OOC – What’s Going on Now…

November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to spend some quality time with the family.  All of that yummy food and all of the conversations going on with RL people .  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we aren’t cooking at our house today and will be going elsewhere to eat the food.  I miss cooking the big meal and having that smell permeate the house, however, I don’t miss the cleanup and the mess that it often brings to the kitchen.

Not much has been going on with my game playing this week because I have been busy waffling on characters again.  Still haven’t gotten to 100 yet on any of my characters because I have been too busy trying to back up in game to see if I have missed any quests to close out certain zones – I have two broken quests that seem to be the hold-up for the first zone on my Horde character, damn it.   I know that I have put in Bug Reports and requested help from the GMs, however, they were about as helpful as air.  Oh well, so, it’s on to the next zone and hope I don’t have the same issue – what a pain in the backside.

Working on the Horde characters has been fun and entertaining and I’ve kind of ignored my poor Alliance folks a bit the last couple of weeks.   Now, I got back on my Alliance main and discovered that I didn’t know how to get back to Draenor since the last patch.  Rather than appear like a total noob – I wandered around Stormwind for a while to see if I could see the traffic pattern that might lead me to the new portal location.  I have to laugh because I was just standing around and watching people go about their things in hopes that one might lead me to the portal that I was searching for.  Why didn’t I ask, you say?  Well,  there is nothing like appearing to be a total fool when you’re a Horde at heart playing in an Alliance city, right?  Logic should have told me where the portal was located after finding it on Horde near the Warchief, however, my brain seems to go into total dysfunction when I change factions sometimes.  I finally did find the portal and finally did make it back to Draenor on Kaldor – poor fellow isn’t even at 92 yet.

Getting to Draenor was just the beginning of an evening of OMG, where am I moments.  Since I haven’t advanced that far on my Horde character, Fnor, yet, I was totally lost in the Alliance area.  Maps?  Who uses maps?  I really got spoiled using Carbonite for all of these years so it is probably taking me a lot longer to do the quests in both factions.  After having years of being able to click on the quest, the arrow would point me in the direction that I needed to go without thinking about it all that much  is truly being missed by yours truly.  My sense of direction is spot on in RL for the most part, put me in World of Warcraft and I can’t find my way out of a straight line – North, South, East or West?  I dunno, I’m sure they have a compass that really works, however, my brain just doesn’t want to grasp it.  Oh, I’m not complaining, I’ve found all kinds of things to explore and have fallen to my ego a couple of times by trying to take on things that were at a much higher level  than my characters happened to be.  Silly me!

I am one of those people that really does miss flying in Draenor sometimes because it does seem that I have to travel great distances just to get to a questing area that I haven’t discovered the flight path for yet.  Yep, gotta love those ground mounts a bunch and I do, however, I do miss some of the convenience that flying offered.  Immersion?  Well, if you call getting rofl-stomped by a talbuk getting immersed in the game – been there and done that.

I’m finding that gathering mats for some of Garrison buildings quite frustrating because I can’t seem to get to them fast enough before someone else has snagged it and gone on their way.  I hate my lumber mill with a passion at this point because I feel lucky if I can get one work order put in a day.  I can’t tell you how many trees I’ve taken a beeline for and get there to have the sucker phased out or have someone else grab it before I could click on it.  Frustrating as hell!  I think that I am going to spend more time in leveling my characters than I am going to be trying to do the Garrison stuff for a while because if it were left up to me, I’d move back to MoP dailies in a heartbeat. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my Garrisons, however, my followers aren’t worth squat if they can’t help the Commander get the jobs done, right?  I’ll probably be lagging far behind some people in getting my Garrison past Level 2 for most of the buildings that I currently have.

I am having a real problem in deciding which of my lowbies needs to run around and shoot turkeys for a day at this point.  I just have too many and none that I plan on boosting in the near future at this point.  I still have two more boosts that I can use on my accounts without having to plank out that precious money for another one.

