Serving in Draenor…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 2nd

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I have felt better than I do right now and I will have to admit that I haven’t had a hangover to match this one for quite a few years.  Well, come to think of it, I haven’t had a hangover quite like this since I left Dalaran.  I know that I feel pretty scatter brained at the moment and my thoughts just seem to be running wild in all directions.  Not to mention, I still have a headache – what wouldn’t I do to get my hands on some fel-laced cigarettes at this point  – there seems to be a shortage of that commodity up here.

What started out being a dinner with drinks with a few friends ended up being a dinner and a two day drunk.  Somehow I made it back to my Garrison and found a place to sleep that didn’t smell of the previous occupant. Sure, I had to make use of a bedroll that was mine and I slept on the floor but that was okay because if I had been forced to stand up and walk far, I might have fallen on my face more than once.  At least I had Dog and Pan to keep me company and I hope that I didn’t intrude on the herbalist too much, she stayed outside, I’m assuming.  Nice Tauren lady with a name that keeps slipping my mind.

I think a large part of all of our problems at dinner was stemming from the fact that we didn’t especially want to be where we were and we all missed out families.  It was nice that Dawnglory was along and he had brought his Father-in-law or soon to be in-law along with him.  We sat in the Inn and drank, listened to some of the conversations going on around us and just proceeded to get rip-roaring drunk.

Dawnglory’s Garrison isn’t too terribly far away from mine so we do get a chance to visit now and then when we’re out on patrols or visiting one another, however, there isn’t that feeling of camaraderie that we have always had when we have served the Horde together in the past.   I guess we’re supposed to all be Officers of some sort.  Too damned many chiefs and not enough peons if you ask me.

Pardon my language, however, I have seen so many of these new Commanders here in Draenor that barely made it out of Silvermoon before they were sent here and they have zero experience in the field and not any command experience at all.  Makes me wonder what in the heck is going on.   I know that a couple that I met last week couldn’t have poured piss out of a boot with directions on the heel – they are that green.  I guess the new Horde is a “learn as you go” kind of thing now and there doesn’t seem to be any real direction, however, what else could I expect with the transition from a maniac to a Troll Warchief?  I honestly didn’t expect it to be quite like it is now anyway.  How the hell we’re going to survive this mess is beyond me, however, it isn’t something that I have any control over.    I’ll do as I’m ordered and that is going to be the extent of it – I do question the reasons behind a lot of the things that we’re doing.

I think I was just lonely when I went to meet Dawnglory and he wasn’t exactly Mister Sunshine himself.  Normally one of us will stay a bit more sober than the other one, however, I think that this time it was a case of which one of us would pass out first – the one left conscious would look after their fallen comrade.  I know that Dawnglory can usually drink me under the table and this time it was no different – I know that I knocked back a lot of liquor and not even good liquor at that. I don’t think they even have the resources to get good stuff here.  How I made it back to my Garrison in one piece is going to be a mystery to me until I get a chance to talk to Dawnglory.

I know that the holidays have truly been a miserable time for me right now and I miss my family in the worst way.  I know that Amyn was still planning on having the family gather at the new house in Nagrand to celebrate – in our Nagrand on Azeroth, not this new one here.  It’s all pretty damned confusing.   Anyway, I know that she was planning on having everyone there before she gets reassigned to a new Sentinel unit that will be moving into Draenor – I wish she didn’t even have to go.

I was very surprised when Dawnglory showed up.  I thought for sure that he would be one of the last ones to arrive, however, I guess someone in Silvermoon got a wild burr up their backside and just decided they were going to pull everyone they could to active duty.   He was telling me that he had left his woman and daughter in Halfhill and was hoping that they would be okay.  I think he did the right thing there and didn’t have them go back to Silvermoon City.   I don’t know how some of the women in Silvermoon would get on with his fiery redhead.

I should be getting some reports from Zippie in Silvermoon soon too, she’s usually pretty good about getting things done and keeping me informed.  I suppose that there is a bit of a lag with the mail here in Draenor since I’m not exactly sure how they go about doing that sort of thing.   I think that with all of this portaling things back and forth like this would be rather expensive for the Horde as a whole.  I’m sure that the civilian mail is probably on the lowest end of the spectrum of importance to getting it here in a timely manner.  I am in hopes of hearing something from Agatha too, she should have already made her way back to the houses in Silvermoon by now unless she has decided to stay away longer for some reason.  I hope everything in Silvermoon is being taken care of properly, not to mention, I hope my business interests are doing well.

