This Place…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 21st

Dear Journal,

There are times that I will admit that time is weighing rather heavily on my hands here in Draenor.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty to do with keeping up with the garrison and all of the people under my command, however, it has a lot to do with the fact that I am really longing to see my wife in the worst way.

At least in Pandaria we were able to find some time for one another, however, in this place, that doesn’t seem to be feasible since we are no longer in the same place and time.   Sometimes it’s all rather confusing and it’s hard to comprehend how all of this came to pass and in the manner that it did.  I know that there are times that I wonder if we’re not running a fool’s errand of some kind.   I know the reasons why we are here and what we’re trying to do, however, that doesn’t make me think that it is any more important for us to be here taking care of the people involved here.   I still wonder if we have enough people in Azeroth to take care of any issues that may be occurring there.  I guess that means that I’m more concerned about what happens to my homeland than I am in Draenor.

One thing that is a positive is that I am finally able to get mail on a semi-regular basis from Silvermoon and beyond.   That’s a vast improvement over what I have been dealing with in the past few weeks.  I know that Zippie was able to get me the monthly reports and the business is looking real good for us.  At least I know that eventually I will be able to step back into the old role and not have to worry about my finances.  The highlight of my day with my mail was finally getting a letter from my wife, it had to be smuggled into some of the other mail that I had, however, it did brighten my day considerably.

It did sound like things went rather well for the Winter Veil and the family get together in Nagrand, however, I was unhappy with the thoughts that my two sisters are still fighting with each other over past indiscretions.  Well,  that’s not exactly true, Felaran is just being herself and it sounds like Faendra hasn’t really learned anything at all about what she has done wrong with things.  I honestly know that Fae is the way that she is because I made the mistake of spoiling her rotten and this is what I am seeing now in spades.  Sure, I made the mistake that a lot of young men make when they are taking on the responsibilities of an entire family, they throw money at it if they can and hope that it gets better with time.  In Fae’s case, she took the money ride and just never has developed into what I had hoped that she would.

I was sorry to hear that Kal and Kae are in Draenor.  Well, not really sorry, I was just hoping that Kal could avoid this side of the war for a while and enjoy the life that he and Kae were working so diligently on in Pandaria.  I know that he is going to see things in Draenor that will change him and I hope that he changes for the better and won’t lose sight of what it is that he really wants out of life.  War is not a place for the faint-hearted and I just hope that he doesn’t become jaded and embittered by it, so many people do.   I know that as a parent, I’m not the best, however, you always want better things for your children.

I know that I was happy to hear that Amyn has been able to side-step the trip to Draenor for a while and will be able to keep a good eye out on the family as a whole as well as being safe.  I know that I miss her and would love to be able to spend some time with my wife.  Oh well, I am sure that that will change in the future and we will be able to get back together again soon.  How I miss that fiery Sentinel of mine!

Well, I suppose that I ought to get back to my duties here in the garrison and start directing some more activity for my people.  I know that I am still longing for the days when I could feel comfortable with my Rangers, which, I have so few here in Draenor – that was my profession and it’s what I know, not what I am doing now.  Oh well, time to get up and face the new day, I suppose.

Fnor Morningstar


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