One of the things that I will have to say about my boosted characters is that I am enjoying them and some of them haven’t made it to Draenor just yet because they are still trying to quest some in Pandaria for recipes and the like before I travel on.  My enchanter/tailor is already at 92 just from rep grinding to get her tailoring reps up to where she can get a few precious recipes.   I like the idea of boosted characters to catch up with my “friends”, if  I really had any to speak of, I’d probably be in Draenor on them and chasing the rainbows.

What I don’t like about my boosted characters is that I am finding that they feel unfinished.  They don’t feel like all of my characters that I leveled the old fashioned way and I feel like they are missing that sense of accomplishment that I had with my old friends.  Oh well, too late now, I’ll just play them the way that I want and get them to where they need to be eventually.  Hindsight is truly 20/20 and I’m going to be doing a lot of that in the future, I’m afraid.

Oh, I did buy War Crimes finally and I’m enjoying what I have read of it so far.  I hate it that you have to buy a book these days to fill in the gaps in the Lore for an on-line game.  Between actually playing the game and reading about it, my time is a little short for all things.  Oh, let’s not forget that in between all of that, you still have to find the time for RL stuff and blogging.

I’m also trying to quit smoking “again” because I’m tired of the habit and how it makes me feel.  Yep, gonna give it a go and see how it goes this time.  I did get one of those new e-cig things that has different flavor oils and all that so I wouldn’t have to go through the total withdrawal thing all at once.  One thing I am capable of doing is just limiting myself to the “real deal” in the future.  It’s a nasty habit and one that I don’t need to add to my health issues any longer.  I think that my biggest issue is that I like the flavor of the tobacco and the actual act of “lighting up” – it’s kind of comforting sometimes.  I think that I am finding it more difficult to quit this time due to the fact that I quit for seven years and like an idiot, went back to it for some unknown reason – stress related, I’m sure.   Anyway, that kind of wraps it up for me in the OOC world for right now.

Oh, I’m still trying to get used to my new laptop.  I’m really happy that I did go ahead and get it even if the keys aren’t backlit like my old one which does limit where I can use it sometimes.  I don’t look at my keys when I’m typing, however, I do look at my keys sometimes when I am using the thing for WoW sometimes – which isn’t that often because I do have two desktops that are almost solely dedicated to game playing these days.

Now, if I could only get my skylight fixed in my loft so I don’t feel like I am playing in the basement, I’d be a happy camper, however, my procrastinating spouse is taking their time in getting that dealt with.   If I don’t get it fixed by May, it will be a year of sitting in the dark for me and I’m not at all happy about that.  I miss my sunshine and I miss drawing.   What I am seriously considering is investing in some more lights for the loft and trying to make it work for me again – it’s not the happy place that I have loved for almost thirty years right now.


6 thoughts on “OOC – What’s Going on Now…

  1. For your alliance character’s lumber mill, just hang in there! Shadowmoon Valley (I’m going to assume you are still questing there) is notoriously bad for collecting materials. Herbs, trees, mines, all are in high demand and thus are very hard to get before someone else. Don’t worry though, the next couple zones are a lot better for gathering resources. Gorgrond and Talador in particular have a lot of trees to cut and less people out to cut them. I know that this doesn’t help right now, but it does get better further on!

    And good luck on your quest to stop smoking!! I know this is a very important one, and I hope you can succeed! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m stubborn and will keep plodding along with the questing and gathering mats for both Horde and Alliance.

      Oh, thanks on the smoking thing – I hope it works out this time because it really is something that I need to do in RL to feel somewhat better. It isn’t going to be easy and I know that and your Good Luck wishes are greatly appreciated.

  2. Um … there’s a portal in Stormwind? And this from a predominately Alliance player so I have no excuse.

    We didn’t have Thanksgiving at home this year either. Husband loved the no clean up but we both missed those leftovers!

    • LOL, yeah, as you face the King in Stormwind Keep, go into the “War Room” to the right of him and there is the portal.

      I miss the leftovers too and I may just have to break down and go by a very small turkey or maybe even a chicken and roast it to have the leftovers here a the house. Didn’t miss the the clean up, however, I would love to have some leftover dressing right now.

    • That’s always a good thing to hear from a reader. There are quite a few of us out here that write in-character blogs for World of Warcraft and they are all good reads. Thanks for commenting, it’s always a good thing to see. 😀

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