OOC – What’s Happening in My World of Warcraft…

December 15th

Well, it’s been a bit over a month since WoD dropped and I finally got one of my characters to 100, however, I’m still fleshing him out with gear and such so that I can pass the Silver Proving grounds that I did in MoP.  Oh well,  the problem that I am having is that I’m not geared up enough yet even though some people say that it scales down to what you do have – I don’t think so.  Everything that I have read and from what I have seen, you have to have at least iLevel 615 to stand a chance at passing it.  Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away at it until I pass.  I’m only going to do it on the characters that I might think about raiding on because it is kind of frustrating to do – I’ve been playing hunters for ten years and it just seems kind of weird to have to pass this particular test yet again.

Still having a great time playing in WoD, still not getting a whole lot done since I tend to run around chase after the shinies a lot. Still  gathering the mats that I need to start to even try to craft anything yet with my leatherworking too, which would help my iLevel if the stats turn out to be what I need to have.  I hate that gamble, kind of reminds me of some of the random crap we’d have to go through in Cataclysm  when we were crafting gear and I wasn’t overly fond of it then, even less now.

I don’t know where people are coming from when they say that they don’t have anything to do in the game now either.  I’m still plodding along doing quests, archeology as well as doing quite a few quests that are still out there.  I will be the first to admit that I didn’t jump ahead in the zones to level faster either, I’m finishing every single zone before I move on.   Getting the bang for my buck, so to speak.

Oh, finally got the stables and barn for my Garrison and really had the shock when I saw my Seahorse just hanging around like it should be there, floating.  It did make me giggle especially since I am a real mount collector and I have seen more of my old mounts that I haven’t  seen in a while show up.  Love some of the quests that come from them too, it’s just fun.

I am missing some of the things with professions, however if I do all of the things that I want to do in Draenor, I head back to the Old Content and fulfill that particular need.  I am one of those people that could farm mats for hours on end and found it relaxing.   I am laughing here because if I am supposed to be the Commander/General or whatever, why is it that I am working my behind off to fill these quests?  Seems kind of funny in a lot of ways.

One of the things that I am doing differently this time for this expansion is that I have “twinked” the majority of my 90s that are still in Pandaria because I want to do some more of the rep grinding in that expansion before moving up to Pandaria.   For those of you that don’t know what “twinking” actually is. It  is to stop earning leveling points at a set level.    There are still some of the things that I want to get before moving on, a few recipes for my tailor and some of the black smith recipes that I hadn’t gotten too yet and  they are all behind reps.  Also to earn more gold before taking them up to Draenor too, those Garrisons and upgrades are rather costly and I have yet seen anything that was lucrative to earn gold up there yet.  I know that I am duplicating some of the achievements in Pandaria on some of my characters anyway, however, it is something that I like to do sometimes and it ‘s how I enjoy the game. One of the things that I am going to be doing is getting back to some of my lowbies and leveling them – as much as I enjoy the current content, we’re going to be having it for a very long time and I actually don’t want to get totally burned out on it so that I won’t be able to play it for a while.

I really had wanted to catch a screenshot of when I made 100 but I was in the middle of a quest and battling away at the time when I dinged.  I know that I couldn’t top what I was doing at the time to get the shot that I wanted, so, maybe next time on one of my alts, I might get lucky.

Here it is again, the Holidays and we’re all getting pulled in lots of directions.  The usual shopping thing as well as trying to figure out what would be the best thing to buy for someone as a gift.  It’s always something this time of year.  I’ll admit that I am not getting out into the crowds and I’m not experiencing any of the added fun that goes with that because I have to rely on my ability to order things on-line since my spouse is the one that drives and they hate shopping.  Of course, we don’t have any little ones still living at home, so, that has taken some of the joy out of it.  I do miss that added excitement that you get when you have little guys at the house that are all full of excitement about Santa coming to visit and helping with the Christmas decorations.

I sincerely hope that everyone is having a good time with the new expansion or just the game now too.  If I don’t write anything between now and Christmas, it might mean that I am playing more or that I have just gotten distracted by other things – that happens sometimes.   So, all of you, Have a Great Holiday Season and A Happy New Year.


4 thoughts on “OOC – What’s Happening in My World of Warcraft…

  1. I actually got through the silver DPS proving ground on the first try, though the clock was very close when the last mob in the last group died. My ilevel at the time was ~600. I think the actual key to my success was doing exactly what I was told for each mob… over and over.

    Still plenty to do in Draenor. My own problem is that I am a bit overwhelmed as to what I should do next, plus a bit of weariness. I probably should have taken a couple weeks off before the expansion rather than binging right into the launch. My interest cycle is ebbing a little bit, but history shows it will return.

    • I have picked up a few more pieces of gear and may give it a go in the next couple of days. I did follow the instructions that were given, however, I didn’t feel as if I were fast enough or something – they did nerf the heck out of hunters again.

      Oh yeah, I hear you about being overwhelmed, I know that I am. I keep thinking that I must be the slowest person on the planet when my son already has three of his characters up there, fully geared and ready to go into some of the dungeons and whatnot. I agree about taking some time off between expansions and I think that I might end up doing that – it can be wearying to try to keep up with all of the stuff right now to me.

      Thanks for commenting, it’s really appreciated. 😀

      • I think maybe they fixed paladins, because I had a horrible time with the proving grounds in Pandaria.

        I actually had trouble with my hunter with my test garrison invasion. Maybe hunters did get a nerf.

  2. I play a SUR/BM hunter and I know that MM is the thing, however, I ran that spec all through Wrath and I didn’t really care for it other than for raiding purposes. I’ll keep plugging away at the thing until I get it because I usually get a bit stubborn about things – might take a long time, I won’t quit. 😀

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