OOC – This Week In World of Warcraft

January 11th

This week in World of Warcraft hasn’t been all that exciting other than the fact that I got one character in gear high enough to run MC, maybe.  I may queue up for that later on today and I may not, depends on the mood I happen to be in at the time or I may have other RL things that take a priority over my game time.   Currently I have a sinus infection that is kicking off my permanent vertigo to a new level of OMG, the world is spinning again.

Still haven’t passed Silver Proving Grounds and I am about to throw in the towel on that one.  I know my class and I know the mechanics after playing the same class for ten years, I just don’t have the hand/eye coordination to do it and I guess I’ll live with that, can’t shave off the years that have taken their toll there, can I?  I’ve watched videos, I’ve done research and I have tried multiple times and it just isn’t going to happen even if I have the gear and the skill.  Not a problem, if I get crazy enough to run a dungeon, I’ll PUG it on normal until I can’t stand it anymore.  I’ll just let the “kids” play the game the way that they think it should be played and continue to enjoy it the way that I have always done.

I’ve actually spent more time in Draenor this week trying to get geared up and I have enjoyed the questing and working on my Garrisons quite a bit.  I’m still having that love/hate relationship with the new expansion and I think I’ll feel that way for the next two years if Blizzard keeps to their historical schedule.  I never have been a real FaceBook or Twitter fan, however, it looks like they are going to be invading my personal space in-game whether I like it or not – at least the Twitter part is optional, I hope.  I can see it all now “Look, little Bobby got XYZ Achievement!” – or throw in all of the hash-tags and we’ll have a new generation of illiterates out there that can’t write a whole word or sentence.  I don’t even own a phone that has the ability to text on it- yep, I’m a dinosaur.

I did manage to get some of lowbies to the Faire this month, just for grins.  Yep, kind of curtailed my heavy involvement in the Faire when I didn’t have to worry about getting points to level up the guilds since that has gone the way of the  Great White Whale.  I didn’t even get crazy about running for BoA gear either because with the new changes coming our way, I wonder if it is going to be worth it.  I do have every single piece of BoA in multiples currently anyway.  My only concern with those is the supposed changes to those in the future.  Yes, the tab is going to be awesome and I can finally retire my spreadsheets for those.

Still questing like crazy in Draenor on my Horde main and haven’t gotten finished with that yet. I guess I am really taking my time with it or there is a whole lot more out there than what I thought there would be from what I read on the forums.  Of course, I’m not worrying about leveling him because he’s already capped out.  I am running some of the quests in Nagrand, my favorite area in BC and it just seems like it is never-ending.  Spent the entire day doing quests for my stables that I had just let add up because I don’t run every single day in Draenor.   Oh well, I have four alts that will be running themselves ragged in the area later on, however, thought I’d at least get the gist of things on my main.

I always giggle when I see people throwing the buzzword around about “Immersion” in Draenor.  Oh, I can get immersed in the questing and just spend hours on end doing just that, however, my immersion does get rattled when I have something trying to eat my face off for the 100th time.  I can relate to immersion more readily if it is used in the context of RP, not just running around on the ground in Draenor.

Yes, I miss flying a whole lot and I’ll admit that there are times that I wish I could bypass some of the weird “rat’s maze” geography that Blizzard seems to have adopted for this expansion – I played BC and hated being grounded for most of it.  Still the same old thing with more twigs that can stop my mount dead in its tracks when I could have stepped over it in the past.   Jumping puzzles?  Oh gees, there goes the hand/eye thing again.  I am one of those people that spent a lot of time rezzing from falling off a mountain, okay?  Not exactly coordinated.   Last night I actually found a “treasure” that was fairly easy to get too, however, I didn’t have a kite kit handy, nor a feather (never have gotten one of those) and the only way off the pinnacle in Nagrand was to commit suicide,  or so I thought.  Took the flying leap off the cliff after debating the merits of suicide and landed in a tree branch, didn’t die, however, took forever to get out of the tree.

I willingly admit that I do spend a lot of time just cruising around the terrain and laughing at myself because I still solo quite a bit and I know I’m not a “good” player.  I have tried grouping with people from time to time, however, no one seems to want to group up these days.  So much for the social aspects of the MMO.  I think that is one of the things that makes me absolutely hate the new expansion is the way that it seems to have destroyed the “social” part of the game.

Actually got to run a dungeon or two with the lovely folks from Broken House on Sisters of Elune.  They are quite the group of personalities and I enjoy the time that I spend with them because it is fun when you can play with a group.  Last week we did some of the current content and this week we were running SoO just for grins.   There are actually some of us that never did run it at current content because of gear restrictions and so on.    I also do a bit of RP with them at Story Circle on Thunder Bluff every week too, I still go to the Earthspear version right after that in Bloodhoof Village, so, Sunday is my RP day.

Well, that’s enough boring rambling for me on this post.  I need to get busy and do some things that really matter in RL – sitting drinking coffee is a good start to the day and writing is just a part of it.

Everyone have a great time in World of Warcraft and don’t let the meanies get you down.



2 thoughts on “OOC – This Week In World of Warcraft

  1. I don’t even own a cell phone that can … phone, lol. And I haven’t even tried proving grounds yet. Don’t know if it’s any different than last expansion but I got tired of getting to round eight, failing and then having to start over from level one. Probably give it a try when there’s nothing else to do.

    Now I’ll sound like an old coot being nostalgic but it’s been since BC since I knew a lot of people on my server. You used to meet people because you had to group to get anything done. I think LFD and LFR are great but it sure did a number on getting to know your server.

    • Hehe, my cell phone could compete with strings and a can for service – it’s that old.

      As for the social part of the game – I knew quite a few people and we usually socialized quite a bit and ran things as a group. We were all in different guilds, which was funny back then, because we never lost touch over the years. That group of 20 or so stayed together all through Classic and Cata, then, the majority of them left the game due to RL responsibilities and what not. Yeah, I have to agree about the LFD and LFR functions doing a number, however, CRZ really didn’t win any prizes – we lost our server identity, I guess.

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