OOC – Ramblings and Updates…

April 28th

I can’t say that I’ve accomplished a whole lot in World of Warcraft this week other than to run around on some alts in the Old Content and generally kill some time while I am leveling.  I’ve actually not been in Draenor all that much in the last couple of weeks and that is due to the fact that I am just kind burned out on it for right now – not burned out on the game, just that zone.   I don’t know  if it is the lack of flying that is stopping me cold in Draenor or what, however, questing is still fun, I’m just not that crazy about it up there – it feels kind of unfinished in some areas and the reputation grinds aren’t something that I’m enjoying because I did enough of that kind of grinding in BC.

It’s been a couple of years since I have actually run a character up from zero to cap and I’m finding it kind of fun and using some of that time to finish out some of the zones so that I can try to accomplish the feat of getting the Loremaster – never have been able to complete it yet.   I actually came with two zones of having it when Cataclysm dropped and had to start over because everything got erased and I got the pleasure of doing the “do-over” thing and haven’t hit it that hard since then.

I know I had a guild mate before Cataclysm hit that was within a few quests of finishing the content for that achievement and was really upset that he had to start things all over again in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  I know that I wasn’t aware that it would all get reset  when that expansion dropped, however, it did and I honestly think that the guild mate did finally get everything done prior to leaving the game when MoP hit.   It’s still fun even if a bit redundant in some areas, however, with the sharing of the achievements, it’s a lot easier now to accomplish than it was back then.

I did lose my playing partner for a while because of medical issues and I don’t know when he will be able to return, however, I do really miss having him in game with me.  I am truly doing everything pretty much solo since we were the only two active members in the guilds that I have.  That’s okay though, I’m sure that he will return eventually, however, he’s not in a good place right now to where he can actually sit down and enjoy playing any video games.  However, he did better than I have in Draenor because he has four level 100s up there and I have two, one just happened a couple of weeks ago and that’s about all I can muster at this point.

Sure, I do have to admit that I do get kind of lonely at times in the game because there really isn’t anyone that I am playing with consistently, however, I’ve learned how to accept that sort of thing over the last couple of years since I started my “solo” guilds up.  I still get the opportunity to RP once in a while and that keeps me happy and I have seen some old friends come back to the game and start up their guilds again in the last six months, so, it’s not all bad when we can all get together for events and such.

I know that I am in the process of running around on some other characters that I have on a separate Bnet account that has zero in the way of any extras such as shared achievements, mounts and heirlooms.  I have had the account since Christmas time and can’t say that it’s been all bad – at least I’m not rushing through stuff and I’m kind of enjoying running around as noob.   It was kind of an experiment on my part because I know that things have changed in the last ten years and I wanted to see what the experience would be like as a “new” player even if I did have the knowledge of the game that I didn’t have after ten years of playing.  It’s been fun and I have learned how to get rather inventive with some things that I had forgotten about over the years.   Yes, I have met quite a few new players and have enjoyed spending some time with some of them  There are quite a few of them out there as well as people like myself that are doing the same thing – just starting over for the grins and giggles.  Of course, when we get tired of running around and acting like we don’t have the brains of a gnat, we can always jump on our high levels  and other accounts to get back into the level that we should be at.   I know that I am actually seeing a lot more people in the Old Content than I thought I would see, however, I have a feeling that I am not the only one that has kind of thrown in the towel on Draenor for a while.  Hey, if it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it, that’s why I play video games, to have fun.

Back to reality, I did finally get my skylight replaced in my loft and I am enjoying the extra bright light that it generates and I’m getting into other things that I enjoy.  I like to read in the loft or sit here and listen to music and draw sometimes.  It is also very conducive to me actually getting to sit here and work on some of my writing.  I had spent months working on a SciFi-Fantasy kind of book thing that I finally ended up scrapping because it didn’t feel like it was going to get anywhere  – all of that work down the drain.   Anyway, I am also trying get back into my WoW writing too which has kind of fallen by the wayside here in the last six months or so due to my inactivity in game and health issues that seemed to be cropping up non-stop.

