OOC – More Adventures in Draenor and other game things…

December 23rd

I has been getting a bit difficult for me to stay in-game a whole lot at this time of year due to the holidays and I am sure that most of you are suffering with the same things.  There is so much to do in RL these days that you don’t have time to spent with your favorite hobby because it just interferes with your ability to spend more time shopping and spend time with the family.

I have decided with the advent of the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, that I am not going to have as much time to spend on my alts for a while until I get the gist of what is actually required of me in the game now.  I have closed all but three of my accounts currently, not because I dislike the game as it currently is at the moment, however, it is because with the amount of time that you have to spend on each character taking care of their “chores” and leveling, there isn’t much time for the little guys.  No sense in paying for accounts that I won’t be using for a while, right?   Oh, that doesn’t mean that they won’t have the adventures that they usually do with my blogs, however, they won’t be actively progressing in the game for a while.

Whee!! I did finally get a character to 100 and have three more that are cruising close to at least the halfway point now.  Can’t say that I am geared out enough yet to do anything other than questing and managing my Garrisons at this time, however, I hope to get that iLevel up there in the next week or two.  I am rather doubtful at this point if I am going to be able to get into Molten Core and it really doesn’t bother me all that much because I am not sure that I have the stamina like I did in the old days of spending hours upon hours in the same dungeon for the thrill of it and the new mount and pet that are in there.  Can’t say that I care for the new mount all that much – just a big ass lava corehound to be almost as annoying as the Horde bike.

I will admit that I enjoy the questing and the storylines that are slowly immerging in the new expansion, I’m not real thrilled with the Garrisons stripping away my professions as much as it has.  I know that I used to be one of those people that really enjoyed working on the professions and grinding away at them until I got them capped and beyond.  Now, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of use for them at the base level in Draenor.   I’m not a raider nor a dungeon crawler and PvP is something that I avoid for the time being, so, I’m pretty much in limbo as to where I am going to go in the game right now.  Who knows, I might actually get depressed enough with the current content and nerfs that I might just hang it up for a while  – I’ve been at this for roughly ten years now and some of the magic is gone and the fun factor in Draenor is well below my expectations at this point.

The one thing that I will have to say is that I miss the social aspects of the game although I did find some RP in and around Stormwind late last night that were not of the Goldshire variety and was definitely a pleasant surprise.  Random RP is much better than no RP on the Alliance side which is what I have been dealing with during the last year.  Hordeside, I always find RP going on there for the most part since I stay on the “Red” side more frequently because I tend to take in more of the RP events on that side.

I was surprised at the number of people that have opted out of the newest expansion too, however, that my change after Christmas too, you never really know what you might find under the tree.  One of the things that I have done with my fresh 90s and boosted characters is to “twink” them at 90 and will continue to play them in Pandaria to get rep grinds done as well as just enjoying all of the convenient abilities that I  have in Pandaria.  I will admit that I was dismayed at the waffling on the flying at level cap from Blizzard has really put me off the game a bit, not because I am lazy, it’s because that that ability was always out there in the expansions once we hit cap.  Oh well , I’ll play the way that Blizzard has designed the game even if I can’t do jumping puzzles very well and I can’t seem to jump through all of the hoops required to progress.   I do have the ability to unsub if I get too bored with what I am doing too.

Still plugging away on Silver Proving Grounds too – between gear levels and my inability to move fast enough, it might take some time.  I do have some medical issues that have left me somewhat physically impaired to do the darn thing, however, I’ll keep going until I get it done on at least one character, preferably two.   I have at least two years to get the thing figured out and completed.  I know that I know my class of character that I am trying to qualify because I have been playing the poor fellow for ten years and I’m not going to let some little technicality such as the PG to ruin the game for me.

Well, I do hope that all of you have a pleasant over the Holidays with your friends and families.  Spend some time in RL with the ones that really matter when all is said and done – remember video games aren’t the entire reason for being.  *smile*

Oh yeah, hit the magic 600 posts for this blog about four posts ago – sure doesn’t feel like I have written that many lately, however, after the years have gone by, I guess that I have done that much even if it’s sporadically done .  I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

3 thoughts on “OOC – More Adventures in Draenor and other game things…

  1. Oh I know how that is.. thought I would be able to play more but unfortunately, RL likes to play tricks on me . I’m hoping in the new year,things start to settle down so I can play more. Unfortunately my health likes to play tricks with me , so I tend to get tired easily so I have to take it easy .

    • I’m just not logging in as much or for as long I used too, medical issues and just feeling tired all of the time – could be the weather or it could be any number of factors that are just kind of getting in the way. LOL, I’m not as young as I used to be and it is becoming more apparent to me when I sit for long periods of time in-game. I do hope that we will be able to spend some time doing some RP after the first of year – we have plenty of time, you know. 😀

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