OOC – Just Some Thoughts and Observations…

January 27th

Not much going on here for me in World of Warcraft at the moment due to just physically not feeling well enough to park my butt in my chair and play a whole lot.  It’s nothing real serious and I don’t think that it’s terminal or anything, just not feeling up to snuff.

I know that I seem to be spending more time reading the forums than I do actually playing the game at the moment which is more than just a little bit sad when you think about it.   I used to go to the forums to see what was going on and possibly pick up a few tips on things that were going on in the game, however, I ‘m not finding much of that right now other than a wall of negativity that puts Mount Everest to shame.   I wish they would bring back the Off-Topic forum area back although I think that might get a bit weird these days from what I have seen in General Discussion.

I did actually make it into PTR to check out the new Blood Elf models and will have to say that for the first pass through, they aren’t bad at all.  At least BE’s don’t run like they have a pogo stick planted somewhere it shouldn’t be – oh, they did fix the male Night Elf run, so, that will make it easier for me to watch my poor character in-game.  Yeah, I’ll admit that I do like playing my elves, no matter the faction because they are the characters that appeal to me, not to mention the Lore that goes along with them is a bit more fluffed out than some of the other races that I play.  I’m sure there will be more tweaking and fine tuning going on before they go live, I hope.

I really did like the new heirloom tab that is in PTR because being and altoholic, this is one major thing that I was having trouble keeping up with.  Naturally, I have multiple sets of heirlooms wandering around on various alts and I think that the only thing that I don’t have at the moment is the shield, which, I hope to get in the near future.  I did hear that there would be a mount attached to the achievement of having “all” of the heirlooms, however, no one seems to know what it is at this point other than it can be used at level 1 – that seems kind of silly to me, however, if Blizzard thinks it’s a good idea, it doesn’t matter what I think.  I do like the scaling of the heirlooms that were purchased prior to 6.0 because that means that the majority of my characters will be in those things until level 90, which is just fine by me.  At least I can transmog over the heirlooms a few times if I want to do that to change the appearance.

I am sitting here laughing at some of the “new” things coming out in 6.1 and I think my biggest chuckle has been the addition of Twitter and the ability to do Selfies – yeah, I so want to see some of the interesting things that will coming out of Pornshire on that one – Yeah, I’m almost as thrilled about seeing another Selfie of Miley Cyrus’s tongue and Kim K’s  butt.  I don’t use Twitter currently and I doubt that I will be using the “optional” version of it in the game either.  I don’t think that I need the invasion of the social networking thing in my game announcing my every move to the rest of the world – I’m so happy with social networking that I closed my Facebook account for the second time and I doubt I’ll ever use it again.   Oh, alright, I’m older and I like to keep some things private in my life.

Since I haven’t been playing a whole lot in Draenor, can’t say that I have leveled up that much nor completed a whole lot of stuff up there in the last week.  I just don’t have the same feeling for this expansion that I have had for the previous offerings that Blizzard has done.  Garrisons are kind of interesting and I’m sure that a lot of people enjoy them, however, I’m just not feeling the need to jump in there every four hours or so to send my “followers” out on more fun missions that I am not able to participate in with my character.    I may not log into my characters in Draenor for several days, in fact.   I’m not bored with the game by any means, I’m just not feeling the way I would normally feel in regard to the newest addition to the game, dunno why.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind that this will be the last expansion that I pre-order and may well be the last expansion that I purchase unless Blizzard comes up with some real “knock-your-socks-off” ideas – if I see Thrall and Garrosh (he’s not really dead, he’s only sleeping) headline the next expansion I definitely won’t be making that journey.

I’m actually having more fun with my “twinked” 90s back in MoP because I have a few that are still rep grinding and going through the motions of completing that expansion as much as possible.  I know that I have enjoyed MoP quite a bit more since WoD dropped because I have something else that I can do other than ground pounding my way through topographically horrid terrain in some areas – yeah, I miss flying at level cap. I’m actually doing a lot more archeology in the Old Content these days – Yes, I know I can do that in Draenor, however, it’s less likely that I’ll get my face ripped off in the older side of things.

