OOC – Just Some Thoughts and Observations…

January 27th

Not much going on here for me in World of Warcraft at the moment due to just physically not feeling well enough to park my butt in my chair and play a whole lot.  It’s nothing real serious and I don’t think that it’s terminal or anything, just not feeling up to snuff.

I know that I seem to be spending more time reading the forums than I do actually playing the game at the moment which is more than just a little bit sad when you think about it.   I used to go to the forums to see what was going on and possibly pick up a few tips on things that were going on in the game, however, I ‘m not finding much of that right now other than a wall of negativity that puts Mount Everest to shame.   I wish they would bring back the Off-Topic forum area back although I think that might get a bit weird these days from what I have seen in General Discussion.

I did actually make it into PTR to check out the new Blood Elf models and will have to say that for the first pass through, they aren’t bad at all.  At least BE’s don’t run like they have a pogo stick planted somewhere it shouldn’t be – oh, they did fix the male Night Elf run, so, that will make it easier for me to watch my poor character in-game.  Yeah, I’ll admit that I do like playing my elves, no matter the faction because they are the characters that appeal to me, not to mention the Lore that goes along with them is a bit more fluffed out than some of the other races that I play.  I’m sure there will be more tweaking and fine tuning going on before they go live, I hope.

I really did like the new heirloom tab that is in PTR because being and altoholic, this is one major thing that I was having trouble keeping up with.  Naturally, I have multiple sets of heirlooms wandering around on various alts and I think that the only thing that I don’t have at the moment is the shield, which, I hope to get in the near future.  I did hear that there would be a mount attached to the achievement of having “all” of the heirlooms, however, no one seems to know what it is at this point other than it can be used at level 1 – that seems kind of silly to me, however, if Blizzard thinks it’s a good idea, it doesn’t matter what I think.  I do like the scaling of the heirlooms that were purchased prior to 6.0 because that means that the majority of my characters will be in those things until level 90, which is just fine by me.  At least I can transmog over the heirlooms a few times if I want to do that to change the appearance.

I am sitting here laughing at some of the “new” things coming out in 6.1 and I think my biggest chuckle has been the addition of Twitter and the ability to do Selfies – yeah, I so want to see some of the interesting things that will coming out of Pornshire on that one – Yeah, I’m almost as thrilled about seeing another Selfie of Miley Cyrus’s tongue and Kim K’s  butt.  I don’t use Twitter currently and I doubt that I will be using the “optional” version of it in the game either.  I don’t think that I need the invasion of the social networking thing in my game announcing my every move to the rest of the world – I’m so happy with social networking that I closed my Facebook account for the second time and I doubt I’ll ever use it again.   Oh, alright, I’m older and I like to keep some things private in my life.

Since I haven’t been playing a whole lot in Draenor, can’t say that I have leveled up that much nor completed a whole lot of stuff up there in the last week.  I just don’t have the same feeling for this expansion that I have had for the previous offerings that Blizzard has done.  Garrisons are kind of interesting and I’m sure that a lot of people enjoy them, however, I’m just not feeling the need to jump in there every four hours or so to send my “followers” out on more fun missions that I am not able to participate in with my character.    I may not log into my characters in Draenor for several days, in fact.   I’m not bored with the game by any means, I’m just not feeling the way I would normally feel in regard to the newest addition to the game, dunno why.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind that this will be the last expansion that I pre-order and may well be the last expansion that I purchase unless Blizzard comes up with some real “knock-your-socks-off” ideas – if I see Thrall and Garrosh (he’s not really dead, he’s only sleeping) headline the next expansion I definitely won’t be making that journey.

I’m actually having more fun with my “twinked” 90s back in MoP because I have a few that are still rep grinding and going through the motions of completing that expansion as much as possible.  I know that I have enjoyed MoP quite a bit more since WoD dropped because I have something else that I can do other than ground pounding my way through topographically horrid terrain in some areas – yeah, I miss flying at level cap. I’m actually doing a lot more archeology in the Old Content these days – Yes, I know I can do that in Draenor, however, it’s less likely that I’ll get my face ripped off in the older side of things.

I did take one of my hunters (tailoring/enchanting) characters to Draenor to see what there was there for her to do and found quite a bit of stuff that I will be working on for the next few months just to make headway and fill up my time.  What I was laughing about is the fact that she happens to be one of the few characters that I didn’t spend any time on with archeology prior to her arrival in Draenor.   I knew that I could start out with “zero” on the professions and still make some progress if I had too, however, she was maxed out before she got to Draenor through MoP leveling – what has made me laugh was the fact that I can do archeology in Draenor without anything prior even if it is rather tedious and difficult to get to some of the digsites.  Well, I took her over to her first digsite near her Garrison and started the process, okay, not bad – she only died two or three times due to things winging in and jumping her at the weirdest of times.   I know I have a twisted sense of humor and it was kind of funny how these things just kind of appeared and did more than just rip her face off – nope, poor little Forsaken is now doing more archeology in the Old Content for a while.

