OOC – Getting Back Into Things

February 18th

Sorry for not posting anything for days, however, I really have been playing a whole lot of games lately due to not feeling all that great.  It happens and the best way for me to deal with it is to not do things that make me feel worse.  Had some medication changes that made it difficult to concentrate and gave me a  whole new case of writer’s block because of my lack of the ability to put two sentences together in a short span of time.  No worries, I’m not driving when I know that I feel this way either, so, the highways are at least safe from me.

I really have to admit that I have played some here and there because I miss seeing things in-game.  Spent some time in the PTR and keep praying that they will get rid of the Jay Leno chin on my male Blood Elves because it is rather disturbing.   I do like some of the changes coming in the 6.1 patch and I’m taking a wait and see attitude on how this all pans out in the long run, can’t help but think that the 6.2 patch is going to be the one that will have a killer amount of content in it.

I am looking forward to the Heirloom things coming because that will be one chore that I will be happy to let slide to the side of things.  Gone will be the days of constantly having to update my spreadsheets that tell which alt has what Heirlooms and I don’t have to stop and think if I remembered to update it either.  Now, it will be an easy thing to track down and use when I get ready to play a new character.  I like the idea of the heirlooms being brought up to level 90 from all of the ones that I had upgraded prior, that is a real bonus.    I actually haven’t played a whole lot in the PTR other than to check out a few things to see how it is going to hit my game play because I don’t want to be burned out on the game before it goes “live” anyway.

I will have to admit that I have been blindly playing my Garrisons without much thought to the followers and things going on because I thought it was real confusing.  I finally have taken the time to do some reading as well as doing some experimentation on the PTR with some of this and I am actually starting to get the gist of things, I think.  So what if I haven’t had a single invasion on my main Horde character because the game was so buggy during the launch that the first one never happened, at least I found out how to recoup that and will hope to get one sometime in the life of the expansion.  All of my other characters have had invasions and I see where the game bugged on the original one at least.  The new additions in 6.1 sound like they are going to be fun and allow us more interaction with other players in the Garrison too, that’s going to be nice.

I’ve actually spent a lot of time reading some old books that I have in my library to recapture some of the fantasy that I’ve always enjoyed immensely and that lead me to playing video games in the first place.  Oh yes, definitely rereading some of them has been a real pleasant way to pass the time even if I can only read in spurts and only for short periods of time due to health reasons. Yes, I’m definitely trying to read Dragonriders of Pern by Anne Mc Caffrey again because it has been one of my all time favorite series of books, awesome stuff.  Darn vertigo is a thing that I wish would go away, however, there are times when I can tolerate it more than others – one of the reasons that I quit raiding was the fact that I would get so dizzy that I couldn’t really keep up with what was going on some of the time.

I have tried to keep up with bloggers on WordPress as well as hitting the forums now and then when I can handle it.  I hope that I haven’t missed too many posts because I have followed quite a few and there are times when I can’t actually read all of them.  Sometimes I just lurk and won’t leave comments, so, please don’t be offended if I happen not to say anything because I will usually put a “like” on it too.    I definitely hope to get back to my RP and stories for my characters very soon too.

Well, here’s hoping that I will be able to play a bit more in the very near future and get back into my fantasy  gaming because I do enjoy it quite a bit.  See you in-game!!

2 thoughts on “OOC – Getting Back Into Things

  1. I know you feel about trying to get back into gaming.. I have been fighting off and on with the damn flu; as well changes into medication that either have me coughing until I throw up, or too stoned to form a coherent thought. Hopefully I can get things working to the point to where I can start gaming again. Been watching netflix, with hubby,and catching up with some old favourites. Haven’t done too much writing, got lots of writing to catch up on, but just haven’t had the energy or the focus to sit down and write.. hopefully soon.

  2. LOL, I know the feeling all too well about not being able to put a coherent sentence together sometimes. It’s getting better and I think that I’ll be back and playing more in the very near future or at least trying harder. I do love the game and even if Draenor isn’t all that I thought it would be, I’m still having fun leveling there. Hope you feel better soon and can start gaming again.

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