OOC – Quitting Smoking ….

May 15th

I know that this is a weird thing to write about as far as a blog goes, however, here goes.  I am playing primarily lowbies right now in World of Warcraft so that I get totally involved in what I am doing so that I can suppress my urge to smoke.

Yep, I quit smoking for seven years and went back to it like a dummy and now I am paying the price for that stupidity.   I don’t recall the last time that I quit smoking making me very scatter-brained  and going through some pretty good mood swings.

I just wanted to apologize for not writing a whole lot at the moment.  My goal is to be away from tobacco by the 20th of May – my BD.  Wish me luck and when I can keep my brain running in the right direction, I’ll post something again.  😀

2 thoughts on “OOC – Quitting Smoking ….

  1. Good luck! I remember when I quit omg the first couple of weeks were horrible. I started drinking tea every time I wanted a smoke. I think I went through about 14 boxes of tea lol.

    • I’m actually switching over to e-cigs (vaping) and trying to find the correct level of nicotine to ease the “shakes” as it were. Seems to be working fairly well now. My brain just seems to skip around a bit and I’m locking myself down on my lowbies and “immersing” myself in Lore while keeping my hands busy.

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