I am wondering at this point if it is even worth the time to take up one of my characters that is just strictly a “gather” to Draenor to see what that is like.  One of the things that I have done with my herbalists is to turn the “sparkles” back on in Pandaria, my vision isn’t as good as it used to be and I honestly cannot see some of the herbs.    Has anyone else taken a gatherer to Draenor yet and what are your feelings on that ?

Well, I need to get off my backside and do some other things for  a while and try to get back into the game later today.  Hope everyone is still having fun and enjoying themselves in-game.


Nice To Be Back Home…

January 23rd

Dear Journal,

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I have written anything in my journal, however, there really isn’t that much for me to write about because I’m not that exciting of a person, you know?  Yeah, I do things, however, I don’t know that anyone would care about it all that much because it does seem like they are living very exciting lives these days and I’m just not old enough to go along with them yet.

I did enjoy the holidays in Nagrand with the rest of the family although it did make me a bit sad to be there again.  The new house is awesome and I like the fact that I have my own room, that was a plus that I really enjoyed.  I’m not saying that I don’t like staying with my grandparents because I do, however, I do have to share my room with my brother, Volardan, when he deems it necessary to bother to come home. He’s never going to change and  I know that it is a disappointment to my Mom and my grandparents because he is always getting into trouble – they just have to realize that he is what he is and accept it.  He’s got the whole persona down for being a rogue and I don’t think that anyone is going to change that path for him other than himself.

I think what makes me sad when I am in Nagrand and at the new house is that isn’t all that far from where my biological Father was killed in a hunting accident.  I know that Mom and my step-father probably didn’t think about it when they built the place but it’s something that has never left my mind too often.  Of course, the person responsible for it never has admitted that it was his fault either and I know that it hurts me to think that he may not even realize it. Vol won’t say it was him that threw the blade at the beasts and that one act started the stampede that our Father couldn’t escape.  I know that I stood up shortly thereafter and fired a volley of arrows to try to buy Dad some time, however, it was already too late even if had worked, the poor man never stood a chance.  Oh, I’ve forgiven him a long ago, however, the feelings that I do have are very mixed about his not ever coming clean with the truth on it.   Oh well, I can’t dwell on it because he is still my brother and I do love him as my brother, however, I may not like him as a person, which is okay.

I am enjoying the fact that we’re back in Dolonaar and I can go about my business the way that I like it.  No, I am not going to get tangled up with the Sentinels anytime soon, I’m too young, and they have their own way of doing things.  I’ll hunt, fish and sell the skins to my Mom’s company in Stormwind.  It’s a nice way to help out the grandparents and it’s also a way for me to save up some money so that  might be able to travel on my own some day.  I like that idea – I know that Kal likes being able to make his own decisions and it looks like he has been fairly successful with it.

Karing Shadowmoon


This Place…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 21st

Dear Journal,

There are times that I will admit that time is weighing rather heavily on my hands here in Draenor.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty to do with keeping up with the garrison and all of the people under my command, however, it has a lot to do with the fact that I am really longing to see my wife in the worst way.

At least in Pandaria we were able to find some time for one another, however, in this place, that doesn’t seem to be feasible since we are no longer in the same place and time.   Sometimes it’s all rather confusing and it’s hard to comprehend how all of this came to pass and in the manner that it did.  I know that there are times that I wonder if we’re not running a fool’s errand of some kind.   I know the reasons why we are here and what we’re trying to do, however, that doesn’t make me think that it is any more important for us to be here taking care of the people involved here.   I still wonder if we have enough people in Azeroth to take care of any issues that may be occurring there.  I guess that means that I’m more concerned about what happens to my homeland than I am in Draenor.

One thing that is a positive is that I am finally able to get mail on a semi-regular basis from Silvermoon and beyond.   That’s a vast improvement over what I have been dealing with in the past few weeks.  I know that Zippie was able to get me the monthly reports and the business is looking real good for us.  At least I know that eventually I will be able to step back into the old role and not have to worry about my finances.  The highlight of my day with my mail was finally getting a letter from my wife, it had to be smuggled into some of the other mail that I had, however, it did brighten my day considerably.

It did sound like things went rather well for the Winter Veil and the family get together in Nagrand, however, I was unhappy with the thoughts that my two sisters are still fighting with each other over past indiscretions.  Well,  that’s not exactly true, Felaran is just being herself and it sounds like Faendra hasn’t really learned anything at all about what she has done wrong with things.  I honestly know that Fae is the way that she is because I made the mistake of spoiling her rotten and this is what I am seeing now in spades.  Sure, I made the mistake that a lot of young men make when they are taking on the responsibilities of an entire family, they throw money at it if they can and hope that it gets better with time.  In Fae’s case, she took the money ride and just never has developed into what I had hoped that she would.

I was sorry to hear that Kal and Kae are in Draenor.  Well, not really sorry, I was just hoping that Kal could avoid this side of the war for a while and enjoy the life that he and Kae were working so diligently on in Pandaria.  I know that he is going to see things in Draenor that will change him and I hope that he changes for the better and won’t lose sight of what it is that he really wants out of life.  War is not a place for the faint-hearted and I just hope that he doesn’t become jaded and embittered by it, so many people do.   I know that as a parent, I’m not the best, however, you always want better things for your children.

