Struggling and Trying to “Hang In There”…

November 16th

Well, to coin the phrase from whatever movie I’ve seen recently  – “I’m too old for this shit!”

Oh my, after looking forward to getting started on Warlords of Draenor and after sitting in the queues for 20+ hours (closer to 35 hours if the truth were to be told), I have decided that I am too old for this anxiety.  You know that you are too old to play the game anymore when  you sit in the queues and when you finally get in the game, you’re too damned tired to play.  Such is the cruelty of old age and a smack upside the head from reality.   I am completely exhausted at this point and my health issues are not exactly taking a backseat to the stress at this point.

I think that I have spent a small fortune for the fun that I have had in World of Warcraft over the last ten years and I have enjoyed the time well spent.  There have been tears of frustration and anger, there have been happy times and bad throughout those years, however, after the last three days, I think that I have reached my limit of endurance with sitting and staring at a computer screen with zero results for many hours.   I haven’t even reached 92 yet on my main character yet and it’s doubtful that I will make it to the Anniversary celebration in a few days to the prerequisite 100 – even if I did, it’s doubtful that I will be able to PUG the instance.

I currently have roughly eight accounts with active characters on them and I have requested a refund on the last two accounts for the money that I spent on WoD.  No sense in letting Blizzard keep the money because if I can’t play it, why pay it?  I have started closing down accounts that were already set up for monthly payments and will go back to the old timecard thing because if I can’t even get into the game to play, then, I’m not paying it.   Of course, my main account will remain active and I won’t ever close that one down no matter how I feel about things because it has all of my mains and all of my favorites on it to start with – oh the costs of transferring the characters from other accounts to the main account was an expense that I won’t repeat after doing that a year ago.  We won’t even go over the hours spent with Blizzard trying to retrieve my mounts and pets that seemed to take a hiatus with each transfer – that was an experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I have been through all of the expansion launch days for the last ten years and I will have to admit that the WoD Launch was the most abrupt and the worst fiasco that I have forced myself to endure.  Will I do it again?  Sure, if I can get over feeling like I’m death’s door eventually.  Will I ever preorder an expansion again?  Only one copy of it and then I’ll take the wait and see approach to the rest of my accounts.

I have enjoyed what little bit I’ve seen of the game so far, the Garrisons are confusing when you don’t really get to sink your teeth into it and see what is actually going on due to lack of being able to play, however, they seem like they are going to be fun.  Naturally, I’m stuck in the mud huts of the Horde for now until such time as I feel like I can get into the game again for my Alliance main.   Questing has been awesome and I have enjoyed what little I have been able to do, however, if I do take another character in there anytime soon, I hope I get to play it long enough to actually get immersed and make sense of what is actually going on.

Let’s see, I actually opened up my professions somewhat and even got some archeology going on the side just to see some of the artwork and try to get immersed in the game.  Did some questing and liked what I saw other than the first day of standing there and wondering if I was going to be able to finish the intro quests with the correct number of items “killed or retrieved” to progress on.    I did play the Beta, so, I had a leg up on where some of the things were located and breezed through the majority of the Jungle stuff without too much trouble.

From what I have seen so far, it does look like Blizzard did a great job with the artwork, the music is awesome and something that I can enjoy even if I am just standing there getting my backside munched on by some creature or other.  Had a great time running around and doing all of the things that I could, however, I do have to stop feeling guilty about someone getting their butts handed to them by pulling too many things at one time and “helping” them out – one thank you out of how many I helped was okay I suppose.  It’s in my nature to “help” when I see someone getting beat to death because they were either greedy or stupid, or both, in some cases.

Would I recommend the game as a whole to someone new at this juncture.  Oh yes, most assuredly, however, I would recommend that they wait until after the first of the year and maybe, just maybe, Blizzard will have things under control again and it will be a wonderful experience for them.  My heart truly goes out to the returning players and to the new players at this point because this has been a terrible introduction to the game as far as I am concerned.

Yes, I play on a high population server and I had no desire to roll on another sever so I can experience the leveling process from 1-100 with the current game experiences being nerfed to the ground without access to my BoA gear.  Sad thing is that I have tons of gear and can’t get to them to mail out to a new toon because of the queues.

Oh well, there is always next week when I can actually feel like playing again, I suppose.  I might try to play some today, however, I am going to take it easy and not get stressed to the max again, it’s not worth it.  I was actually afraid to log out once I got in yesterday and really pushed myself beyond my physical capability to stay and play longer.  Nope, not worth dying over, that’s a fact.   At least my mixed emotions have been validated many times over since the launch and know that I am truly not an old fool, just a fool for thinking that it might be an enjoyable experience at this point.