I know I had to giggle at myself here in the last week because after I had the skylight fixed (finally after 11 months) it seemed like the weather wanted to let me know that now that I could see it with ease, it was going to give me a shot of what it could do for a while.  Rain, snow, and more rain – I know I was starting to feel like I needed webbed feet to make it out the front door and swim to the car.  Oh well, it appears as though we’re out of that weather cycle for the time being.

I was also spending some time thinking about some of the people that I don’t see any more in the game and it really kind of made me depressed.   I know that I have lost more than I wanted to lose due to the fact that they had a more permanent thing happen to them than to just quit playing.  When you get to be my age, you do become more aware of your own mortality and nothing brings it home faster than to lose family and friends in quick succession.  I think that I have lost five people to  that in the last eighteen months and it was sure starting to get me down.  Now,  I have the usual thing of people quitting playing because the weather is nice and they can finally escape from their computers and go do other things – which is wonderful and I have to admit that I am spending more time away from my computers than I have in the past.  It just feels good to see something other than Azeroth sometimes.

Well, I’ve babbled enough and I’m off to do some household chores before I get back into my alt playing for a while this afternoon.  Hope to see you all in Azeroth soon!!

Hard Decisions…

April 26th

Dear Journal,

I think that I have finally made up my mind as to what I am going to do.  I am tired of sitting here in Stormwind and trying to cope with the business and trying to cope with being apart from Sindorei.  It is started to cause me quite a bit of trouble because my mind is constantly straying to the man that I love.

It has been months since the conflict started with Iron Horde on Draenor and it has been months since I have been able to see my Sindorei.  I know that everyone thought that the whole thing wouldn’t take a long time and that everyone would be able to come back home pretty quickly or at least be able to come home to see their families.   There are mages that are sending supplies and troops back forth to the areas there and there are some mages that are even sending people back home for a price.

I fear that what has happened is that the military has decided that they are going to keep men away from their families in order to finish what was started in Draenor these many months ago.  I can understand why everyone feels the responsibility of trying to ride this sort of thing out, however, those men that are constantly fighting need a time away from the battles and need to see their loved ones.  I know that I can’t be the only person that is feeling the yearning of not being able to see my husband and to know that the is okay too – we used to get leaves to come home in all of the other conflicts, why aren’t the people allowed to do so now?  Is it the cost of the magic or is there some other evil afoot that we are unable to step away from?

I have already made up my mind as to what I am going to do and should have acted upon it months ago.  Since my Sindorei is not able to make his way back to Azeroth for whatever reason, I am going to go to this Draenor to find him and have an opportunity to be with him.  We have always found a way to be together here on Azeroth, I don’t think that we will have that much trouble finding a way to do the same things in Draenor.  I say that enough is enough and I’m going to take matters in my own hands and rejoin my Sentinel group that I had taken a leave of absence before all of this conflict started again.

Magdamia will just have to get used to the idea of running things again and I am in hopes that she will get over her dislike of the way that things are setup in Shattrath and do the job professionally with Zippie.  I get along very well with Zippie and will have to admit that Magdamia can be rather biased in her feelings, she’s not overly fond of Worgen, however, she has learned to deal with them respectfully.  I know that her whole attitude needs to change with her dealings with goblins because she will have to do that quite a bit in Shattrath and she will have to get over her inability to accept the fact that Fnor and I are the owners of the company and we have been dealing with both factions for years.  Of course, we’re the odd couple because he is Sindorei and I am Kaldorei, our relationship was definitely one that could have been deadly in years past, however, in the open cities such as Shattrath and once upon a time, Dalaran, we were accepted to a certain point.

I know that I have made up my mind and will do what needs to be done even if I am torn with the thoughts of leaving my two youngest sons and my parents behind here in as well as Vashlan, although he is almost fully grown at this point and very much involved with his magic.   At least I will have a chance to see Kaldor and Kae when I get to Draenor and then, my true object of yearning thoughts, I’ll be able to track my Sindorei down.