I know that I was happy to hear that Amyn has been able to side-step the trip to Draenor for a while and will be able to keep a good eye out on the family as a whole as well as being safe.  I know that I miss her and would love to be able to spend some time with my wife.  Oh well, I am sure that that will change in the future and we will be able to get back together again soon.  How I miss that fiery Sentinel of mine!

Well, I suppose that I ought to get back to my duties here in the garrison and start directing some more activity for my people.  I know that I am still longing for the days when I could feel comfortable with my Rangers, which, I have so few here in Draenor – that was my profession and it’s what I know, not what I am doing now.  Oh well, time to get up and face the new day, I suppose.

Fnor Morningstar


Just Sisters…

January 16th

Dear Journal,

There are times that I think that my sister has totally lost what was left of her mind, not surprising either, however, she does make me wonder seriously about her sometimes.   I know that she is the creative one of the two of us, however, there are even limits to that if you aren’t really on the ball.

I went on about my business yesterday  and left Bri at home to take care of a few things, marketing, finish cleaning up her tailoring messes that happen all of the house and those damned pins of hers.  I can’t tell you how many times I have bounced my posterior down on one of them.  I hope that she got as lot of the stuff done and that it will be safe to sit on the couch again.

Naturally, I got involved in a bunch of other things and ended up staying away from home over night so that I could finish filling the contracts that we have for a few items, a few more pieces of leather ought to cover it anyway.  Yeah, I know that it is weird to take my journal with me when I go out on these trips, however, I’ve found it a good idea when I never really know how successful these trips are going to be due to the size of the contracts these days.

I did decided to visit around some of the places that I haven’t been in a while to see how things are faring.  I know that all of the talk right now seems to be about the conflict at the portal and people going onto this new place to protect Azeroth from these Iron Horde.  The only problem being is that when or if you decide to do this, you have to join the military again and I am not real keen on that since my last experience was less than stellar – I really hated being stuck with a bunch of Blood Elf females all of the time.   That seems to be what everyone is talking about these days although there are still plenty of things still going on here in Pandaria, enough to where we are actually keeping some of the troops here yet.  I’m sure they sent the cream of the crop on to this Draenor place.

I got home and the first thing that Brianca hits me up with is the fact that we should go to this new place.  No, I’m not about to leave the farm behind and just uproot everything that I have worked for in the last year and go running off to this other place.  I tried to explain to her some of the things that I had heard about how to get there and why I didn’t want to go – now she’s off pouting because she thinks it’s a good idea and thinks it’s unfair that I should be the one calling the shots on what she does.   Well, if she wants to go, she can go, however, I’m not going unless it’s absolutely necessary.

It just so happens that I like working for the company and I hate the idea of being stuck in some military setting where I always have to jump when some superior ranked person decides that I need to do something differently.  Nope, I like my independence and I don’t like being forced into things that I don’t like.  If she wants to go, that’s fine, however, she will be doing it on her own.    She was babbling about being on the cutting edge of things and getting into get started on her tailoring in the new land – well, does she even now what she means about the “cutting edge” – it’s totally different from what I think she thinks it means and it will take a heck of a lot more knowledge than how to use a pair of scissors to cut through a piece of cloth.

I’ve always been the one to go “first” and to set the pace and try to make things comfortable and as easy as I can for her in the past, even when we were both alive, that’s just how it was.  Our parents were always sending us on tasks and Brianca always came in second to catch up after I had done the hard parts, I don’t  think that she has  a clue what a “war” really means because she really hasn’t been exposed to anything firsthand, she’s always followed me.    If she wants to go, I can’t stop her.

We’re sisters and we’re supposed to stay together.  Sure, we’ve argued and we’ve had some pretty serious arguments, however, she’s always listened to me.  Now, she has been in Pandaria for such a short time and all of a sudden she thinks that she can take care of herself all on her own.  I’m afraid of the trouble that she might get herself into and part of me wants to go to protect her and the other part of me wants to let her find out what it’s like on her own.  I just don’t want anything to happen to her, she’s the only family that I have left.

No, damn it, she didn’t get all of the pins out of the couch, I just plunked my bum down and stood up looking like a pin cushion again.  I don’t want to be a total nag about things, however, if she decides to go off on her own, I hope she takes her stuff with her.  She can take that dress dummy of hers with her too because there have been a few times that I have come in late and thought it was an intruder and almost hacked it to bits. 

Hazey Smyth


Draenor Is Not All Beauty…

January 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, I think that Kae and I are finally getting used to our place in Draenor.  Whomever thought it was such a great idea to put all of this responsibility for a garrison on us really needs to rethink that idea considerably because we’re just a Sentinel and a Scout, not Commanders of anything other than our own destiny.  However, we’re trying to take it all in stride and we’re doing okay with it, no one has died and things seem to be building up nicely, regardless of how we feel about it.