I know that I sent my gifts out that I had purchased after my arrival here and can only hope that the people received them in time for the big day.  Some of the gifts I had left in Silvermoon and I know that those were okay because Zippie had plenty of time to get them sent out at the appropriate time.   I did find some interesting things for Amyn since I have been in Draenor and sent them back to her – she can use some of them when she gets to Draenor too.   Some very nice fur-lined boots as well as a new bow that I thought that she might appreciate – she has always been partial to bone bows and I found one that was interesting, well, different from any that I have seen in a while.

I guess my son Kaldor is up here too from what I have heard although I don’t know where exactly he is in Shadowmoon Valley just yet. I’m sure that he and I will figure out a way to get into contact with one another.  There are enough people on both factions that are getting messages back and forth without too much trouble.  I sure hope the kid is taking care of himself and not over-extending like he normally does – he was always the one that would go that extra mile to do something.

Damn, I miss my family.  Not only do I miss my family, I miss the ability to be able to get letters back and forth with the ease that we have had available to us in the past.  With everything being bottlenecked by all of these weird constraints, it sure does make it hard to keep in touch.

Yes, I am already looking at doing some of my business related things up here in addition to my command.  I do have to think about the business and to make sure that we can get a good strong foothold on things here in Draenor.  I wonder how many of my employees are already up here that I am unaware of at this point?  I know that I am already looking into getting some areas setup for a warehouse here too  – I know that we will always need provisions and we will always want to be importing and exporting things from Draenor back to Azeroth, I just have to figure out how I can get all of that organized.   No, I’m not expecting Zippie to be up here for a while although I know that she would probably enjoy some of the things that would get her out of the office.

I don’t know what it is here in Draenor, however, there are so many times that I feel like I am out of sync with things and I don’t like feeling awkward.  I would definitely like some more direction from my superiors as to what else I am supposed to be doing other than just maintaining status quo with the holdings that we currently have in Frostfire and making sure that outposts are being maintained.  Sure, we have the patrols out all of the time and there have been quite a few run ins with the Iron Horde, however, I’m not getting much of any information as to how the search is going for Garrosh.  We all know what he’s done and the technology that he has give the Horde here, however, we don’t really have all of the information yet.  What else could this maniac  have done in this place that could further his ambitions more than he already has.  I mean the sheer volume of Orcs here is amazing.  Not only am I looking at suspicion on the Orcs from Azeroth, I’m really looking at the locales with a very jaundiced eye at this point – what would it take to sway them away from the alliances that they have made with us?

Yes, there have been casualties and yes, I have sent letters home to the families of the fallen, however, there seems to be a feeling of detachment here that I don’t think that I care for.  I can’t quite put my finger on it and it may be due to this time displacement of something.  There are times that I feel like I am standing back and watching myself going through the motions and not really doing them – is there some reason for this?  I actually find it rather disturbing on a very deep level.   Oh well, I can’t make myself worry about it too much because it will probably drive me absolutely insane.

I know that Dawnglory was acting a bit strange with his woman’s Father being with us at dinner and I asked him what was going on and he said that he would have to talk to me later about it.  Wonder what all of that was about?  The fellow seems to be likeable enough and I do enjoy talking to him because we have a lot of things in common – I like to hear him talk about his family because he is from a long bloodline in Silvermoon and he can draw comparisons from that experience to our current situation.  I do value his opinion on how we should be doing things up here – he’s a Death Knight and I know that he probably follows a different path that most of us mere mortals would.

Damn, speaking of Death Knights, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Felaran showing up here with her husband either.  I know that I have seen more Death Knights in Draenor than I have grown accustomed too since the debacle in Northrend.  Lots of Death Knights do seem to be roaming the countryside.   I won’t be surprised when she does show up and will definitely be welcoming her with open arms.

Well, I still have a headache and I think I will wander over to the headquarters and see if I still have any brandy left in the desk there.  I need a nip to dull the pain a little bit.  I need to see about getting some other personal things shipped up here too.


Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Serving in Draenor…

  1. Hahah, poor Fnor, when he goes on a bender, he doesn’t do it in half measures thats for certain. Though I can imagine Fnar, is probably feeling the aftereffects after their binge. Though I suspect , Romy’s Dad was watching over them since the effects don’t really affect him since he’s a deathknight,lol.

    • I’m sure Fnor woke up with that old hangover cotton mouth and was mentally kicking himself in the butt – he should know better than to drink with Dawnglory especially with them both not being in a really great mood about their new positions. Yes, I’m sure that Romy’s Dad watched over them because I am really sure that neither of them had a clue what was going on after a while – neither of them usually drinks to this excess, however, time, circumstances played a huge part in this one.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, as per usual, it’s always greatly appreciated.

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