OOC – 2014 Year In Review

December 31st

Oh, it’s that time again to sit here and think about what has transpired in the last twelve months, isn’t it?

I’m still playing World of Warcraft, throw in a little bit of Sims3 and Sims4, plus, just added Skyrim for those times when the other three aren’t interesting for me.  It’s always fun to learn how to play a new game and find that you really aren’t “all that” when it comes to adapting to a new play style.  Being a keyboard turner and clicker doesn’t work that great with Skyrim, however, I’ll adapt if I play it more, I’m sure.

2014 really was kind of a rollercoaster ride for me in-game.  I did get all of the characters that I wanted to get boosted or old fashioned leveled to the cap before WoD dropped. Whew!  I didn’t plan on having quite as many 90s at the end of the expansion, however, 25 isn’t too shabby for a solo player, I suppose.  I did get two guilds to Level 25 finally and had a blast doing it even if it seemed like it was never ending battle on the Alliance side to get it all done because I’ve played Horde primarily for the last five years – added a bunch of achievements to the guilds too, which was kind of hard without  box-playing a few times.  I know that I just kind of frittered away a lot of time just by sitting in front of my computer and playing video games.

I think that I am in a Love/Hate relationship with World of Warcraft at the moment due to the fact that I am not all that thrilled with the majority of the things that came to pass with the new expansion.  I definitely didn’t care for the way that crafting was changed into a Facebook game with the advent of the Garrisons.  Oh, don’t’ get me wrong, I like my Garrison a whole lot on both factions, however, with everything being as gated as it currently exists right now has really rather offsetting.   Love the artwork in the new expansion, love the storylines and some of the Lore, hate the new “immersion” technique of grinding your brains out with quests while you’re riding around like we did in BC.  Still haven’t gotten my iLevel up high enough to even worry about doing the MC run before the “Corehound Mount” goes away and I’m not even upset about it.   Silver Proving grounds has been my bane due to the fact that I am a keyboard turner and clicker – add old age, physical impairments increasing with said age – I might make it yet, however, that’s not a big deal if I don’t.  There are days where I don’t feel all that motivated to even log in sometimes.  Thank heavens for alts and Old Content.

At one point, quite recently, I had eight active accounts in World of Warcraft to feed my altoholic addiction and I did end up letting several of them lapse for the time being.   I still enjoy the game to a certain extent, however, after ten years of playing almost non-stop I think that I am just getting stale with it.  I’m still waiting for that old magic feeling to show pack up with this expansion and it hasn’t arrived yet.  I hope that the folks that are enjoying the game continue to do so though, I don’t have a problem with that at all.

I was on the verge of actually starting to do other things rather than stay in front of the computer, however, that kind of went the way of the Great White Whale when my skylight decided to take a nose dive back in May – still isn’t fixed yet – so, my projects are still sitting on the backburner and will get resurrected in 2015, I hope.   I had such high hopes of actually making myself get back into drawing again and doing some graphic designs, however, without the skylight operational it is rather dark up here in the loft.  I am probably one of the only people in the world that feels like they are in the basement while sitting up in the loft right now, it’s so dark and I refuse to add more lighting because of the cost and the hope that the contractor will be able to install the new “custom” skylight in the middle of winter.  Oh, you have to deal with insurance companies on these lights because of the fact that they are rather expensive to replace – somewhere around $1500 before you add any of the extras like SPF factor tints.

I hope that everyone has a great and Happy New Year.  Drive safe and keep the shiny side up on the car and the wheels down when you’re driving.

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