I know that I definitely miss the simplicity of the farm in Halfhill and I am looking forward to taking some time off in the very near future and catch a portal back there, even if it is only for a few days, I miss our cozy little house, the farm life that we had.  What I think I miss the most is the actual freedom of coming and going as I wished most of the time.  Oh well, I know that times change and things have to change along with it, however, I’m not too keen on all of the changes.

I missed being able to go to Nagrand for the holidays, the old Nagrand, not the new one.  I know that Mom was planning on carrying everything on the way that Dad wanted it done even if he wasn’t there to enjoy it either.  Maybe he got lucky and got to go home  for a little while at least.  I  know that it was always one of his favorite holidays and he always enjoyed everything when we could have the entire family together.  I can well imagine that some people would be shocked to see a bunch of Sindorei and Kaldorei enjoying the holiday together since we’re supposed to be sworn enemies – well, someone forgot to tell my parents about that years ago.  I don’t know how they have managed to hold us all together the way that they have all of these years, but they did and I’m much happier for it, no matter how strange it might seem to others.

I am still very enamored of Shadowmoon Valley here in Draenor and I suppose that that is a good thing because that is where our garrison happens to be.  The rolling hills, the wildlife and the way that everything feels makes me think of it as a home, in some ways.   I know that in my own timeline, it’s not this beautiful, it’s ugly, menacing and extremely dangerous with all of the demons that have taken over the area.  Not here, it’s gorgeous even if it is does have its own brand of danger.

I know that Kae and I have spend some time just patrolling the general area and have actually made it to Gorgrond.  Now, that area is totally different from Shadowmoon because it is more jungle than anything else.  I know that the game is plentiful, so are the Horde.   I know that we have side-stepped a few encounters because we were outnumbered three to one and I don’t think that either one of us can battle through those odds – the Iron Horde are definitely some of the fiercest people that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

From everything that I have seen and heard, they don’t take prisoners very often and if they do, woe to the poor person.    I know that they don’t bury the dead all that often either, especially the people that they have defeated.    I always thought that the Orcs in Kalimdor were rather barbaric in the ways that they did things, however, I don’t think that they can hold a light to how these people are.  Fierce, savage and totally in the belief that they have the right to dominate everything they encounter.  My heart truly does go out to the Draeni and some of the villages that we have seen because when the Iron Horde comes through, they kill everything – men, woman and children.  I know that I caught Kae crying one afternoon after we had traversed the outskirts of one village and she had seen quite a few small bodies lying out there in the open for the carrion to get at them.  There were too many for the two of us to bury – we had to mark the location on our maps and report it when we got back to our garrison so that a burial party could make their way there to make sure that everything was taken care of.   I know that Draeni have special rites that they observe for the dead and we really weren’t sure how we were going to be able to handle that with the little bit of knowledge that we have about it.

I know that my Father used to tell us about the scourge in Northrend and how they would rage through an area and not leave a living soul for miles around.  He also spoke about the attacks that happened to Silvermoon and the surrounding areas, however, he never talked much about how many people were killed and especially not about the women and children being killed.  I’m sure that it happened, he just didn’t discuss it.   I know it happened, that’s a part of war, however, I’ve never had to see it or live through before.   I will admit that Kae isn’t the only one that has shed a tear for the loss of life.

I know that for all of the beauty that I see in the land, there is always some new horror awaiting us the further we patrol.  I thought that things were dicey in Pandaria when we were stationed there, however, I don’t think that anything could have prepared us for what we’ve seen here.   I wonder what the Orcs from Kalimdor must think of these Orcs in Draenor?  Would they view them as true Orcs or would they view them for the savages that they truly are?  It’s not just the Orcs either, I have seen some of the Draeni here go into a rage that has left me feeling somewhat awestruck with their ferocity.

I think I know how my Father must feel most of the time.  His entire life has been made up of mostly nothing other than being in the military and serving  his country.  I can understand why he started his own business in Northrend when he was a young fellow and tried to break away from the constant war and conflict too – it makes you feel old sometimes makes you wonder why you keep going on with it.  I feel it’s my duty to serve the Alliance, however, there is always that lingering doubt in my mind that I will never get to go back to the life that I wanted.

I know that there are times that Kae and I are just bone weary when we get back from our patrols to make our reports.  I know that we always have to make sure that we are sending other people out to patrol when we aren’t doing it ourselves. It just makes you tired to think that this might be all that there is in this place sometimes.

At least we have made ourselves a comfortable spot over by the herb garden and we have some privacy there at least.   I know that we have made it fairly clear to people that when we are in that area not to bother us unless it’s a matter of life and death.  We need a break from the everyday functions of the place now and then too.