Oh, how much can a woman miss her husband when she remembers every little thing that he does? The way he laughs, the sheer scent of the man that would fill my nostrils as we lay together in our bed.  I miss that long black hair trailing across my shoulders when he would lean in for a kiss or even to just nuzzle my neck affectionately.  I miss those tender endearing words in Thalassian that only he could whisper in my ear as he held me in his arms.  Yes, I miss all of those physical things, however, I truly miss that feeling that we shared together of being almost spiritually joined.  I feel like half of my being is missing when I am unable to reach out and touch his hand from time to time.

This Draenor thing has made it hard for me to feel that he and I are in the same plane of existence because we aren’t.  He’s off in some other time and place and I feel that void, that lack of connection is almost unbearable.  At least when I knew that he was in Azeroth somewhere, I could at least travel to where he was rather easily or he could travel to where I was without any trouble at all.  Now, things are different and I am almost afraid that all of these people that are in Draenor are actually cutoff from their loved ones and there is no way to guarantee that it won’t be permanent in some way.  When and if we finally all return to our own time and place, will we still have that connection like we have had in the past or is this feeling of complete separation going to linger on after we return?

Yes, I’ve made up my mind, I am going to turn everything over to Magdamia and I am going to go to Draenor to be with my son and his Father again.  It’s the only thing that I can think of doing that will bring us all back together again.  Yes, I will miss my sons that I leave behind here on Azeroth, however, I know that what I am planning on doing is something that I have to do to make sure that our family survives all of the things that I feel might be coming in the future.

I know that I keep writing that I’ve made up my mind as if I need to convince myself of it or something.  I think that the reason that I do that is because I need to convince myself that it is the right thing to do and that I won’t regret the sacrifices that the family will endure with my absence.  I have everything set up and everything is in place so that there shouldn’t be any difficulties for any of them.  We can still get in touch with one another with the mail because that seems to be running the way that it should for the most part, I’m just not sure how I am going to be able to get back here to Stormwind if the need arises, hopefully things have gotten better in Draenor and we will have the freedom to travel easier to obtain.



In The Beginnin…

*Introducing a new character – Jaxom Perndragon – currently residing on the realm of Sisters of Elune*


April 24th

Dear Journal,

I have never kept anything as a journal, however, I know that I have an annoying habit that I feel like this will help out and something that a friend of mine recommended.  I talk to myself a lot because I spend a lot of time alone when I am out in the field and I think that I am losing some of my social skills sometimes because I am often easily distracted when I am in the company of my fellow Rangers.

My name is Jaxom Perndragon and I haven’t got the slightest clue who my parents were nor when I was born, I grew up in the orphanage in Silvermoon City.  The only information that I had available to me was the fact that there was on a yellowed sheet of paper left in the blankets that I was swaddled in that just said that my name was Jaxom.  The surname was surmised from a birthmark that I had on my shoulder that must have looked like a dragon of some sort, which has long since faded away as I’ve gotten older. That’s my early history I guess – not much there when you don’t have a family to speak of  nor anyone else to speak of other than yourself, I suppose.

I never did get adopted because I was always too shy to talk to people if I didn’t know them and I’m sure that the prospective parents weren’t too impressed with me hiding behind the Matron’s skirts when we were introduced.  I guess some of them thought that I was addle pated or at least not real bright because I just didn’t seem to have that spark that they were looking for because I never laughed a lot nor did I smile that much.   I guess one could say that I was probably not the best example of the Sindorei because I definitely wasn’t all that sociable nor was I one of those children that excelled at anything other than my love of nature.  I loved being outdoors and I loved being able to wander around when I had the opportunity, watching the animals, fishing when I could find something to fish with. Yeah, I guess I was kind of born a hermit.

