OOC – Has It Really Been 10 Years?

Fnor - Final

Fnor back in his Glory Days during Wrath of the Lich King & Cata – oh those were the days of raiding endlessly.

Fnor - Start of WoD

Fnor as he looks now.  Can’t see how he’s changed all that much and the mileage has been pretty hectic.



Kaldor as he has always been (not the new model picture at all)  Just a real laid back Kaldorei scout and hunter, doing the things that he loves.  He actually used to be a little goblin by the name of Dooddah before he faction and race changed.

November 22nd

Has it really been ten years?  Ten years since I first logged into the World of Warcraft?  It probably has since they just gave us the official little Corgi pet as a gift for hanging in there that long.  Sure doesn’t seem like it’s been all that long to me, however, I tend to look at some things with rose-tinted glasses sometimes.

I can recall spending hours upon hours playing World of Warcraft back in its infancy.  Oh the trials and tribulations of being a newb and the terrible things that I got into.  I can remember leveling poor Fnor as a Night Elf back in those days, dying a few times, one time the death was so severe that I did delete him at level 20.  No one told me about the Spirit Ghost back then and I couldn’t reach my body after falling off of Teldrassil.  Rerolled and started over again and played happily all through BC just grinding away at getting geared, getting enough money for my first flying mount by taking out a loan from another guildie that had the time to play more back then than I did.    Oh, those were the days.

Race and Faction changed poor Fnor at Level 80, redid all the reputation grinds involved to get him back to where he was before he decided to move to Wrymrest Accord and go Red. Oh, that was a long year of endless grinding to get everything back in order so that he could take his proper station with the Horde.  Haven’t missed a beat on keeping his reps up to date although I am still going back to the old Content to get the BC reputations completely back. Ah yes, such are the penalties involved of faction changing at what was then, cap level.  I took a solemn oath that I would never do it again, however, that was before Kaaldor came along and broke the mold on that one.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the last ten years and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Getting used to the way that Role Playing was done in World of Warcraft was quite the thing for me since I had been primarily doing RP on TheSimsOnline (TSO) for years and didn’t think much of it other than having a good time with friends – so many do’s and don’t’s with WoW that it was rather daunting at first.   I had done forum RP as well as writing an awful lot of Fan Fiction for the McCaffrey site for years.    Even have a character that I rerolled recently by the name of  Jaxom PernDragon – let’s see how long it takes before someone reports that name again – LOL I still have a letter from the author that allows me to utilize her character names in the game which Blizzard has on file, so, we shall see. Oh yes, been through the wringer of making changes as to how I do things online has been an adventure.

I’m waxing a bit nostalgic this morning when I think about all of the tears and laughter that I shared over the years with various friends that I had in-game.  I’m also reflecting back on the number of people that I no longer see in-game because they have moved on to other things or they have passed on.  Yes, I’m in that generation where life can be cut short rather quickly because we’ve already lived a good long while and have our children and even our grandchildren already playing World of Warcraft in some cases.  I also have quite a few people on my RealID that I don’t really talk too that often and wonder why I even have them there sometimes other than to know that they are still alive and playing the game.   Do we group up and do things together, oh hell no, that would be just too much to think about, I suppose.  I know some of them I haven’t spoken too in a year or more, which makes me wonder why I have them  on my list at all other than to remember what fun we “used to have” back when things weren’t so closed off.

No, I love my World of Warcraft and I enjoy the Lore a lot more than I should.  It’s like reading a good book that you can’t put down and it so much harder to walk away from because “you” are taking an active role in what is going on in the game.  It’s awesome.

Is World of Warcraft addictive?  Well, yeah, I would say that it is to a point although I have been able to walk away for a while now and again when I just didn’t feel physically capable of playing for a few weeks – never unsubbed though.   It’s a time sink and it’s a place for someone like me to hide out and go into denial that they are a Senior Citizen because I can do all of the things in game that I can no longer do in RL – run like the wind and run for miles.  There is a special bond that you build up over the years with the acquaintances that you have in game that can oftentimes surpass anything that you have to deal with in RL – friends, family and loved ones included.

So, I’ve been married for 35 years and 10 of those years I have spent with Fnor Morningstar, my hero, my persona that I feel very comfortable with because a lot of his personality is taken from my own as well as a few other people I’ve known over the years.  My spouse doesn’t seem to mind sharing me with my characters in World of Warcraft because they know that it is my form of escapism and a hobby that can be very time consuming.

Oh, I’m sure that my involvement in the gaming community has probably cost me a few friendships over the years with some of the RL people, however, can’t say that I actually miss them that much.  I don’t like sitting around and talking about getting older, Social Security and whatever politics seem to be the current thing – I want to go spend my time in Azeroth, it’s a much happier place for me.

I’m enjoying the heck out of the new expansion and will probably be getting lost in the game for hours on end until I finally get at least one of my characters to hit 100.  Fnor is the one that is the nearest to that goal, as it should be, he and I have been through a lot together.

Well, see you all in game and I really hope that you are having half as much fun at least that I am.  It’s off to the Garrison to see what kind of chores I have on my plate today.  Darn Followers , can’t they pick the things that they want to do, I shouldn’t have to tell them everything, you know – it’s like raising kids.





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