We were finally able to get a decent bed to sleep in although it’s not nearly as comfortable or as cozy as the one at the farm, however, it will have to do.   Okay, we’re trying to establish some kind of domestic routine to help maintain our sanity.  I was even able to get a stove shipped in for us to cook some of our meals.  The mess hall is fine, however, there are times that we just want to cook the food ourselves and eat together alone.  Oh sure, the main building is great for some of the things, however, Kae and I both have our privacy that we both crave and need – there are times, you know.  I think that the two of us have gotten used to living at the farm where we weren’t surrounded constantly by people that wanted our attention for something all of the time and it was really started to wear on us both.  I know that we have gotten some pretty odd looks from some of the people here when we decided to do our laundry and hung it out to dry in the sunshine by the house – well, we like clean clothes too.

Oh, it’s not all doom and gloom here by any means.  If we just let ourselves stay immersed in nothing but the violence of the place, I’m sure that we would all go mad at some point.  We’re here to do a job and protect Azeroth, however, we have our own emotional needs that need to be met or we would end being no better than the people we are fighting.

Kaldor Shadowmoon


Start Of The New Year…

January 12th

Dear Journal,

It really has been a very long time since I have written anything in this journal and I know that it has a lot to do with keeping the pack organized and growing.  Felly and I are still living in Darnassus for the most part and our pack mates are usually here most of the time.

Another year has pretty much passed without a whole lot of changes.  I know that Felley and I thought that it would be awesome to make the move to Stormwind, however, the cost of that move and the cost of living in the big city with the pack really just ended up being too cost prohibitive for us to actually make the change.  I won’t even go into the fact that the place was so crowded that it was hard to even think that there could be that much humanity in one area.  Plus, I had to stop and think about the fact that some of our younger members haven’t really learned the kind of control that they would need over their “wolf” to be able to rub shoulders with the other citizens without having the fear that they would reveal their true nature.

Oh, I know that I am old fashioned with some of the rules that I have with the pack, however, I feel that there needs to be a certain amount of control over certain things.  One of the rules that I enforce rather heavily is the fact that none of us should be in our wolf form when we are around settlements or in any of the larger cities.  I know that some others don’t follow that rule, however, it just adds a bit more of an order to things.  It’s okay to let the wolf roam freely and exhibit it’s nature when we’re in the wild, however, I don’t think that it’s really all that socially acceptable in populated areas.   I willingly admit that there are times that it’s hard to maintain that level of control for some of us – if you allow the wolf to be in control for too long or too often, no one can tell me that the beast might not take over your whole life.   I take pride in the fact that I am Gilnean, however, I do not take pride in the fact that I succumbed to the Curse as so many of us did prior to coming to Darnassus.

I think that we all had a great Winter Veil and the majority of us make the trek to Iron Forge for the celebrations there.  Oh the gifts were great that were handed out this year, however, I think that we have enough cushions in the house now to where we could open up the place as some kind mystical area – you know, the kind of place where palm readers might enjoy living.  All we would need is a hookah pipe and it would be the perfect place.

I did get Felley a new locket this year that I had engraved with our initials intertwined with some vines as well as having a place to put a picture in it if she so desired.  I wasn’t vain enough to have a picture of myself in there because I want her to have a choice as to what she wants to treasure in that locket.   I had to laugh because she actually bought me a new pipe that was rather ornately carved with a wolf’s head – I probably will only use that one when I’m home.  Plus, I got a new watch because the last one that got for me was ruined when I decided to take a shortcut and fell into the water .  Hey, I’m not perfect, sometimes I forget that I have my watch in my pocket and this last dunking did a number on the poor thing.

We did have a small celebration at our house in Darnassus for the pack along with some other friends.  It wasn’t anything huge, it was just fun and we all pitched in so that it wasn’t a huge expense on any one individual.   We even had some of our Night Elf friends stop in for a while as well as a few others – it was nice to be able to bask in the glow of that friendship.  I think Felley was really worried that a lot of the people might be offended because when we sent out the invitations that we would appreciate some assistance with the food and drink.  She thought that was making it out like we were too poor to really have a party and I explained to her that it was a way of getting our friends to feel like they were actually contributing to the event too.

Felley has really helped me with my education this year too.  I guess I was educated fairly well beforehand, however, she’s been getting me to read some of the tomes that she enjoyed as a young girl that I would have never thought about reading because the words were difficult for me to sound them out sometimes.  At least she’s taught me how to read without moving my lips all of the time.   I have to laugh sometimes because she’s refining me from being just the rough tradesman that I once was – can’t say I like all of the changes, however, if it pleases her to “improve” me, then, I’ll do it.

Our contracts from Stormwind have been a real lifesaver for us this year because we’ve been able to keep the pack together all of the time and fill them here in Kalimdor.  I think that when we tried to transition over to the Eastern Kingdoms that some of the younger folks really felt out of place because they have grown accustomed to the life around the Night Elves.  I think that we need to make a few trips over there sometimes to get them used to the idea that the world is a much bigger place than what they grew up expecting when we were in Gilneas.  I know that when I first started traveling around once we got settled in Darnassus, I was surprised at how big the world actually was because all I had ever known previously was behind the barrier of the Wall. Heck, there are still places in Kalimdor that I haven’t even ventured into and I consider myself fairly well traveled.

