OOC – Not Dead…Just Busy

July 11th

Oh Hello!  No, I haven’t died yet, just been extremely busy in RL with all kinds of things, mostly trying to recover from a bacterial infection that I got somewhere – I don’t leave the house often, so, it must have come to visit in some form or other.

In the last couple of months we have celebrated birthdays, enjoyed Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, naturally and 4th of July, we stayed home and let the amateurs get out on the roads without us.  Yesterday was our granddaughter’s 5th birthday which doesn’t even seem possible.  Time really has a nasty habit of zooming by and all of a sudden it slaps you alongside the head so you’ll take notice.

Still working on going full on e-cig and doing quite well with it and reducing the nicotine intake quite nicely without turning into some kind of irrational monster.  I know the only way that I quit the last time was to go “cold turkey” and being knocked out on morphine for 10 days in ICU – don’t think I want to go that route or go through open-heart surgery again.

World of Warcraft Related

I feel like I have been fighting a battle of wills for the last couple of months with the game because not being able to play as much as I have normally has definitely put a crimp in things.  I have enjoyed what little I have actually done in Draenor, however, I think a lot of my attitude has to do with my disappointments with Blizzard more than anything with their business practices during this whole expansion.

I liked the Garrisons and was starting to get into the full swing of that while trying to level some more of my characters, however, with the advent of the gold mission changes, that kind of came to screeching halt.  I really only have one decently geared 100 and that is because I kind of stumbled into that without really watching closely.  Poor fellow has been kind of buggy since launch and I am not going to stop doing things on him anyway because he has been my main for 10 years.

Okay, I was very happy that Blizzard relented and decided to give us an opportunity to get flying introduced into Draenor, however, I wasn’t so happy at the thought of having more of the FaceBook applications added to the burden as well as rep grinding.

For the first time in ten years, I was actually contemplating taking a long hiatus or even quitting the game entirely, however, I decided that I have too much time involved in the game to just walk away from it.  I hope that things will get better in this expansion or the next one.  I definitely am not going to jump in and pre-order the next expansion nor will I purchase it straight away.  I really got more than a little it burned with WoD with the amount of money that I spent on the expansions and some of the boosts that I purchased to flesh out my guilds for the achievements.  Not gonna happen again.  I feel like I went to a used car lot and purchased a car and they had faithfully promised me that they would put the engine in sometime in the future – great looking car though, it just doesn’t move me anywhere.

Okay, hit the magic mark of ten years of playing World of Warcraft.  Whoopee!!   I know that I have enjoyed the time I’ve spend playing  the game and don’t regret it one bit although I am struggling staying subbed with my accounts due to the fact that I am a bit burned out.    Also hit the three year anniversary with WordPress – doesn’t seem that long ago that I started that either, however, it sure hasn’t been one of my highpoints so far this year.

As for my writing these days?  Well, to be very honest, I’m running out of ideas right now due to the fact that the majority of the people that I have played with over the years have left and I don’t really have that many folks to even chat with in-game.  Haven’t really done a whole lot of RP this year and don’t really have a full story line outlined in my head with the Alternate Universe throwing an anvil on that fantasy creation.   I may have to take a couple of steps back and rethink some of the storylines that I have had going for a while because I am just not feeling it and trying to fill in the blanks of absent players is a bit hard, especially if they decide to come back and you’ve written the wrong thing – had that happen to me years ago and it was not a pleasant thing.  Anyway, I will try to hang in there and get started on some more stuff eventually, just don’t expect it to be awesome at this point, I’m just not as immersed as I once was.


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