Good luck and see you all in Azeroth and Draenor.



OOC: This Week in World of Warcraft…

November 12th

I know that after seeing all of the things being discussed in regard to the Blizzcon event, I’m certainly happy that I didn’t blow the $40 to sit here and find out nothing.  Yes, yes, I know that the latest expansion will be released in a few days, however, I was hoping that they would at least give us a hint as to what is going to happen with the next patch for it.

Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait, however, it does make me wonder how bad the fertilizer is going to hit the wind machine when some of the ill-informed hit that level cap and discover that the usual carrot on the stick isn’t there yet.   Oh well, we shall all see what happens next, I suppose.  I know that WoD will be setting the mark for further expansions and if I see that there is going to be a continuation of “no flying” throughout this expansion and future ones, WoD will definitely be my last.  I know I have invested quite a bit of time and money on “flying’ mounts in years past, however, I wasn’t planning on spending another ten years steeped in old content either so that I can fully utilize them.

I hope that the art team has their running shoes on because I really have some bad feelings about the Blood Elves.  I hope they don’t botch the job up as badly as they did with the running animations and the way that our other elves look.  Sad but social?  Well, maybe they want to be social, however, they are too embarrassed to show their “tiptoe through the tulips” run animation.  Yes, I will be going back to the old models.  I’ve tried getting used to the animation, however, it’s not what I thought would happen to my tall, majestic Night Elves.  I just hope that they don’t make the same errors with the Blood Elves because that will just put the nail in the coffin of my ever using the new models.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my game and I will still play the game, however, I will always be a bit more than a little bit mistrustful of what I am told after these last few months.

I suppose I am somewhat excited about heading into Draenor, however, I do plan on lagging behind, both figuratively and actually, because I am not into the mind numbing mess that launches always are unless they have figured out phasing to allow us into areas that have a limited number of people in it.  Oh well, this will be the first launch that I have deliberately avoided.  I am also expecting not being able to get into my server for quite a while too – we’ve had queues in the past as well as continuous disconnects in the last few months and I would expect launch day to be one of those times when everyone that hasn’t logged in for six months will be trying to get on.  What I do plan on doing is going off and playing other games on launch day or longer if it is impossible to get into my main realm.

I know that if I were to go by what I have seen on the forums and I was a “new” player, I’d go spend my money somewhere else too.   I always read the forums to see if I can glean any pertinent information from the mishmash of threads that are on there.  Now that that they are taking away the class (Role) forums and such, that pretty much leaves General for all of the enlightened folks to post on – yes, I’m dripping some sarcasm on there.  I hope that people realize that it is only a vocal minority that spends much time on the forums.

Let’s see, this past week I did an RAF with another Bnet account to get another mount and I am still giggling.  I had done the RAF invitation from my WoW6 account to my new Bnet account.  Things didn’t seem quite right from the beginning, so, I kept a close eye on things and will have to admit that the “summons” didn’t work as advertised and I put in a ticket.  That’s where the real giggling started when the rep told me that I couldn’t do it from one Bnet account to another one  – oh hello, how do you use it then?  Well, anyway, I just let it ride.  What made me laugh was that the mount actually showed up on my WoW8 account and not on my WoW6 where it originated.  Methinks that Blizz may have a few things going on and a few more bugs than they thought that might have.  Rather than putting in another ticket and waiting four more days, I just took the mount and ran with it. So, in the future, I won’t be doing RAF no matter what kind of mount they are offering.  I already had the two two-seater mounts so this was for another mount altogether.

I know that while everyone is running about in WoD, I will be trotting along at my own pace per usual and will still be doing stuff in MoP and the older content.  I’m happier back there anyway and it seems like I can truly get immersed in the game.  Oh, I did purchase the expansion and have the ability to make the mad dash with everyone else, however, this expansion is going to be out there a long time and I will probably start the initial stuff on Monday after the mad dash is done and people have gone back to work.  I’ve done it three times already in Beta, so, I’m not that crazy about doing it the fourth time although I know that this time it will be for “real” and not just a passing fancy.

Guess I will wrap this up and publish it, finally, because I have been playing around with it for the last three days and haven’t put it out there.  I hope that WoD turns out to be everything that we all thought it would be and that we have something to do for the next year or so.  Good luck everyone!