One thing that I have finally wrapped my head around is the fact that my wife and daughters never made it out of Gilneas.  I have spent the last two years trying to find them with the false hope that they were possibly in Stormwind or had found a haven elsewhere and I have given that hope up.  I’m sad in a way that is hard to describe and yet I feel that I needed to reconcile myself to the facts so that I could have a closure of some kind in order to get on with my life.  Felley and I are happy together and I think I just needed to let go of that last thread to my old life to actually appreciate what I have with her.  I know that by letting that part of my life go, I feel like I have had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

Well, I suppose I ought to stop rambling here and get off my backside to do some actual leatherworking.  I think that I need to start training some of the youngsters in how to make a proper pair of boots after seeing that some of them are still growing and the boots that they are trying to make work, just aren’t.




OOC – This Week In World of Warcraft

January 11th

This week in World of Warcraft hasn’t been all that exciting other than the fact that I got one character in gear high enough to run MC, maybe.  I may queue up for that later on today and I may not, depends on the mood I happen to be in at the time or I may have other RL things that take a priority over my game time.   Currently I have a sinus infection that is kicking off my permanent vertigo to a new level of OMG, the world is spinning again.

Still haven’t passed Silver Proving Grounds and I am about to throw in the towel on that one.  I know my class and I know the mechanics after playing the same class for ten years, I just don’t have the hand/eye coordination to do it and I guess I’ll live with that, can’t shave off the years that have taken their toll there, can I?  I’ve watched videos, I’ve done research and I have tried multiple times and it just isn’t going to happen even if I have the gear and the skill.  Not a problem, if I get crazy enough to run a dungeon, I’ll PUG it on normal until I can’t stand it anymore.  I’ll just let the “kids” play the game the way that they think it should be played and continue to enjoy it the way that I have always done.

I’ve actually spent more time in Draenor this week trying to get geared up and I have enjoyed the questing and working on my Garrisons quite a bit.  I’m still having that love/hate relationship with the new expansion and I think I’ll feel that way for the next two years if Blizzard keeps to their historical schedule.  I never have been a real FaceBook or Twitter fan, however, it looks like they are going to be invading my personal space in-game whether I like it or not – at least the Twitter part is optional, I hope.  I can see it all now “Look, little Bobby got XYZ Achievement!” – or throw in all of the hash-tags and we’ll have a new generation of illiterates out there that can’t write a whole word or sentence.  I don’t even own a phone that has the ability to text on it- yep, I’m a dinosaur.

I did manage to get some of lowbies to the Faire this month, just for grins.  Yep, kind of curtailed my heavy involvement in the Faire when I didn’t have to worry about getting points to level up the guilds since that has gone the way of the  Great White Whale.  I didn’t even get crazy about running for BoA gear either because with the new changes coming our way, I wonder if it is going to be worth it.  I do have every single piece of BoA in multiples currently anyway.  My only concern with those is the supposed changes to those in the future.  Yes, the tab is going to be awesome and I can finally retire my spreadsheets for those.

Still questing like crazy in Draenor on my Horde main and haven’t gotten finished with that yet. I guess I am really taking my time with it or there is a whole lot more out there than what I thought there would be from what I read on the forums.  Of course, I’m not worrying about leveling him because he’s already capped out.  I am running some of the quests in Nagrand, my favorite area in BC and it just seems like it is never-ending.  Spent the entire day doing quests for my stables that I had just let add up because I don’t run every single day in Draenor.   Oh well, I have four alts that will be running themselves ragged in the area later on, however, thought I’d at least get the gist of things on my main.

I always giggle when I see people throwing the buzzword around about “Immersion” in Draenor.  Oh, I can get immersed in the questing and just spend hours on end doing just that, however, my immersion does get rattled when I have something trying to eat my face off for the 100th time.  I can relate to immersion more readily if it is used in the context of RP, not just running around on the ground in Draenor.

Yes, I miss flying a whole lot and I’ll admit that there are times that I wish I could bypass some of the weird “rat’s maze” geography that Blizzard seems to have adopted for this expansion – I played BC and hated being grounded for most of it.  Still the same old thing with more twigs that can stop my mount dead in its tracks when I could have stepped over it in the past.   Jumping puzzles?  Oh gees, there goes the hand/eye thing again.  I am one of those people that spent a lot of time rezzing from falling off a mountain, okay?  Not exactly coordinated.   Last night I actually found a “treasure” that was fairly easy to get too, however, I didn’t have a kite kit handy, nor a feather (never have gotten one of those) and the only way off the pinnacle in Nagrand was to commit suicide,  or so I thought.  Took the flying leap off the cliff after debating the merits of suicide and landed in a tree branch, didn’t die, however, took forever to get out of the tree.

I willingly admit that I do spend a lot of time just cruising around the terrain and laughing at myself because I still solo quite a bit and I know I’m not a “good” player.  I have tried grouping with people from time to time, however, no one seems to want to group up these days.  So much for the social aspects of the MMO.  I think that is one of the things that makes me absolutely hate the new expansion is the way that it seems to have destroyed the “social” part of the game.

