largest populations in game next the Humans, it’s going to be a delicate balance as to what Blizzard is going to be able to do – I hope that the art department has learned a few things since the release of the other races. 😀

  1. Oh I totally hear you about the new models! I had been looking forward to seeing them then when they came.. to say I was disappointed was a gross understatement! While the older models may not have had as many pixels, at least they had variety in skin colour,and faces.. not just adjustments in eyebrow positions eg: the new human female model.. the new running animations.. what drugs were they on? the animations were horrible.. I’m starting to appreciate the older models more after that mess. I hear you about the launch, I have a strong feeling that things are going to get quite hairy for the first while , so I can wait until things settle down a bit before logging on. In a way that’s a good thing; I can get my houseclearning done in the meantime 🙂 and my christmas gifts made. I am feeling a little anxious about the new blood elf models as well; if they messed those up , I’m sticking with the older models, thank you very much.

    • Oh yeah, I’m going to be lagging way behind on some of the stuff because “already been there, seen the movie” kind of thing with some of the previous launches. I still almost weep when I log in on my Alliance main, poor Kaaldor. He runs like he has the latest thing in light loafters that all of the cool kids are wearing – so, definitely switching back to the old models when I play him. Can’t stand it anymore and I really tried to get used to it.

  2. The weird run animation is most noticeable on my Undead. I have never seen her act so jaunty and bouncy. She used to be rather morose, not anymore!

    I always tell myself to not jump on the bandwagon and rush off with the crowd but I’ve had little success so far. We’ll see how it goes, never know if I’m going to be sensible or not, lol.

  3. LOL I hear you on the Undead run animation, never saw my girls or guy run with such wild abandon. I feel bad for my Tauren, they have kind of a John Wayne limp to one side and off they go. Oh, let’s not talk about the capes flapping in the wind on the Forsaken – looks like they have something going on that is blowing their capes out behind them in such a weird wind flapping manner.

    Definitely going to be tough not to log in to see how things will be going nuts on Wrymrest, however, I already know from past experience that the realm will be so over-crowded that I can make dinner or an early breakfast while I wait in the queue to get in. Of course, that should all dissipate in the next week when the “go-go-go” kids get their stuff done and realize that there isn’t all that much out there when you hit 100 – just more grinding to build your garrisons. Can’t understand the “rush” either, there is no realm first for anything anymore that I am aware of.

  4. Personally I like the new models, but the run animation on male Tauren’s makes it appear as if they are leaning forward and running like they are trying to stand up right and not fall down. My Dreanei look good, although the facial experession my Shaman has give the empression of being constipated lol

    • I will admit that I don’t know much about animation,however, one would think that they could continue to do a little bit of tweaking on them. I agree about the Tauren too. I’m in hopes that they will continue to work on them and get them to where they aren’t so weird in the running.

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