I did well as could be expected in my schoolwork and did rather well with some things, reading and writing seemed to be my forte and I enjoyed drawing or artwork to a certain point although I didn’t exactly excel at it as some of my other friends did.  I did learn the math that we were given and that was a good thing because it has stood me in good stead and I can at least do most of the sums in my head.  Yeah, I can learn how to save money so that I won’t starve to death, however, that isn’t much of a worry as long as I stay with the Rangers.

The Matrons tried to get me interested in some of the finer things such as magic or even the priesthood and that didn’t work out well at all.  I kept falling asleep in my classes that dealt with the priesthood and it wasn’t a good thing to do and we won’t even discuss the magic or the thoughts of becoming a mage – I couldn’t even make it through the first semester and was told by my instructor that he had never had anyone in his classes that he could actually say that didn’t have a hint of magic in my mind.  Well, we can’t all be mages and the idea of healing people as a priest made me want to throw up, forget the religious text.  Guess that knocked out the idea of me become something as great as a Paladin too.

I guess I could have tried a little harder to become a tradesman although that really didn’t appeal to me at all because I didn’t want to be stuck in a building all day.  I did work for a time with a tailor and he finally told me that I wasn’t suited for the work due to my daydreaming.

When the time came for me to pick a profession the matrons all agreed that maybe I should try something that was more structured, maybe a blacksmith or maybe a tailor or maybe just put me in the military and let them sort it out for me.  Well, I guess you could say that it got sorted out for me. The military was the only thing that seemed to be a reasonable fit for me.  I took to the Ranger training like a water fowl takes to the water and I’ve never looked back.  I guess I had some kind of natural ability with bows and I learned how to skin animals and do leatherworking without so much as a hitch in my work.  I can turn out a good pair of boots when the mood strikes me, at least.

I’m spending a lot of time with the other Rangers patrolling around Silvermoon and so far, the Ghostlands are about as spooky as the name would imply.   There are creatures and spirits out there that I had only heard tell of at the orphanage and to actually see them in the flesh has definitely been a jolt to my system.   I wonder what other stories that I was told when I was growing up are going to turn out to be true?  That’s a scary thought in of itself and I am truly not a coward, however, it does make me very nervous most of the time.  I think that the scourge left over from the war many years ago are the worst things so far because from a distance, they can still be mistaken for a man although you can kind of tell they aren’t by the jerky way that they are moving.  The first one that I killed, I was just mortified that I had taken it’s life and after everyone explained to me that they were reanimated corpses and had no souls left.  That made me question the Forsaken walking around the city, aren’t they kind of the same?  I’m sure that the Forsaken still have their souls even if they sometimes eat things that they kill including people…that thought really makes me nervous because I know that we all have to go spend some time in the Undercity and will have to work with them – I hope I don’t become someone’s dinner, I’m sure that Blood Elves don’t taste that good, I hope.

Well, I think that I have written enough here because I am tired of writing and I don’t feel much like talking – there isn’t anyone awake here in the barracks anyway because it’s that late.


Jaxom Perndragon.




Still Searching…

April  15th

Dear Journal,

I haven’t written in a while because there just doesn’t seem much to report on or even to hang onto my memories.  I have spent months going through my Ranger training and I have put in for transfers every single time that I have been at a point where I could hopefully qualify to no avail.  I know that it is kind of hard to realize that I have spent all of these months just to track down this man that may or may not be my Father or not. Why is it so important for me to find him at this point?

I think my biggest thing is that I want him to acknowledge my existence, I want him to recognize the fact that he left my Mother to suffer the indignity of having a child out of wedlock and basically ruined her life.  I want him to know that there were consequences to his actions to take responsibility for it.  Am I being childish?  I don’t think so, I want to be able to take my real surname and feel some pride in the fact and not be just another bastard that was sired by a man having a fling with a woman of questionable morale character.