Actually got to run a dungeon or two with the lovely folks from Broken House on Sisters of Elune.  They are quite the group of personalities and I enjoy the time that I spend with them because it is fun when you can play with a group.  Last week we did some of the current content and this week we were running SoO just for grins.   There are actually some of us that never did run it at current content because of gear restrictions and so on.    I also do a bit of RP with them at Story Circle on Thunder Bluff every week too, I still go to the Earthspear version right after that in Bloodhoof Village, so, Sunday is my RP day.

Well, that’s enough boring rambling for me on this post.  I need to get busy and do some things that really matter in RL – sitting drinking coffee is a good start to the day and writing is just a part of it.

Everyone have a great time in World of Warcraft and don’t let the meanies get you down.



Making Future Plans…Maybe Dalaran

January 10th

Dear Journal,

Well , I am indeed very happy to be back in Stormwind City after the Winter Veil in Shattrath and Nagrand.  As much as I love my family, it is sometimes very hard to hold my tongue when my Father’s sisters are there and they continuously are taking verbal shots at one another and the youngest one is one that I’d love to morph into something that didn’t speak.

She has a mouth on her and she’s not the brightest person that I have ever met, that is a fact.  Stupid, selfish and just plain mean spirited.  I know that it was all that I could do not to just zap her with an arcane blast or something.  I suppose this is what my Mother meant when she said that the Sindorei have a different way of looking at things, however, she acts like she is doing my Mother a favor just by her showing up and letting us all worship her presence.  I know I really had to watch myself because everything about the girl just rubs me the wrong way, no respect for my Father, no respect for anyone or anything that stands in her way or disagrees with her.  She’s just plain rude, if you ask me.  Well, no one asked me but that’s my opinion.

Yes, the weather is letting itself be known here in Stormwind, it’s windy, there are snowflakes in the air sometimes and the wind just seems to tear through every stitch of clothing that you have on and chills you right to the bone.  I know that I am not a winter person at all and it is becoming more noticeable to me.

I wish that my Dad had been able to come home from Draenor for the holiday because I know that my Mother would have enjoyed everything a lot more than she did, I’m sure.  Oh, she enjoyed having the family at the house in Nagrand even if Kal and Dad weren’t there – there was a way that she would look around sigh sometimes that really made me feel bad for her.  At least the grandparents were there and my youngest sibs, I still want to sheep them every now and again, however, I’m old enough now that I don’t think that it would be appreciated.

My studies are kind of bogging down here in Stormwind and I would like to be able to continue on with them in Dalaran, however, I don’t know that my parents would go along with that all too well.  I don’t think that everyone up there would remember the Morningstar name nor the Shadowmoon – they might remember my Dad in some ways though because he was never one to hide anything that he was doing and he was very proud of his Kaldorei wife.    Some might remember the name of the company though and it’s a good thing that I don’t use Morningstar for my surname, good ol’ Kaldorei custom saves the day again.  Anyway, I am doing some checking on what it would take for me to make the move to Dalaran and how much it would cost if I didn’t have a mentor in place.  I might have to take an internship if it is too expensive and my parents won’t agree to it.

I talked with quite a few other mages that were in Shattrath this year and they are all studying in Dalaran, well, not the Horde mages, just Alliance.  It sounds like it would be rather easy to get my foot in the door if I knew the right people.  I did talk to a couple of the instructors  in Shattrath that were on holiday and they told me that to advance my studies in the Arcane, I would definitely have to spend some time in Dalaran as an apprentice to one of the instructors there.  I got a couple of names to contact and I might sit down and write them this week, giving my qualifications and the names of my current instructors so that they know that I am a serious student and not just a social butterfly or something.

One of the things that I did notice was the library in Shattrath is pretty extensive and I found several volumes that I had never seen before and was able to sit down and read them there without anyone being  aware of my presence.

I don’t know exactly how Kal deals with his eyes being flecked with as much green as they have because it is a dead giveaway for our heritage, however, I have been using a glamour more often as not.  One of the things that I am aware of is that as I have gotten older, my eyes are showing more green, which can let people know right away that you’re a half-breed.  I will admit that the bias that was there is not as bad as it used to be in some places, it still exists.    One of the issues that I may have in getting to further my studies in Dalaran is my heritage.  I guess I’ll have to figure something out to hide that so even my instructors may not notice it.  This will require some further research on my part.

I suppose that I will have to broach the subject to my Mother before she leaves for Draenor to see what she thinks about it and to also ask for some financial aid.  I know that it is very expensive to live in Dalaran  and that the costs of just about everything is much higher than what I am used too.  I hope that she approves and will get my Father to approve of it as well, it would make life so much easier for me if I had their support, if not, well, I may have to start selling things off that I own and find some kind of work to pay for my studies.

Vashlan Shadowmoon

Just Living The Life…

January 8th

Dear Journal,

By the Light!! It has been a long time since I last wrote anything down in my journal and I think that it’s probably because I’ve been rather busy just earning a living.  It isn’t every day that I can just sit around and do nothing, it seems.