In Search of…


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

November 6th

Dear Journal,

It always seems to happen when I am left here alone and in charge of the whole business without any help at this point in the office.  Zippie has decided to take off on a tangent and get out of the office for a while to have some fun, which I can’t blame her because I hate paperwork with a passion.  I think that I will get in touch with Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa, to see if she wouldn’t mind coming in to help me out for a while.  Oh, I know that she doesn’t need the money or anything like that because Dawnglory made a great match for her – she even has a baby now too.  Oh well, I’ll go talk to her and see if she will come help out for a bit, she can bring the baby.

My biggest issue is that Agatha has been gone for a month now and I am finding out just how much I relied on her very capable hands to keep the household running smoothly and keeping things in order.  Sure, she left her next in command to handle things as well as her sister here, however, it’s not Agatha.  I know that things have been a bit uneasy between us since our slip-up and I have felt a bit sad about that, however, I didn’t think it was bother her as much as it was me.  I thought that she was avoiding me quite a bit the last couple of weeks that she was here and I thought I understood why.   Oh well, I know that I just miss her and want her back where she belongs here in the house.

I will admit that I was a bit alarmed when I was talking to her sister, Adamia, and found out that Agatha hadn’t been feeling well before she left and it definitely has me concerned.   Okay, more than just a bit alarmed.  I decided that I would ride out the Inn her parents own and see how she was doing and to surprise her with a nice gift that I found.  She has always admired good crystal and I know that she had been looking at one particular goblet that had a red ruby imbedded in it – it is beautiful even if it was a bit pricey.  I thought that might cheer her up.

I get to the Inn and everyone acts surprised that I would travel outside the city to visit an employee.  Well, they were no more surprised than I was when I found out that Agatha wasn’t there and hadn’t been there for months.  Well, I had assumed that she would be visiting her family and after her sister told me of her illness, I was certain that she would be there.  No, she wasn’t there and her siblings didn’t know where she was and her Father acted like I was some kind weirdo and wouldn’t really come forth with much information.  I was able to finally talk to Agatha’s Mother and she told me that she knew where Agatha was and that she was indeed ill – she appears to have gone off to the shore to get better.  I couldn’t find out the exact location from her Mother, she was not forthcoming with a  whole lot of information and started acting very strangely and nervous.  Well, rather than to ruffle any more feathers, I took my leave and went back to Silvermoon.

Alright, I am not exactly a naive idiot and I know I’m not stupid, however, this whole situation has me very perplexed.  Yes, I am a happily married man and I love my wife more than words could even describe, however, I also have a special place in my heart for Agatha.  I have no intentions of hurting Amyn and I have no intentions of throwing away everything that we have together away, however, I do have feelings for Agatha as well although they are not nearly as strong as my feelings for my wife.

I know I could do one of two things to find out where and what is going on with Agatha.  I can sit here and wait to hear from her, which I know I will eventually, or I can start doing what I do for a living, going out and searching for her like I would if I had a bounty contract on her.  Part of me is telling that I should just go find her and the other part is telling me to wait because I could be barging into something that is none of my business – I mean, she does have a life outside of her employment with me and she may be off on a tryst or something.    I’m really very torn on the whole thing.

I know that I did enjoy the time that I had with Amyn in Pandaria recently, however, I did have a lot on my mind and I hope my love didn’t notice how I was distracted sometimes.  I wish that I could just tell her what happened between Agatha and I and not expect her to give me that look or just walk out, which she has done a time or two in the past.  I know that I wasn’t planning on breaking my vows and I still feel guilty about it.   I know that I have done things before we were married that would have made any other woman walk away, however, Amyn and I both have the boys to think about and I know that we both truly love one another.  Why does life have to be so complicated on the personal level all of the time – it just never seems to stop.

I also am more concerned about some of the mail that I have been getting lately as well as a couple of the appointments that I have attended with the Reagent along with several other businessmen.  I hope that all of the rumors that we have been hearing are not true and that we can try to continue on with our civilian lives, however, I am beginning to think that there may be something looming on the horizon that will have most of us back in uniform again whether we like the idea or not.   I know that if I have to go back into the military service again with my same commission, I won’t be happy, however, I will do my duty even if I’m not happy about it.

Someday I hope that we get a few years of peace and we get an opportunity to live our lives without some war or conflict shadowing everything that we do.  I know I would like to be able to sit back with my wife and children and enjoy life with them without something looming on the horizon like some bad weather cloud.  I know that our operations in Shattrath are really starting to come together and I want to talk to Amyn about actually setting up a more permanent residence there so that the two of us can stay together most of the time.

I think that I tend to “stray” when I am away from my wife and away from her for months at a time, it’s not easy having a long distance relationship or marriage and I know that it must be as difficult for her, although she does get to see the boys more often than I do. I miss my family life that we were just getting comfortable with in Dalaran before we were forced out.   Who knows, one day I might even become a grandparent and I would like to spend some time with those children, more than I have been able to do with my own sons.

