Nothing Has Changed…Just Colder

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

November 24th

Dear Journal,

I thought those days of waking up in the middle of the night freezing my backside off were a thing of the past, apparently, it is not.  I can’t say that I am all that pleased at where I am stationed currently and I could care less that I am a Commander of a garrison that appears to be nothing more than an armed encampment comprised of Orcs, primarily.   That doesn’t bother me nearly as much as where that encampment happens to be located, a frozen tundra of endless snow and ice.

I can remember the days of serving in Northrend and I always took an oath to myself that I would never endure that again.  I learned that there are ways to stay warm for a short period of time, however, that bone chilling cold would always work its way through the armor and the clothing that I wore regardless of what I did.  I’m in the same situation here in this new land and I can see that the Horde has never learned anything from their past experiences with this type of fighting.  One would have thought that there could have been found better ways to deal with things than to just let them stand status quo for all of these years.  I know that we were constantly battling the Scourge and the adrenalin was enough to help us fight off some of the chill, however, it also made us a much more reckless group of men and a force to be reckoned with.

I know that it has been a number of years since I haven’t been given quarters of my own in an encampment, especially if I am supposedly the one in command of what goes on the place.  Here in this frozen tundra, I suppose that I am going to have to sleep with the people that I command in the barracks  – I don’t think that that is going to work out too well for them or for me.   I know that I have grown accustomed to having some privacy away from my duties, if that means I have to leave the garrison to its own devices, then, that’s what I will do.

Of course, with the Horde being predominantly Orc, I should have known that I would have more than my fair share of Orcs in my command, however, I am starting to see a few more Sindorei coming through the gates the last couple days.  I know that I really did feel like I was kind of isolated here for a while.   Naturally, I am waiting anxiously to see a Ranger contingent come through the gates too because that is what I am used to dealing with.

Damn, the only place that I can find in this whole place where I can get out of the wind is either in the central building where all of the planning and orders are given out or in the cave where I can fish – that’s even cold sometimes unless I build up a fire.    I already have plans of leaving when I can and heading to a place where I know I can get a good hot bath and some food that stays warm for more than a couple of forkfuls.   Snow, ice, harsh winds and the constant howling of wolves off in the distance doesn’t make for a pleasant outlook on things.

I know that I can head to man base and take a portal to warmer climes and that is exactly what I plan on doing in the very near future.  Stone, wood and spikes everywhere I look and it’s all surrounded by Orcs.

I miss the warmer climate of Pandaria at the farm, I miss the clean sheets and good food that I always took for granted at my home in Silvermoon.  I truly miss my privacy more than anything else.  I always feel like I have eyes following me around every time I do anything.  I’m not insecure in what I am doing and confident in my duties, however, the constant scrutiny is more than just a little bit unnerving at times.  I don’t recall having to live quite like this when I was in Northrend and still in the service at this point.   I miss the baths and the hot water that I used to have at my home in Dalaran – these are small luxuries that aren’t readily available here in my camp.

I think what has set me off is the fact that I have to sleep in the barracks right now and I guess that when I am not occupying my bed, it’s next come, next serve.  I don’t want to even think about some of the things that I have cleaned out of my bunk when I have been bone-tired and only wanted a place to sleep.  I’ve taken to sleeping in my armor rather than letting my body touch anything even remotely possible of passing on some bugs or other things.  The furs just smell terrible and I sometimes think that they were only clean the first day that they were put on the bunks.

I know that I haven’t grown soft over the years and I know that I have been able to adapt to almost anything that I have been forced to endure, however, being a commander over this rabble is just pushing me to the breaking point.

Oh well, there’s no use in complaining at this point and even writing about it isn’t going to make it any better for a while.  I know that I have several subordinates that are busy trying to upgrade some of the facilities here and I hope that they can hurry up the process some more.    Even Pan looks like he is disgusted with things more often than not right now and I can’t blame the poor fellow.  He’s a big cat and isn’t used to having to share his space with these wolves that seem to be animals that most of these people seem to have with them.  Wolves are great, however, they won’t ever replace my big cats.



Fnor Morningstar


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