Peiling and I have both been busy trying to make a living with our hunting skills and it seems to be working out rather well.  We’re still living in Stormwind and it just seems like we’re comfortable with the way that things are going currently.  I know that our little house is working out nicely for the two of us and I’m still enjoying the cooking.  One thing I have found out about my roomie is that he definitely knows how to cook.   I know that I am really going to have to make myself take some time off though because I can speak for myself with the fact that I haven’t really had any real time off for months.

We had a great time during Winter Veil and I will admit that I did take a day off there.  No sense in working when everyone else is taking the time to enjoy the festivities of the season.  The actual trip to Iron Forge for the gifts was rather uneventful, however, I think that Peiling and I both drank way more than we intended while we were standing around and socializing with some of the people.   If you’re going to get drunk, might as well do it with a nice dwarven stout, right?  The do make some good liquor.  Of course, I know that my roommate thinks that his people are far superior with their brewing, however, we’re not able to get that much in the way of Pandaren brew on a regular basis.

I have to confess that I have run into some rather lovely ladies that were visiting here in Stormwind and would have liked to have been able to spend more time with them, however, with the contracts that Peiling and I have taken on lately from Magdamia, it hasn’t left us much time for personal lives even if they have made us some good money.  I think that even Magdamia would admit that she would like to have more out of life than making a buck.  I keep telling Peiling that money isn’t everything and we ought to “slow down” and enjoy some of the finer things, like getting to socialize with some of the other people here in town.  I know, I know, he’s saving up his money so that he can go home and visit his family in Pandaria.

I’m sitting here looking at my contracts and it looks like I am going to be spending some time in Stranglethorne again.  It’s not like I don’t like the place, it’s the getting there that makes me more tired when I think about it.  At least the hunting will be good and my profits will definitely be better than they have been during the last month.  If I see one more ogre backside at this point, I think that I’ll be physically ill.

Well, enough rambling. I need to go find out where Peiling is going today and maybe we can partner up for a while.





Is It Too Late To Start Over…

January 7th

Dear Journal,

Well, damn it!!  Here I have spent the last year of my life making my way to Pandaria so that I could get back with Dawnglory and he’s gone again!!  Now, I’m stuck with the Rangers, which I don’t like and now I am stuck with a military obligation that is going to keep me from getting what I have wanted my whole life and it just isn’t fair.  Now, I find out that even my stinking brother is gone from Silvermoon and I was going to ask him to buy me out of the Rangers so that I don’t have to stay here anymore.

Of course, everyone in Halfhill is talking about the people leaving and the ones that are staying behind.  One person I’m seeing staying behind with their brat is Dawnglory’s woman.  She looks like she’s getting fat from sitting on her butt at the farm, wonder who’s doing all of the work now that he’s gone?  I was going to try to make friends with her just so I could find out when Dawnglory’s going to be back, however, I can’t even stomach that thought right now.

All of my plans are down the drain and I’m stuck up here with all of these drunk bears, the Rangers and whatever else the military might decide for me to do.  I tried to talk to my sister at Winter Veil when we were in Shattrath and she told me to shut up and that I only had gotten what I deserved for being deceitful and selfish.  Who the heck does she think she is?    I know her husband or whatever he is overheard it all and he just walked away as if there was nothing going on.   She has no right to say anything about what I’ve done, it’s her fault that our parents are dead because she ran off to be with that guy and they got killed looking for her.  Maybe I should bring that up sometime?

I’ve sent a letter to that Zippie and I hope that she will forward it on to Fnor so that he can make arrangements to buy me out of the service.  I don’t like it and I was only playing along with it because it would get me closer to Dawnglory and if he’s gone from Pandaria, what is to keep me here in the service, not a damned thing. I hope he still isn’t angry with me.

I had planned on talking with my brother at Winter Veil when I was in Nagrand, however, he wasn’t there and it’s doubtful that his wife would want to help me out.  I didn’t even try to ask her about it and with the way that Felaran reacted, I was almost afraid too.  I don’t think that all of the things that I have done should be held against me.  I had my reasons and now that reason has moved again, damn him.

I know I probably can’t start over in Silvermoon again, I’ve burned too many bridges there with some of the so-called friends that I had, however, they have always liked my money, so, maybe there is a chance that I can start over again.  I don’t know, I’m so confused right now. Now, I just have to find some new direction.

Should I put Dawnglory behind me and think about getting involved with someone else?  I can’t, he has been the main focus of my life for so long that I think that I would be lost without that.  Everything that I have ever done or planned for has been with him in mind.  Even if Felaran said that I selfish, she also said that I was obsessed with a man that could care less about what happens to me.   I think that she’s wrong, I think that he does care about me and that my brother won’t allow him to have anything to do with me, It’s his fault, not mine.   He’s only with this woman now because of his daughter and I bet that if I could get him alone, I’d be able to give him a son one day, which is more important to carry on his name.   I still want to make that happen and it will happen if I just keep trying, now, I can’t even try because he’s in that other place.


Faendra Morningstar