OOC – Doing What I Do

December 14th


I will have to admit that I haven’t really written anything since my last post because I have been busy in RL and running around on alts a lot in World of Warcraft.  It’s that old choice of “write or play” that gets me most of the time.

I’ve been having a blast with some of my characters and actually did bite the bullet and bought the pre-order although I swore that I wouldn’t do it.  I did cut way back on the number of accounts that I am running currently due to the holidays and the expense of keeping all of the accounts active at the same time.  Not much fun when you feel obligated to play on an account due to the financial burden of having them.

I’ve raced around like a crazy and I now have five 100s and I think that I will have more before it’s all over and done.  The one thing that I haven’t accomplished yet is the “flying in Draenor” and I’m slowly getting there.  Tanaan is not one of my favorite zones at all.  The rep grind is horrendous to me and I find it totally tedious, however, you do what you must do in order to hit the end goal.  I did make a boosted character and they seem to be able to get through a lot of stuff without working too hard with it even in their “greens” and that’s okay with me.

My one giggle that I had going with both factions was leaving the King and Warchief standing around in my Garrisons for a week or two until I got tired of looking at them.  Poor Varian must think that I truly dislike him because I left him standing on the docks for good week or two before I finished the invasion and did the same to Vol’jin.  Guess I’m a bit of a sadistic person and got the attitude of “you’re not the boss of me” on some things.  I had to get some more gold and oil on my characters before I started that grind again.

Oh yes, I did run around on some of baby alts and got their cooking maxed out during the holiday which was a lot of fun.  Always did like having that done at least on them and that way I can cruise along and not have to worry about having the recipes for food already done, any of the ones that I collect out in the world are bonus recipes.  Still missing some of my old friends that quit the game because they did make it a lot more fun to run around with but I’ve learned how to be self-entertaining.

Well, if I don’t get the opportunity to actually start writing frequently in the next couple of weeks, I do hope that you all have a Happy Holiday.