Well, I need to stop writing this morning, just glancing back on what I have written, it looks like my mind is jumping about like a hare.  I know that I need to get off my backside, get out of the office and go do something with Pan, maybe a bit of hunting, maybe a quick trip to Orgrimmar to test out the political waters there.  I need to get out of Silvermoon for a while even if I just have to let the business run itself for a day or two.  I wish that Zippie would hurry up and get back because I don’t know how much more paperwork I can do before I start frothing at the mouth.

Fnor Morningstar


OOC – This Week in World of Warcraft…Wut?

November 5th

After blazing away with the last Holiday which had me running several of my lowbies to just get the levels up was a big part of my time this year.   I didn’t run and get the new pets and I didn’t accomplish all of the things that I thought that I might because I just didn’t have the time nor the stamina.

I am very pleased to say that I got all 25 of  my 90s through the Blasted Lands for the intro to WoD and I really felt like it was a great accomplishment for me personally.   I know that I have way too many 90s to even fathom the idea of them all making it all the way through WoD, however, with Blizzard’s history of expansions lasting a long time between changes – I might just make it, I’ll have to see how it goes.  Some of the poor things weren’t the best geared, however, considering that the area was nerfed to hell and back this last week, I made it through.  Never have figured out why Blizz constantly puts the boosted fellows in such weird places – the first boosts were on TI – instant death by ganking or just trying to figure out which buttons to push if you weren’t already familiar with your class that you boosted and now the Blasted Lands.    I still have two more boosts on accounts that I purchased WoD for and I am going to take my time in deciding whom and when to use those boosts, I’m in no rush since there is no definite time period to use them.  Nope, I really don’t need any more 90s at this juncture.

Naturally, my two mains Fnor and Kaldor (Kaaldor -in-game) will definitely be the hard pressed ones initially followed closely by Felaran or Sadheart.   In some ways I am looking for the challenges that are supposedly going to be in WoD and part of me is very happy that I will still have plenty to keep me busy in Pandaria and other old content. Am I geared to the hilt?  Oh, heck no, not with my being gun-shy about running dungeons and raids PUG.  Oh, I’ll get over that eventually and just hit the ground running if the mood strikes me.  I’m the weirdo that likes gathering mats, exploring and doing all of the other things that don’t require me to be involved with the vitriol being spewed in LFR and LFG things.

I’ve been fortunate though, actually got to run some dungeons with people that invited me from other realms.   I know that always makes me laugh because I can get more RP and more group activity with off-realm groups than I can with my home realm folks.  Kind of makes me know where things are there, doesn’t it? To be very honest, with the number of characters that I have on Wrymrest, I am usually too busy running around “doing things” to stop and smell the roses anymore, sure, I do have some walk-ups every now and then and I actually try to RP sometimes, however, that’s really not a priority for me as much as it was a couple of years ago.   Scattered over multiple accounts, I have 70+ characters on the realm and they are in the guilds SafeHaven or Haven.  Altoholic ?!!!

Anyway, speaking of RP, I did have reinstall WoW on my main gaming machine which means that all of my MRP info isn’t back on the characters yet and I am beginning to wonder if I should go through the exercise at all.  Luckily for me, I do have all of the info saved off on a Word document, so , it’s just a matter of cut and pasting the stuff in there.  I may just wait to do that until after WoD drops next week and a lot of the add-ons have been updated.  I’ve been a real fan of MRP for many years because it’s quick and complete and I think a lot of people are still using that.

Had a great time running with the folks that I have made friends with, even have a character in their guild – the Sisters of Elune group that I always make the time run with on Friday nights which is the “Fun Night” raiding on old content for transmog gear, which, I am still working on.  Also got to run with Fussypants to try to do a SoO run for giggles and grins since I haven’t really done the whole thing through yet on either Horde or Alliance – had a great time even if we didn’t finish because, well, we did have a PUG group.  It’s always nice to get in a group and talk every now and again.

Now, on a personal note, I have been playing rather erratically the last couple of weeks due to some medications that I have been on and will continue to be on for a very long time.    I never had issues with my thyroid until recently and it has put me on a rollercoaster ride that I would definitely liked to have skipped.  One minute I feel fine and the next I am freezing to death – also, fatigue waves that knock me down for the count.  Irregular sleeping habits that should get sorted out over the next six weeks for the medication to finally kick in.    I am one of those people that when I feel bad, I’ll still play, however, I’ll go off on my own to do things rather than “share the mood” with others.   I’m retired so I can have crazy routines going without hampering anyone else too often.

