OOC – Just Playing The Game And Having Fun…

April 13th

I really haven’t been accomplishing much of anything in World of Warcraft of late due to the fact that I have been running around on my baby alts with their heirloom gear and enjoying the heck out of the Old Content.  I always hit phases like this when I have a lot of stuff going on in RL and need to take a “light” break to offset it.

I’ve also been spending some time watching some of the television shows that I needed to catch up on as well – darn Comcast and their week of watching shows you’ve kind of ignored for a while – naturally, I think I have slept through most of the stuff, however, it was still fun in its own right.  Started watching a couple of the new shows that just started too, which can take up my time somewhat and keep me away from the computer and gaming.

I finally made 100 on my Alliance main and have upgraded my Garrison for the faction.  Who knew it cost so much to upgrade so many buildings.  Now, I’m quest bound, as per my usual habit, and I’m going to be busy on the Alliance side for a while before I try to level up anymore of the characters I currently have in Draenor.   I still haven’t finished all of the questing on the Horde main yet either, just kind of dawdling around and not accomplishing much in that area for some reason.

What time I have spent in Draenor has been pretty enjoyable and I have had fun just running around and questing.  Trying to get the Garrisons the way that I want them has been an adventure and has had me doing quite a bit of research with them too.   Oh yeah, finally started doing some of the pet battling and have found myself doing that more often than I ever have in the past.  I usually level up my pets with my lowbies as they move alone, however, I am running around battling on some of my 90s these days, just for grins and giggles.

I know that I am actually playing at all levels in World of Warcraft right now – if I get tired of doing Garrison chores, I’m off on an alt doing some questing and leveling them up.  I know that I have a few accounts with enough characters to keep me busy for the rest of my life.  I might have to go back and start clearing some of them out if I haven’t touched them in a year, chances are that I am not going to be playing them in the future.  No, I don’t delete them, just move them down in the character selection screen so that I don’t have to be constantly reminded that I have neglected them – I do feel bad when I see that I haven’t played some of them since the end of last year.

I’m getting kind of excited tonight because of the fact that my skylight is going to be replaced tomorrow if the weather is cooperative.  It’s been eleven months of being in the dark in the loft and I find it rather depressing at times.  I have already made up my mind that if this sort of thing happens again, I’m going to just install more lights up here and say the heck with it.  No one has been able to figure out why it just apparently “shattered” on its own without any help – I’m thinking a defect that the manufacturer didn’t want to cover.  My loft has always been my haven in the house and a place where I can go read a book if I want or write or do anything where I am not in the mood to interact with people all that much.  I’m not real claustrophobic, however, I find myself having to leave the loft with some frequency because I feel like I’m totally boxed in up here without the natural light coming in normally.

My husband has his “man cave” in the basement and to be honest, I don’t go down there very often because it truly is a bit like cave – he watches a lot of sports, reality shows (I can’t stand them) and just generally does his guy thing down there.   I suppose we’re lucky that we don’t have any kids living at home and we have all of this extra room that we can take advantage of.

I know I was really pleasantly surprised with the WoW tokens although I haven’t been able to take advantage of the offer just yet because none of my characters are very wealthy at this point.  The Garrison upgrades really did a number on my two main character’s banks.  I have reverted all of my accounts back to the month-to-month status though because I’m not sure what Blizzard is doing with this particular expansion and it makes me nervous.  I don’t mind investing my time in the game, however, I am not looking at the long term like I used too in the past.    I’m still having fun, however, I’m apprehensive as to what is going to happen next.  I think that Blizzard has been exceptionally silent on the content of the next patch and that kind of scares me.

Well, I’m just rambling here and I just wanted to let some people know that I do take a day or two off from the game during the week or even the weekends because I have other things going on in RL – with the weather getting so much nicer, it’s easier for my spouse and I to get out and about without worrying about taking a spill in the snow or ice.  I’m hoping that we will both start feeling better physically now that the weather has changed too because we both have had some issues this past winter that seem to be never-ending, however, I also know that we’re both Seniors and we’re not going to be as energetic as we were twenty years ago.



2 thoughts on “OOC – Just Playing The Game And Having Fun…

  1. I kinda forgot that to buy WoW time somebody has to physically buy one and put it there! And it does seem like a lot really, to me. I don’t pay $25 a month for game time!

    • I enjoy the game quite a bit and it is where my entertainment dollars seem to go each month because my spouse and I don’t get out much. World of Warcraft can be an expensive hobby sometimes, however, after the last ten years I am still having fun and finding different things about the overall game to enjoy. Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt to pay that fee sometimes, however, I have been known to let an account sit fallow if I haven’t been playing those characters very often except for my main account.

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