My Mother was a wonderful woman.   She was beautiful, she loved life and she really would have made some man happy because she was a very caring person.  Her one mistake in her life that allowed me to be born colored part of her life that made her feel as if she weren’t as good as her friends.  I know that her family tried to get her married off a couple of times, however, once the fact came out that she had a child already kind of killed any of the contracts that they would try to make for her.  She often times would sigh and be sad for a time after one of these marriages fell through and I could tell that it made her feel that wasn’t worthy of being happy.  I know that she would talk about my Father sometimes and I always felt that she was trying to make me realize that he wasn’t an uncaring person and that there had to be a reason why he never came back to her.

What I have been able to find out about this Dawnglory is the fact that he has always been a rounder and a drinker.  He has had many women in his life and he never has seemed to settle with just one woman because he was either afraid of the commitment or he wasn’t a person that cared for his partner enough to want to stay with him.  What little information that I had about him the last time I had any gold to buy the information was that he was in Pandaria as a second-in-command to this Fnor Morningstar.  I’ve also been able to find out something about this fellow as well – seems he’s a pretty stand-up guy and is well respected by people in Silvermoon – is that from the massive wealth that he has accumulated over the years?  I have no idea.  I just know that the two men are still Rangers and they are still serving our countrymen by doing their military duty.

I think that I can understand how people were and still are complaining about Orgrimmar.  I’m not overly fond of the place.  It’s dirty, it’s noisy and there are just too many Orcs.  I’m not saying that I dislike them or anything because I’m sure that they aren’t too thrilled with having all of these races in their city either.   I have found myself staying more in the Tauren area of the city because it seems like it is a little bit cleaner and I know that the Tauren keep things fairly quiet in their area.

I know that I was passing through the city yesterday and noticed a building that was being repaired and noticed that they were putting a sign out front and the name caught my attention.  Morningstar  Enterprises – the very same one that is in Silvermoon City too.  I guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled and do some investigating around to find out more about this Morningstar thing and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to catch Dawnglory here in Orgrimmar and I won’t have to keep working my tail off trying to get to Pandaria or this new place that everyone is talking about.

I know that I will have to get this situation resolved before I can truly get on with my life and to have the peace of mind that I feel like I deserve.


Hanlin Darkstrider

OOC – Just Playing The Game And Having Fun…

April 13th

I really haven’t been accomplishing much of anything in World of Warcraft of late due to the fact that I have been running around on my baby alts with their heirloom gear and enjoying the heck out of the Old Content.  I always hit phases like this when I have a lot of stuff going on in RL and need to take a “light” break to offset it.

I’ve also been spending some time watching some of the television shows that I needed to catch up on as well – darn Comcast and their week of watching shows you’ve kind of ignored for a while – naturally, I think I have slept through most of the stuff, however, it was still fun in its own right.  Started watching a couple of the new shows that just started too, which can take up my time somewhat and keep me away from the computer and gaming.

I finally made 100 on my Alliance main and have upgraded my Garrison for the faction.  Who knew it cost so much to upgrade so many buildings.  Now, I’m quest bound, as per my usual habit, and I’m going to be busy on the Alliance side for a while before I try to level up anymore of the characters I currently have in Draenor.   I still haven’t finished all of the questing on the Horde main yet either, just kind of dawdling around and not accomplishing much in that area for some reason.

What time I have spent in Draenor has been pretty enjoyable and I have had fun just running around and questing.  Trying to get the Garrisons the way that I want them has been an adventure and has had me doing quite a bit of research with them too.   Oh yeah, finally started doing some of the pet battling and have found myself doing that more often than I ever have in the past.  I usually level up my pets with my lowbies as they move alone, however, I am running around battling on some of my 90s these days, just for grins and giggles.

I know that I am actually playing at all levels in World of Warcraft right now – if I get tired of doing Garrison chores, I’m off on an alt doing some questing and leveling them up.  I know that I have a few accounts with enough characters to keep me busy for the rest of my life.  I might have to go back and start clearing some of them out if I haven’t touched them in a year, chances are that I am not going to be playing them in the future.  No, I don’t delete them, just move them down in the character selection screen so that I don’t have to be constantly reminded that I have neglected them – I do feel bad when I see that I haven’t played some of them since the end of last year.