I did take one of my hunters (tailoring/enchanting) characters to Draenor to see what there was there for her to do and found quite a bit of stuff that I will be working on for the next few months just to make headway and fill up my time.  What I was laughing about is the fact that she happens to be one of the few characters that I didn’t spend any time on with archeology prior to her arrival in Draenor.   I knew that I could start out with “zero” on the professions and still make some progress if I had too, however, she was maxed out before she got to Draenor through MoP leveling – what has made me laugh was the fact that I can do archeology in Draenor without anything prior even if it is rather tedious and difficult to get to some of the digsites.  Well, I took her over to her first digsite near her Garrison and started the process, okay, not bad – she only died two or three times due to things winging in and jumping her at the weirdest of times.   I know I have a twisted sense of humor and it was kind of funny how these things just kind of appeared and did more than just rip her face off – nope, poor little Forsaken is now doing more archeology in the Old Content for a while.

I am wondering at this point if it is even worth the time to take up one of my characters that is just strictly a “gather” to Draenor to see what that is like.  One of the things that I have done with my herbalists is to turn the “sparkles” back on in Pandaria, my vision isn’t as good as it used to be and I honestly cannot see some of the herbs.    Has anyone else taken a gatherer to Draenor yet and what are your feelings on that ?

Well, I need to get off my backside and do some other things for  a while and try to get back into the game later today.  Hope everyone is still having fun and enjoying themselves in-game.


6 thoughts on “OOC – Just Some Thoughts and Observations…

  1. I have to admit ,I haven’t really played much since my mom was here; and completely forgot that my account expired during the time she was visiting. However things got so busy, i haven’t really had much time to do much gaming , been playing Skyrim again ,and reading up on things.Money has been a little tight this month, had to replace my older daughter’s boots, after someone in her school decided they liked her boots,and took them . We ended up having to replace those,.. had to get one of my blood pressure medications changed, and it looks like I will have to replace the replacement, as I have been having this nagging cough that refuses to go away.
    Hopefully I will be able to get back in game ,and start playing again .

    • I’m glad that you got to spend some time with your Mother thought, that was important. Sorry to hear about your kid’s boots, sometimes it amazes me how people can do that sort of thing even though I know it happens.

      Sorry to hear about the medication changes though, I’m going through a few rounds of that right now myself, which is another reason that I haven’t been leaping through Draenor – however, I will be starting a new battery of drugs here in the very near future that should help with the fatigue. Hope you feel better soon and that you will be able to come back and play sometime in the near future. No rush, I think we’re going to be in Draenor for a very long time.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    WoW is going to be around for a while, so if you need a break you won’t be missing anything 😀
    A gathering toon for some low key fun sounds about right. You can skip the “danger” zones (unlike archaeology) and do as little or as much as you want.
    No pressure – the entire game is supposed to be “entertainment” not a “job” even though sometimes we forget lol.

    • Thank you so much for your best wishes there. I do hope I start feeling better soon as well because I really miss playing a game that I have enjoyed for all of these years. I’ve only been able to play for a short period of time during this last week.

      Yeah, I know that sometimes we treat the game like a job, however, if it was, I would probably get canned for high absenteeism. at this point. 😀

  3. I too am really looking forward to the heirloom tab! I have tons and tons of alts, many of them spread across servers, so this will definitely give me more incentive to level them. As of now, I have to keep a document with the locations of where everything is and even then I think I lose track of them sometimes. Like you, I’ve actually found a lot of my playtime, when I do manage to get on, is in old content. I’ve been slowly working on my Bloody Coins, and the Shaohao rep on Timeless Isle. I was unable to kill those mobs at 90, but they’re a pushover now. It still takes forever, but it’s less annoying than WoD stuff to me because at least I can make some progress.

    Totally feel you about flying, doing Archy was one of my main past-times in Mists, along with pet battles. Both of these are made much more difficult in WoD without flying. I really liked working toward the Pristine artifacts, but I don’t see that ever happening without flight. In fact, I will probably go back to Pandaria and finish those before I do any more WoD digs.

    I have been very vocal about my discontent with garrisons and that has not changed. I maintain them, but I don’t enjoy them. As it is I only really collect Orny’s, and that’s mainly because of the runes I get from work orders (for the legendary quest). Normally I like to play alts and switch around, but I feel very discouraged from doing so this time around, and I think the garrison is the central reason for that. I can’t put my finger on it either, but something is definitely “off” about the game right now.

    As for your last question, I still dig ore and pick flowers on my gathering alts, it’s habit, what can I say 😉

    • I hear you about the alts because I have been keeping spreadsheet with all of the heirlooms that I have too – poor characters are mostly on Wrymrest but they are numerous.

      As for WoD, I really don’t know what it is but I have felt like it just wasn’t the way that it was presented prior to launch and I am sorely disappointed. I’m taking a wait and see attitude with it currently.

      I think I might take one of my gathering alts to Draenor and see how it goes, it’s not like they have to stay there permanently anyway. 😀

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