OOC – Getting Back To Writing And Reading Again…

October 15th

To Whom It May Concern,

First of all I would like to apologize to some of you for my inability to get my act together during the last few months.  I have had a busy summer with all things in RL that have kept me away from writing and actually playing World of Warcraft with any kind of regularity which is not fun when you’ve enjoyed something for ten plus years.

My health has been giving me fits and I think that the doctor may finally have a handle on this situation and I might start feeling somewhat better.  I’ve always been a borderline diabetic and this summer I crossed over the line a bit which left me feeling a bit more than fatigued and depressed – not a good thing.  Anyway, after debating for the last two months I did indeed resubscribe to Word Press for another year and will try to get back on the habit of writing again.  I’ve missed writing, however, depression and just not feeling well at all has kept me sidelined for far too long.  Getting older is not as much fun as one would think it might be as far as I am concerned, however, I am not going to let RL suck the fun out of everything if I can help it.

I did want to apologize to some of you for not even following the blogs for a while, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything and I felt like I was totally losing my way and going down for the count.   Being an older player and writer, this really does put you off a lot of things, however, I think that I am ready to get back into the saddle again and try to get back to all of my friends that I have made while playing World of Warcraft. My only excuse is that I’ve been in poor health and after a few deaths in my life, I wasn’t really able to escape back into my fantasy life in World of Warcraft with any kind of comfort.  It happens, I didn’t quit, however, I came very close to doing just that.

I have noticed a huge decline in the number of people that used to be on my RealID list that are playing on a regular basis and that really made me feel sad in the worst way.  No, didn’t have any fall off the list, they just don’t log in anymore.

I don’t know about any of the rest of you but I think that Warlords of Draenor has been a bit of a bomb as far as “fun” expansions and I’m still slogging my way through the debacle.  No, still can’t fly because I’ve been doing other things and haven’t finished all of the criteria yet – not lazy, just not feeling up to playing as much as I did in the past, however, things are looking up now and I hope to get that done before Legion finally drops.

It’s going to take a few days for me to get caught up on the blogs that I have been following for years because you people are so prolific with your writing and I want to be able to sit here and read each and every single one that I have missed in the last couple of months  – it has been a while since I’ve done any reading of any sort with anything.

Hopefully my writing won’t be as boring and I can get some different stories cooking in my old brain.  Still not RPing a whole lot since I withdrew from a lot of social contact due to not feeling well physically and mentally.  I hated it when my brain would just jump off on a tangent and I couldn’t follow my own thought processes there for a while.

Just to let you know that I am back and I hope to be producing more in the way of writing and enjoying the reading of the blogs – nice to be back and feeling a bit more like my old self.

8 thoughts on “OOC – Getting Back To Writing And Reading Again…

  1. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t apologize for living your life, even when living your life means dealing with RL issues (instead of having oodles of fun doing other things).

    That said, I’m glad you’re back. Though I don’t comment much, I enjoy your writing and am looking forward to more awesome-sauce from your gray-matter.

      • LOL it’s a common problem with me some days – not to mention, I have two cats that can only demand attention when they see me writing on my laptop. Hang in there and thanks for commenting. 😀

    • Glad to hear from you and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the writing – I still have to sit down and get the gray-matter geared up for some actual writing again, plus, trying to get back in touch with people for some RP (most of the people I did RP with have left the game *sigh*)

  2. Glad to see you’re back, and I completely agree that WoD hasn’t really been that great of an expansion. I have no idea why they thought we wanted more orc focus after raiding SoO for a year. The only good thing to come out of WoD, in my opinion, is the updated character models.

    • I definitely have to agree with you there – it has been extremely tedious for me and pretty much killed my fantasy illusion that I had going there. Hehe, that alternate time thing has thrown my poor characters for a loop because we’re supposedly locked there indefinitely with no way back to Azeroth according to the “lore” that Blizzard has tried to implement. Oh well, I’m getting back into it again and hope to start writing for some of my other characters rather than the ones that are locked up in Draenor for a while.

  3. I know how you feel, this year real life has done nothing but kick me in the butt, my old butt, lol. Since I’m pretty solitary in-game I don’t notice much difference there but I have noticed an alarming amount of blogs I followed have gone quiet.

    Here’s to hoping your real life problems improve and Legion give WoW a shot in the arm!

    • I think RL is just going to make me work around things, however, I just need to get back into the discipline of writing again on a regular basis which has been difficult of late. I agree that it looks like Legion may give WoW a shot in the arm and move things along – got to be better than slogging through Draenor.

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