I’m getting kind of excited tonight because of the fact that my skylight is going to be replaced tomorrow if the weather is cooperative.  It’s been eleven months of being in the dark in the loft and I find it rather depressing at times.  I have already made up my mind that if this sort of thing happens again, I’m going to just install more lights up here and say the heck with it.  No one has been able to figure out why it just apparently “shattered” on its own without any help – I’m thinking a defect that the manufacturer didn’t want to cover.  My loft has always been my haven in the house and a place where I can go read a book if I want or write or do anything where I am not in the mood to interact with people all that much.  I’m not real claustrophobic, however, I find myself having to leave the loft with some frequency because I feel like I’m totally boxed in up here without the natural light coming in normally.

My husband has his “man cave” in the basement and to be honest, I don’t go down there very often because it truly is a bit like cave – he watches a lot of sports, reality shows (I can’t stand them) and just generally does his guy thing down there.   I suppose we’re lucky that we don’t have any kids living at home and we have all of this extra room that we can take advantage of.

I know I was really pleasantly surprised with the WoW tokens although I haven’t been able to take advantage of the offer just yet because none of my characters are very wealthy at this point.  The Garrison upgrades really did a number on my two main character’s banks.  I have reverted all of my accounts back to the month-to-month status though because I’m not sure what Blizzard is doing with this particular expansion and it makes me nervous.  I don’t mind investing my time in the game, however, I am not looking at the long term like I used too in the past.    I’m still having fun, however, I’m apprehensive as to what is going to happen next.  I think that Blizzard has been exceptionally silent on the content of the next patch and that kind of scares me.

Well, I’m just rambling here and I just wanted to let some people know that I do take a day or two off from the game during the week or even the weekends because I have other things going on in RL – with the weather getting so much nicer, it’s easier for my spouse and I to get out and about without worrying about taking a spill in the snow or ice.  I’m hoping that we will both start feeling better physically now that the weather has changed too because we both have had some issues this past winter that seem to be never-ending, however, I also know that we’re both Seniors and we’re not going to be as energetic as we were twenty years ago.



Drinking and Dreams…

April 3rd


Dear Journal,

Oh, I do have to have a nice long talk with myself about drinking and going down memory lane with some of my friends.  While it was all done in good fun and we all had a great deal to talk about our past life experiences, I know I consumed way too much mead.  It was great being able to socialize with some of the others and finding out things that I didn’t already know about them, personality quirks and the like.  I know that I enjoyed the time, however, the only thing I have to cling too this morning is this incredible headache from all of the fun.

I know that I don’t usually hang out that often in Darnassus with my kind because it can be rather depressing and always stirs up my memories of things that I have lost since the fall of Gilneas.  There are still quite a few of us that think that there is an actual cure for the Curse and are still bemoaning the fact that they can’t live as they used too.  Well, I am one of the people that knows that there isn’t a cure for what ails us and if we are going to continue on in this new life, we need to put that yearning behind us and get on with life.  It’s not easy and we will always have those regrets of times gone by, however, that is not what the Fates had in store for us.

I did have some very strange dreams last night and I blame it on the mead and I blame it on the fact that I haven’t seen Felley in a while and I miss her more than I would have ever thought possible.  I know that we agreed a long time ago that we could and should go out on our own and do things without constantly being in the pack, however, I think it has been long enough now and she should come back home for a while.   I know that I truly miss those talks that we used to have when we were alone, I miss her laughter and “that look” I would get when I over-reacted to something.

My dreams were rather disturbing last night and that may be why I have this longing for Felley to be home again.  I was in that dream world revisiting things that I had thought that I had put behind me, however, they resurfaced with a vengeance.  I know that I spent most of the dream searching for my wife and daughters and reliving those horrible times where I thought I might have found evidence that they were still alive.  I know that I fought like a madman against becoming what I eventually became, however, last night’s dreams made it almost unbearable when I awakened this morning.   Ah well, I won’t spend all of my time dwelling on the past, it isn’t healthy and it sure won’t change anything.