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April 28th

I can’t say that I’ve accomplished a whole lot in World of Warcraft this week other than to run around on some alts in the Old Content and generally kill some time while I am leveling.  I’ve actually not been in Draenor all that much in the last couple of weeks and that is due to the fact that I am just kind burned out on it for right now – not burned out on the game, just that zone.   I don’t know  if it is the lack of flying that is stopping me cold in Draenor or what, however, questing is still fun, I’m just not that crazy about it up there – it feels kind of unfinished in some areas and the reputation grinds aren’t something that I’m enjoying because I did enough of that kind of grinding in BC.

It’s been a couple of years since I have actually run a character up from zero to cap and I’m finding it kind of fun and using some of that time to finish out some of the zones so that I can try to accomplish the feat of getting the Loremaster – never have been able to complete it yet.   I actually came with two zones of having it when Cataclysm dropped and had to start over because everything got erased and I got the pleasure of doing the “do-over” thing and haven’t hit it that hard since then.

I know I had a guild mate before Cataclysm hit that was within a few quests of finishing the content for that achievement and was really upset that he had to start things all over again in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  I know that I wasn’t aware that it would all get reset  when that expansion dropped, however, it did and I honestly think that the guild mate did finally get everything done prior to leaving the game when MoP hit.   It’s still fun even if a bit redundant in some areas, however, with the sharing of the achievements, it’s a lot easier now to accomplish than it was back then.

I did lose my playing partner for a while because of medical issues and I don’t know when he will be able to return, however, I do really miss having him in game with me.  I am truly doing everything pretty much solo since we were the only two active members in the guilds that I have.  That’s okay though, I’m sure that he will return eventually, however, he’s not in a good place right now to where he can actually sit down and enjoy playing any video games.  However, he did better than I have in Draenor because he has four level 100s up there and I have two, one just happened a couple of weeks ago and that’s about all I can muster at this point.

Sure, I do have to admit that I do get kind of lonely at times in the game because there really isn’t anyone that I am playing with consistently, however, I’ve learned how to accept that sort of thing over the last couple of years since I started my “solo” guilds up.  I still get the opportunity to RP once in a while and that keeps me happy and I have seen some old friends come back to the game and start up their guilds again in the last six months, so, it’s not all bad when we can all get together for events and such.

I know that I am in the process of running around on some other characters that I have on a separate Bnet account that has zero in the way of any extras such as shared achievements, mounts and heirlooms.  I have had the account since Christmas time and can’t say that it’s been all bad – at least I’m not rushing through stuff and I’m kind of enjoying running around as noob.   It was kind of an experiment on my part because I know that things have changed in the last ten years and I wanted to see what the experience would be like as a “new” player even if I did have the knowledge of the game that I didn’t have after ten years of playing.  It’s been fun and I have learned how to get rather inventive with some things that I had forgotten about over the years.   Yes, I have met quite a few new players and have enjoyed spending some time with some of them  There are quite a few of them out there as well as people like myself that are doing the same thing – just starting over for the grins and giggles.  Of course, when we get tired of running around and acting like we don’t have the brains of a gnat, we can always jump on our high levels  and other accounts to get back into the level that we should be at.   I know that I am actually seeing a lot more people in the Old Content than I thought I would see, however, I have a feeling that I am not the only one that has kind of thrown in the towel on Draenor for a while.  Hey, if it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it, that’s why I play video games, to have fun.

Back to reality, I did finally get my skylight replaced in my loft and I am enjoying the extra bright light that it generates and I’m getting into other things that I enjoy.  I like to read in the loft or sit here and listen to music and draw sometimes.  It is also very conducive to me actually getting to sit here and work on some of my writing.  I had spent months working on a SciFi-Fantasy kind of book thing that I finally ended up scrapping because it didn’t feel like it was going to get anywhere  – all of that work down the drain.   Anyway, I am also trying get back into my WoW writing too which has kind of fallen by the wayside here in the last six months or so due to my inactivity in game and health issues that seemed to be cropping up non-stop.

I know I had to giggle at myself here in the last week because after I had the skylight fixed (finally after 11 months) it seemed like the weather wanted to let me know that now that I could see it with ease, it was going to give me a shot of what it could do for a while.  Rain, snow, and more rain – I know I was starting to feel like I needed webbed feet to make it out the front door and swim to the car.  Oh well, it appears as though we’re out of that weather cycle for the time being.

I was also spending some time thinking about some of the people that I don’t see any more in the game and it really kind of made me depressed.   I know that I have lost more than I wanted to lose due to the fact that they had a more permanent thing happen to them than to just quit playing.  When you get to be my age, you do become more aware of your own mortality and nothing brings it home faster than to lose family and friends in quick succession.  I think that I have lost five people to  that in the last eighteen months and it was sure starting to get me down.  Now,  I have the usual thing of people quitting playing because the weather is nice and they can finally escape from their computers and go do other things – which is wonderful and I have to admit that I am spending more time away from my computers than I have in the past.  It just feels good to see something other than Azeroth sometimes.

Well, I’ve babbled enough and I’m off to do some household chores before I get back into my alt playing for a while this afternoon.  Hope to see you all in Azeroth soon!!

4 thoughts on “OOC – Ramblings and Updates…

  1. Loremaster is fun if you take your time and enjoy the stories. I think I got it after Cataclysm too so yeah, losing progress was a pain but it went faster than I expected. Probably faster than the old one because of more efficient questing and eliminating those “Fedex” quests that had you running from one end of the continent to the other lol.

    I’ve noticed a big drop off in my guild too – maybe the nice weather, maybe tired of the content who knows? Our raid fell apart before it really got started and some people left to raid somewhere else.

    Most of the time I’m the only one logged in and yeah, it’s pretty lonely 😛

  2. I’m kind of enjoying running around on alts and getting some of the Loremaster stuff completed – finally got all of Kalimdor completed and now, the Eastern Kingdoms are in my sights for the next target. I only have one zone in Northrend that I haven’t finished just yet, however, that won’t take too long. Outland is one that I am kind of dreading because I got partially through the most of it and I am doing it on level appropriate characters. Hehe, yeah I hated those FEDEX quests myself although there are some still out there.

    I’ve actually run into quite a few people that are using alternate Bnets to run around in the Old Content lately and we all seem to have the same idea of just blowing off some of the stuff on our senior accounts for a while. LOL, we all seem to be keeping our little secret characters in our own guilds, so, it’s kind of easy to recognize them sometimes.

    I think the change in weather has had a lot to do with the people not playing as much because I think that this has been one of the worst Winter seasons that we’ve had in a while nationwide. I know that when the opportunity presents itself, I’m outside and away from the computers unless I happen to be on my patio with my laptop doing some extra writing or browsing. Yeah, it does get lonely sometimes, however, I’m friendly for the most part and will talk to just about anyone. 😀

    • Yeah, Outland is pretty slow. I still have nightmares about getting the 30 Naga Claws lol. I remember the “good old days” when those Enchantresses would kill my poor hunter really quick.
      Back in the “pre-heirloom” days Outland took flipping forever 😀

      • I’m actually debating on taking one of my DKs through part of it and a hunter for the areas I know are more suitable for the class – I’ll see how it all works out and I’m having fun with it anyway. 😀

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