Experiments Of A Sort…

February 25th

I’m sitting here giggling at some of my latest fiasco experiments in-game on my alternate Bnet account. Yes, I have tons of alts on my main accounts and play them quite regularly – my biggest thing is that I enjoy the journey a lot more than I enjoy finally reaching that destination point.

One of the things that I have done was to try to see how things were in-game for a “new” player.  Limited number of achievements that have to be earned completely over again, limited number of mounts and initially no heirlooms.   Well, the lack of heirlooms didn’t last for very long because I was slowly going bonkers because of the fact I knew how leveling process worked on characters that were equipped with them.  It is kind of fun to earn the mounts again and it’s fun to see how you have to adapt to things as you travel through Azeroth and Draenor.  Oh how I missed having some of the conveniences of some of the mounts I have earned over the years on my mains.

My first experiment character was a Blood Elf Hunter – yes, I do play other classes but my real love of hunters has kept me going for years and will continue to do so.  Ran the poor bugger through some of Eastern Kingdoms and promptly moved over to Kalimdor to pick up some leveling speed and to also get more of my leather working mats that seem to be so plentiful in that area.   Ran the poor fellow up to 60 with just questing and archeology and a few pet battles, made it all the way into Outland before throwing in the towel.

What stopped me in Outland was not the tedium of the quests, it was the constant griefing and the constant inability to turn in quests because the NPCs were being killed before I could move on with my progress on.  After a week of just kind of getting the luck of the draw and just getting frustrated beyond belief, I took a boost to 90.   I’ve since gone back in the area on other characters and the same issue still exists and is being done by the same group of people night after night – so sad that a zone is so badly taken care of by Blizzard even with the reporting features.  Ah well, I can see why people take the boost and never really get to see the majority of Outland.

Once I got to Draenor it wasn’t all bad although I admit to going back to MoP to pick up a few reputations that I knew that I would need to make my progression a lot easier, plus, more chances of picking up more mounts with the reputations.  It’s been fun and interesting.

My next experiment has been a real challenge. Did an RAF with myself and brought the account up to date with the expansions and proceeded to start out with another hunter.  I was watching one of my guildies blast through content like there was no tomorrow and seemed to be having a lot of fun with it even though she had boosted a character from 0-90.  Okay, thought that sounded like fun and thought I would give it a go – boosted my little hunter long before they were truly ready because “you can start out at zero in Draenor and earn your professions fairly easily.  Guffaw!!  Well, let’s just say that it’s a challenge and makes me laugh quite a bit.  Let’s just say that I play this character in Draenor almost exclusively and have made some progress albeit not as fast as it might have been if I had stayed with the tried and true model of running her up to 60 before boosting.

I’m also working on several different classes to see what I did wrong on my main accounts and putting these little fellows through their paces without all of the bells and whistles.  I know that I probably play the game differently than some, however, I’m still finding it fun and I like trying out new things.  Well, my next experimental pair will be a warrior and a priest – never have been able to get those two classes beyond the basics before throwing in the towel, however, time is on my side  with my alternate Bnet account and it isn’t meant to reach the highest level of everything anyway – I can just try things out and try not to get too attached to my characters which I always seem to do.  I know, silly me.

I actually started this alternate account back in November when I initially decided that smoking was going away and I needed something to get my mind wrapped around it.  Yeah, I traded one addiction for another, however, it’s been fun.  When I have one of those rough days where I am feeling out of sorts with the universe, it’s fun to get off to myself and just kind of do silly things in-game.  So, it took me longer to make the final step than I thought it would with many false starts, however, I think I’ve got this down now and can’t be happier with the progress – now, my next personal experiment will be to get the nicotine even lower on my vaping.

To be very honest, I wonder how some of the new players are actually experiencing the game with fresh eyes.  I know that there are some people that will help a newbie out (I’m one of them) and there are those that really are cruel to new fellows.  I’ve actually seen an increase of new players in the last couple of months and I hope that they are able to stick it out and see Legion at least. I’ve also seen a lot of new players that are definitely underage playing and I just pull out my patience a bit more when I team up with them because I know that they have no clue what a real MMORPG is.  We’ll all have to wait and see how things go with World of Warcraft in the future.

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