Normally, I would be running myself ragged going to the Faire and doing all of the neat things there, however, I haven’t even started running my lowbies through for the profession boosts yet.  I plan on doing some of that today and the rest of the week, if my body will allow me to do that.

I will have to admit that after two years of guild grinding levels, it feels a bit “empty” now that that challenge has been removed.  I just thank heavens that I was able to keep my guild achievements intact even if the guild perks suck the big one now.   I knew that Blizzard was going to revamp the guild structuring and perks, however, I didn’t know they were going to strip us down to our undies and turn us loose and I am still kind of disappointed in their judgment on that score.  Cash flow was never a big deal to me because my guilds are really only used by two people including myself for anything.  However, I will admit that I did know of someone that ran guilds up to Level 25, having complete control over the banks while other people made them money, selling the guilds and doing it again – they did this multiple times on both factions – those people are the ones that these changes were made for, hope they are happy.   Let’s just say that that person is on my ignore list for every single character.

Ah well, enough rambling for me this morning and off to do some other RL things before I log into the game for a while before I have to go run errands.  See ya in Azeroth!!

Change of Seasons…

November 2nd

Dear Journal,

I have certainly been enjoying my life in Pandaria because it’s a definite change of pace from Thunder Bluff and Mulgore.  I was definitely feeling my age when I was at home and that has changed quite a bit since I made the move to Pandaria to be with my children.  Yes, the whole Cloudhoof Clan is up here now and I think that we’re all the better for it.

Oh yes,  I like being able to head home to Thunder Bluff and visiting with some of my old friends there though.  I enjoy the opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip, find who is going to be a grandparent again and what else might be going on.  Of course, if I don’t catch them at the Bluff, we usually find each other at the Faire.  Over the years I have lost a few of my oldest friends because they have returned to the Earth Mother’s bosom – it happens to all of us eventually.

I still miss my mate though.  It’s been years and years since I’ve become a widow and there are times when Tahfal laughs that he reminds me very much of his Father.  He actually has a lot of the mannerisms that his Father had although he was still a very young calf when his Father and I left on our ill-fated hunting trip.  Oh sure, there have been a few bulls that I have been interested in, however, I’ve never found one that could even remotely replace my first love.  Oh, I do have some male friends that I like to talk with as well as flirt with sometimes – it makes me feel young, what can I tell you?  I know that my children feel scandalized when they see me act like a coquette in the market here in Halfhill, however, I know that it’s all done in fun.

As for my children, well, I wonder if Nahai and Tahfal will ever settle down.  They are both still fairly young, however, neither one of them seems to be all that attached to any of the ladies they have been seeing.   I can’t help but compare them to my own experience and I was already mated and had two calves at their ages and these two you fellows are just running free and enjoying life as much as they can it seems.  The only one that I do worry about is Naton and that’s only natural because he is my firstborn and even though he is a Death Knight, I do wish that he could find someone that could overlook his flaw of being what he is.  He seems lonely at times and then again, he keeps himself busy at this forge and he does spend quite a bit of time socializing with some of the locals when they stop by to see him.

My daughter is the one that I wish would truly settle down.  Oh, she is the busy one alright.  She loves the farm and she loves being able to go out hunting here in Pandaria.  She’s had a couple of suitors since we’ve moved up here, however, they weren’t to her liking, I suppose.  I don’t know if she is being extremely picky or what, however, I am about ready to let her know that she is not getting any younger.  It could very well be that she is enjoying her new freedom up here because I know that she had the burden of caring for her younger siblings when I was missing all of those years.  I don’t know, I just wish Maha would find someone and give me some grandchildren before I go to join our ancestors.

I think I am being a bit whimsical this morning because the seasons are changing and there is even a slight chill in the air here at the farm. Of course, there seems to be a lot more rain right now, which is good for the crops, however, it does make it rather difficult sometimes to go out and do any real good herbing without getting soaked to the skin.  Not that rain ever bothered me that much, it does make it a bit of a sloppy process sometimes even when I’m using my flight form.  I know that Nahai doesn’t seem to mind the rain that much and he’s good at gathering the nicest herbs too – he does help me quite a bit, these old bones still ache sometimes when the weather changes.

I suppose while I am just sitting here writing in my journal that I should actually be working on some of my inscriptions instead of just wasting my time.  I know I keep looking out the window and watching the rain come down because I had really wanted to go do some serious gathering this morning.  Oh well, I guess I should get to work on these contracts that I have to fill because I know that we’re all planning on taking a run to the Faire later this week.

Mooma Cloudhoof